Monday, June 01, 2009


First, before I say what I was purring about, I will say in reference to the previous post, no, I don't have pictures yet. The scorpions are still drying. When the clay is sturdy enough to pick up, I'll place them in better lighting. So, stay tuned for that. If you are interested. :-)

As for Meow. I just got a sneak peak at the new New Moon trailer, the next in the Twilight series and I have to say, WOW, Jacob sure got buff! I had heard the actor worked on getting into the role he has to play since he has a bigger part in the second book. But oh my! Meow indeed! And they wanted to replace him? Are they Nuts???
He's perfect as Jacob! IMHO

Also, I feel bad for Susan Doyle. I also think it's understandable. I mean, talk about condensed chaos! When she first came on the scene, she was spunky, enthusiastic and clearly loved what she was doing. She was there to do something she loved and clearly, as we all now know, was good at. Still is.

I cannot imagine anyone, thrust into the media fray as she was, coming away from this unscathed. The scrutiny, the constant barrage of media talking at her or about her and when it turned nasty...nasty sells as we all got to her. This woman, following a dream, was very sheltered from the crap that is paparazzi and Glam. She has no rhinoceros thick skin against the trade, she has no experience with people being two-faced to such a heighten scale. I know I would not. I'd be mentally, emotionally and physically drained too.

I sincerely hope that she gets her second wind, her love for singing just for the sake of it returns and she someday reaches her ultimate dream, to sing before the Queen. Susan deserves it just for being brave enough to start the journey in front of millions in the first place. IMHO.

And she most Certainly, has talent. So there.

I'm in withdrawal. I've not read a book in a week. I have 2 I have to read and 3 I have to review, but for a TBR pile? I have none. Sometimes, I think it is a curse to read so darned fast. And what is the difference between the 2 I have to read when I say I have nothing to read? Doesn't make sense does it? But, it does. To me. You see, I have no PRINT books to read, to hold, to inhale that sweet smell of paper and ink and to sigh over a partially dressed man in close up detail - if he's yummy enough that is. What's a girl to do?

I had red rice the other day at a restaurant. My question: Is red rice Really Red? Or is it dyed?

Ah, Monday. It's almost over. Chaos reigns for the rest of the week. How'd I get so lucky?


Brandy said...

I hear you on the Chaos. And I have seen those pictures of Justin and felt really bad for drooling over a guy that I am at least 10 years older than. But, good golly! *G*
As for Susan Boyle, I, too feel bad for her. She was sheltered and just wanted to try something for herself. To be almost punished for it by the paps is inhumane. It's also rumored that she has learning disabilities and that the Talent show didn't follow through on a few contractual promises.
I know what you mean about holding a book in your hands. The smell of the paper and ink..... I want a book....... *G*
I've never heard of red rice, so I can't answer your question. *G*

I hope your week goes well!

Dru said...

I've never had red rice. How does it taste? I don't like brown rice, but love yellow and white rice.

I feel bad for Susan Boyle because I don't think she expected all what had happened with her in such a short and fast time.

AE Rought said...

Pardon me, but to heck with Susan. I'm tired of hearing about her. If she hadn't been frumpy, the fuss would have never started. Seriously. Put a skinny, pretty, wealthy woman in that competition with Susan's voice and a doubt there'd have been one bit of buzz. Yes, she's had a hard time dealing with the fame, and backlash, but is she wasn't prepared she shouldn't have entered the competition.

On the lighter side, I have reading recommendations... The House of Night series by P.C. and Kristin Cast; Evermore by Alyson Noel (I can't recommend this one highly enough); Evernight and Stargazer by Claudia Gray; The Host by Stephenie Meyers. Raven was an interesting YA book, as well as Need.

Taylor Lautner. Did you know he packed on 30 lbs of muscle to keep that role? Oh yeah. Search him on Youtube and put the words 'guns' in the search. There's a clip of him in a gym doing an interview and he shows off the muscle he's packed on. Yowza!

Kailana said...

I couldn't imagine not having a TBR pile! I read fast, too, but the pile still manages to exist. lol Plus, I use the library. :)

Lyn Cash said...

your post killed me. haven't even heard susan (hear she's wonderful). haven't read but one book lately, "An Officer And A Millionaire" (a Silhouette Desire by Maureen Child) and loved it. I take that back - I read two others but can't think of the titles.

Cannot imagine no TBR pile - lucky you, though, to have gone through yours.

hugs & happy weekend...what's left of it.

~ sunny lyn