Monday, August 17, 2009

My Day Went FUBAR

Oh yeah, it did, in a big way.
Thank goodness I have a blog. I can VENT.

My day started when I left at 8AM.
Tutor at 8:30 - 10AM
Trumpet 9:30AM
MD appt 11:30
Car repair 1PM

It's that car repair that made everything else go FUBAR. I want to scream.
Ever hear of a domino affect?
Oh yeah, it's real.

Made it with a minute to spare for the 1PM car appt. Seems when we had the tires installed, one of the mechanics was a little too happy with that little automatic screwer-on thing, and stripped one of the lug nuts.
We went to have the car aligned.
The tech had the bolt snap off in his hand.
So, it needs to be tapped out and another replaced.
We were assured it's a 45 minute job.

Today, we waited 2 HOURS for it to actually be brought into the bay.
30 minutes later the guy comes out and says, Gee, we can't do it today.
You have to come back and LEAVE the CAR!
They don't provide loaners.
We were going on a long trip and were going to use the car.
He says...oh, you should be alright to use the car, but the manufacturer did put five lug nuts on there for a reason. You should be safe enough but before you start all the nuts to make sure they are secure.

Hello! Who wants to go 65-70MPH down a highway with even the thought of a possibility that your tire will pass you on the road???

I work. My DH works. And the guy tells me it will take a Minimum 2 HOURS to even do the job, the whole hub assembly needs to come off to do the repair.
That's not counting the time it takes to get IN the bay!
Who can sit on their ass all day like that?
Who can afford to rent a car to add More of an expense on top of car repair?
Just so you don't have to wait for hours with Two Kids!
Not fair, Not fair, not fair.

Sooo, we have to rent a car. Now we have to cut a day off of our mini vacation. We don't even get to take full weeks anymore. We were going to have 4 days, now it's down to three.
Sucks... big time.

And here's the domino affect. The rental car needs to be returned Monday AM. Then, since we will be leaving my blasted car over vacation at the car repair shop, we have to go and pick up my car at the repair shop for when they open at 8AM. BUT I'm supposed to have Tutor at 8:30AM and Trumpet at 9:30 Am and the thing you need to realize?

The car rental is in one city, the car repair is across the river in another city and the Tutor is in a different town 55 minutes away in the other direction.

::bangs head::

All because of a stripped lug nut! Make sure, any of you, that when someone uses that automatic screw-on thingy, they are not overzealous or YOU will end up having a FUBAR day too.



Brandy said...

Awww, Hugs! I wish I had a magic solution for you, but I do send good thoughts.

Dru said...


I hope the rest of the week goes as plan.

Marianne Arkins said...

Awww.... I'm sorry. But, I have to admit that your tags cracked me up :-)

Still ((((hugs))))

Michele said...

Thanks everyone.
things are better now.

Though I'm writting this on 9/7 so you know how long it took.