Thursday, February 14, 2008

Laurell is on the Cover!

Oooh, I'm excited. I just picked up the mail after work and saw
Laurell K. Hamilton on the cover of my latest issue of Writer's Digest!

I remember when I used to squeeee because I got my latest issue of Tiger Beat - yes, yes, I know, I'm dating myself. .. but it was all boys all the time!

Brett Hudson!
Bill Hudson!
Donny Osmand!
Dirk Benedict!
Vincent Van Patten!
Shawn Cassidy!
Parker Stevenson!
David Cassidy!
Lee Majors!

Ooh la la.

Now? I'm squeeing because my favorite author is on the cover.
My! How times have changed.

I don't squee anymore for reasons of who appears on the covers of magazines anymore, so this took me by surprise.

Now, I get self help magazines and Ranger Rick. Sorry, but a picture of a rare parrott just doesn't do it for me. *sigh*

Funny, they never show just exactly WHO Ranger Rick is...
I wonder if he looks like Ranger Gorde?
If any of my visitors watches The Red Green Show, then you KNOW who that is...ROTFL!!!!
Heaven help the Possom Lodge if there ever were an actual forest fire. **snicker**

I recently decided to listen to some music by Johnny Cash -
Johnny Cash At Folsom Prison.
Man! Great rhythym and beats but the messages were kinda sad and harsh and .... very depressing. But the lyrics? Pure Poetry. Sad poetry but still, genius.

Anyone listen to him? Prior to this, my only exposure was the song, A Boy Named Sue. I can only assume it was well listened to because it was the most mainstream.
Anyway, it was interesting, that's for sure.

Hey, it's almost the weekend! And no snow or ice or rain on the horizon.
'Bout darned time!
Shoveling in the pouring rain is NOT fun.
That stuff is HEAVY.

OK..that's the chatty update for now.


Marianne Arkins said...

My Tiger Beat mag's were all about Duran Duran (be still my heart).... Ahh... the 80s.

Still, I had a wicked crush on Davy Jones. I just sat and stared at the cover you posted while my little heart went pitty pat.

No snow? Really??? WOOT!

Brandy said...

I remember those magazines. I thought Kirk Cameron was CUTE. *G*

Glad to hear your weather is co-operating for a change.

Are you reading yet? *g*

Have a great weekend and Happy Valentine's Day.

Judy Thomas said...

Glad you came by. I went back and read the "joke post" below.. and I have to admit I literally LOL'd over the gynocologist one. And then I read it to Bob and so did he! Thanks for a bright spot :-)

Rayke said...

Have you not see "Walk The Line"??

If not, I highly suggest it. Even to non-Johnny Cash fans. 'Tis fantastic.

I subscribe to way too many magazines as well. I think it's normal?

No idea who this alleged "Ranger Rick" is. Sounds like an afterschool special on PBS, though.

I need to incorporate "toodles" into my everyday vocabulary...