Thursday, December 20, 2007

Holiday Fa-La-La-La Folly

This is a lament.

No cards sent.
No shopping done.

Almost got hit by a car when my vehicle slid on the snow and ice, propelling me into the street, into the path of an oncoming car.

The same day, went to work in my heavy clunky boots and forgot my shoes.
Had to walk bare foot at work.

That same day, was the holiday party at work. I remembered at 9PM the night before that I needed to make brownies. So, I was up late.

Said party, I refused to attend. Barefoot with a wrinkled shirt? A shirt that I thought was OK in the light of my home but in the glaring flourescent lights of the workplace, looked like I slept in it?

The same day, DH's brakes failed.

Yesterday I almost hit a tree at the bottom of my driveway. A BIG tree. I was saved by the snowbank I got stuck in. I looked to my right and spied a UPS truck parked in the driveway next door and a UPS guy was looking at me. I watched him get out of the truck and as he's heading over, I think, "Oh, how sweet, he's coming to help me."

I rolled down my window on the passenger side just as he walked up to my window. I opened my mouth to say something but whatever it was popped right out of my head when the UPS man leaned over and popped a PACKAGE through my window and said,
"Hey, thanks for waiting!".

WAITING? I was stuck! I just narrowly missed a TREE.


On top of all of that, Eldest is getting discharged from the program this Friday.
I called the school to set up the re-entry meeting which will actually be an IEP restructure session and was told they'd do it after the new year.
That is not appropriate! Without a program to go back TO, what use would his going back to that school be without an academic program to meet his needs?

I fought.
I got an IEP meeting for Friday.

Called my advocate.
My academic commando.
My firecracker of a guide.

I have a meeting with her tonight to make battle plans to fight for my son.

That means I have to get all my documentation in order. I had to chase down the OT report - it was never forwarded as promised. I spent an hour and a half in my cellar looking for documents from three to five years ago. Never thought I'd need them again, you know? **sigh**

At the meeting yesterday, I was informed that when my eldest was four years old, the neurologist supposedly put in his report that my son did NOT have Aspergers. At FOUR. I never knew or saw that sentence. I wasn't even there for that but for his epilepsy! (He had had multiple seizures just after he turned four years old ) The school had put it in their reports and now I have to find that neurologist report they quoted from to find out in what context that statement was made.

Then I was told by the neurologist's office that I need to come in and sit down with the medical records department head and sift through the records MYSELF. I have to do that today and my boss was counting on me being there one last day to tidy up things before I'm off for a week and a half.

Can you say Chaos?
Can you say Stress?
Can you say Why now? Why does it have to be so hard? So convoluted?
So Crazy when this time of year is inherently crazy to begin with?

Fa la la LOOPY
That's me.

Wish me luck, please. I think I may need it.


Judy Thomas said...

Sending you lots of luck and hugs.... stay safe out there.

Rayke said...

You slaved overnight to made brownies for a party that you didn't even attend?


And what was in the UPS package? That story was starting to sound like the beginning of a bad romance novel/porno.

Brandy said...

Oh dear. I'm so sorry that things are piling up on you. You'd think the school would be more helpful! I'm sending you lots of hugs and prayers. I'm "here" if you need me.