Saturday, July 22, 2006

Worry Alert - blog Hacker's exist

I thought I'd already done my post for this Saturday , but I really NEED to share this with you all.

There was a blog that I enjoyed visiting with the title Brianna's Mommy. She was a mother, an avid book reader and, I'm not sure, but I think a writer too.

Her blog was suddenly not accessable .

I didn't erase her from my "favorites" though. I had hoped it was one of those blogger glitches.

Folks, it is much, MUCH worse.

To a few of you, I've mentioned this already but for you who I haven't,

Have you heard of Blog Hacking?

Where someone hacks into your blog, takes it over, locks you out and removes/destroys all your history?

I think that has happened to Brianna's Mommy. For quite sometime I was unable to pull it up, but today, success.

And shock.

It was all in Chinese yet the address was the same as I knew it to be for Brianna.

Does anyone know what happened to her? Has she created a new blog?

Now I have to ask, HOW DO WE PROTECT OURSELVES????

I am very, Very worried about this.

Anyone have any ideas?

FYI and update: - I have already adjusted my password - made it bigger. I'd heard that a "strong" password may help. At this point, I'm willing to try anything.


Daisy Dexter Dobbs said...

Michele, Angie (Brianna’s Mommy) changed her URL a while back and moved from blogspot to wordpress, so the blog you pulled up was probably her old URL. The current one is and it’s better than ever. :-) BTW, aside from being mommy to that adorable little girl, Angie is a reader and editor (Samhain).

As for all the spamming and hacking-honestly, I haven’t a clue. But it just keeps getting worse. Some people I know on MySpace had their accounts hacked into and all sorts of terrible false bulletins were posted using their IDs. Another had her entire page taken over.

Michele said...

Daisy! Thank you! Oh Thank You for letting me know!

I feel much better knowing that Angie wasn't a victim of anything.

Ironically, Why would a Chinese person use someone else's old and defunt blog address? Is it like old phone numbers - recycled? How does someone get ahold of that?
Just weird questions that popped into my head now that my worry is allayed.

I didn't hear about the MySpace problem, Whoa. This kind of activity is really frustrating. And your WHOLE page can be taken over? This gets worse and worse.

Thank you, Daisy for filling me in - on everything.

Annalee Blysse said...

I found another blog like that. The author moved it, but I don't know her new addy. Someone else has managed to take over her old addy and it forwards to some ad pop-up page. What's the use of doing that? Does anyone out there click on those kind of pop-ups on purpose? Those are the kind of pop-ups where they have to put those fake close buttons to catch a few tired surfers unaware.

Farm Girl said...

Holy crap those guys are hung!

Good for you on the running. Great job!

Michele said...

Les, honey, What guys are hung? The hackers?

You lost me unless you are praising my other blog? *giggle*

Michele said...

Good point and question,Annalee. Your guess is as good as mine. I wouldn't click on those sites, why would anyone?

Thanks for stopping by!

Brandy said...

Scarey stuff. Oh, and I have a strong password too. Dh insisted upon it.

Nancy said...

Doesn't it amaze you that people work so hard at messing up other people's stuff? Do they not have a real life? I never have understood when people go destructive. I will certainly strengthen my password now

Stacy~ said...

Nancy, I agree with you. If these people spent 1/2 as much time creating something of their own instead of wrecking other people's stuff, just imagine what they could do. Makes no sense to me, but then again, I never got a kick out of being mean to other people like that.

Farm Girl said...

michele, holy crap. Never mind. It was another blog but have no idea how the comments got on yours. We'll blame it on hackers, LOL.

eMMa said...

Interesting stuff. Some people need to get a life. They really need one if they're spending so much time 'hacking' other people's things. Because really, unless the other people are typing nasty stuff about you....the blog/myspace has no value to anyone except the owner.

Gangadhar said...

Blog happened to one of my blogger friends..she lost all her posts..

And Michele..welcome to my new blog...Could you pl do me a favor..? Pl change my url on your
thank you

Michele said...

Hi Brandy! You have such a wonderful and knowledgeable DH! And yes, indeed, the potential for being hacked is a scary thing.

Hey there, Nancy! If the only thing that happens reading my post is a response like yours - making your password stronger - I feel great. Helping people is a "Favorite Thing".
I agree with your viewpoint about those other types of people.

Good point, Stay~.
They have the know-how to do incredible HTML feats, it would be amazing what they could create if their energies were used for good. Sounds like a Batman or Superman theme. :-)

Les! LOL!!!

Big Howdy, eMMa!

You make a very good point. So it begs the question, really, WHY? If it has no value except to its creater why? That line of thinking leads to some very seriously disturbed people out there because they must get off on destroying things that mean something special to someone else. Cyber-Bullies! **shudder**

Hello there Gangadhar!
Already changed the addy, thanks for the heads up. I do like the new look of your site!

Since making this post, I am shocked as to how many who commented here KNOW someone who's been attacked by a hacker. What are the odds of that?
It looks to me as if this problem is getting worse, not better.
I wonder what the "offical" response is by Blogger and other Blog producing entities.
They better not be sitting on their cyber-hands about this.

Blogging isn't just a hobby for some, it is a lifeline to the bigger world.

Mailyn said...

this is why you need to back up your blog. activate the option of blogger emailing your posts everytime you publish them, that way if anything happens they are safe. also copy/paste your template in notepad in case it's erased you can copy it right back.