Saturday, August 07, 2010

Looking Back Before Looking Forward

 On top of Mt. Killington, VT

I was looking at my 2007 posts and I can't believe how busy I was!
I did quizzes, notified readers of contests, discovered a book review site, told jokes and plastered a lot of pictures everywhere.
What happened?
Oh yeah, I was no longer a stay-at-home-mom.  Huge difference.  I went back to work in the fall of that same year and everything went downhill from there.

And it languished. But I can still share pictures!

A quiet moment to reflect
Peeking through Killington's woods
I've been a little more active here than I've been in a year so that's good. I'm trying to make time and it's not easy.  I don't think I showed you some of the pictures we got when we went. It was so nice because at the time we took these pictures, it was like we were the only people on the mountain.  We got there before the crowds -- they were arriving as we were leaving.  So the serenity was undisturbed for us while we were there.  Don't you wish you could take the time to smell the pine? And I'm telling you true. Walking through those woods was like walking through a Forest sachet where the scent of pine was as fresh and sharp as a freshly cut Christmas tree, without the snow and cold. *VBG*

May you find your serenity today.


Dru said...

The top picture is beautiful. I feel very peaceful looking at it.

Have a good weekend!

Brandy said...

Thanks for taking the time to share your pictures. I love the smell of the forest, even the smell of the decaying pine needles and leaves in the darker areas.

Hope you and yours are having a delightful weekend!

Annalee Blysse said...

Definitely miss pine trees living here in desert. Your pics are so pretty. Where I live is just a few miles from California, and when I drive out the roard toward CA I can see gold, desert hills and then the next mountain at the CA border is covered with pines and green. The climate change is that fast because the Sierra Nevada mountains block most rais from Pacific from hitting Nevada. It rained a week ago, but today I could see in the distance rain falling that evaporated before it hit the ground. I get to missing water and trees and such this time of year.

Anonymous said...

Say not all that you know, believe not all that you hear.......................................................................

Brandy said...

Is someone channeling Yoda, or what? *G*

Michele said...

thanks, Dru! I'm glad you like the view. It really was peaceful up there. I'm happy it made you feel good.

Michele said...

Hey, Brandy!
It was a fast weekend.
My little one was going to go to a sleep over. He didn't last the night. Home sick. awwwww.

Eldest had a playdate on it was busy.
Glad you liked the pics.
Hope youre weekend was good too!

Michele said...

Howdy, Annalee!!!!!

Oh we've been without substantial rain for quite a bit. It's not normal for us here so there's a lot of talk about water restricitons.
Still... I have a garden and I'm getting produce. It's just a very small garden. :-)

I'd love to see pics of what you see of the Sierras. Bet that's pretty too!

Stay well, and thanks for dropping by!!

Michele said...

Thanks for the interesting
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Hope your weekend is progressing well.

Michele said...

ROTFL! Brandy...I've been getting these little info nuggets for awhile now.

Sometimes they are in Chinese and I use a translation site to figure it out. Some times? They're pretty cool.

Does Yoda speak Chinese?