Sunday, May 24, 2009

Thoughts of Were

I was cruising in cyberspace and came upon the coolest tidbit about Werewolves.
One of the myths is for when a werewolf dies.

Did you ever hear that when a Werewolf dies, it becomes a vampire?
What a cool concept.
Why haven't the paranormal romantic suspense writers jumped on that bandwagon?

And I was thinking.... yes, yes I know, bad thing.

Silver bullets were not always around. Guns have only been propelling balls of metal through the air for a couple of centuries. What was used back in ancient times?

Silver didn't make for a strong sword, did it?

What did they do, make silver balls and use a sling shot? I can't say that would be too effective when the weres have super speed.

And lets face it, women back then did not learn hand-to-hand combat, so a silver knife would have been a joke - on the woman. And hand-to-hand anything is too close to teeth and infection. Right?

Hmmm, silver barrettes? I'm going to style your fur in a killer coiffure? Naw..too silly.

I cannot think of a single long range weapon that can be utilzed quickly and be made of silver that could have been applied in the ancient days. Can you?

So that means, werewolves had the right of might on their side until the invention of the gun. What a culture shift that would have been!

Anyone with a writing bug can see the possibilites in this, right?

And yet, and yet, as the myths unfold, werewolves never gained a majority. So what held them in check? Slayers? I can't see them being too effective prior to long range weaponry. I think I would enjoy others' take on this.

Sure, it's a fanciful and unrealistic topic. Then again, some of the best and well loved tales and movies of the past deal with vampires and things that go bump in the night. What I would like to know, what bumped them right back??

Care to share your thoughts?


Brandy said...

Who says anything held them back? Secrecy is a big motivator for survival. Swords may not have been possible, but daggers were and what about ingesting silver? I like it when you start your "what if?" and "why not?". *g*

Dru said...

My vote is for daggers. Didn't they toss stones at one point in time.

Michele said...

Brandy, The question then is, "How would you get a werewolf to ingest silver?" I mean, I'd think they'd smell it or something. They, being still of reasonable mind and intelligence would know to avoid it. I"m curious on how one would get close enough without getting infected themselves? Same with the daggers..unless you were an ACE from a circus?
Maybe they were a traveling Circus troupe by day and werewolf slayers by night? I mean, some can throw knives one after the other in quick succession...hmmmm there might be merit in that train of thought.

See Dru? You and Brandy think alike with those daggers. And stones... well, unless they are like ... um.. what was her name..from Clan of the Cave Bear where she figured out how to do double stoned sling shot..I don't think stones would be effective to a charging enraged werewolf. All I know is..I'd pee my pants before I ever thought about swinging my string. By that time, it's too late....
There MUST be other, safer, effective options for mythical ancient man to survive werewolves, right?

And LOL miss my What-Ifs? Cool! It has been awhile...