Wednesday, September 19, 2012

How's 2012 So Far?

It's been interesting for me. 
Remember when I mentioned that I was working that insurance adjuster job?
The beginning of June, I got laid off.  
We had SUCH a mild winter, despite that horrid beginning with that freak snow storm in October. 
Spring was uneventful as well. 
So, no claims, no way to support my employment. 
I went bye-bye. 
Thing is - I wasn't unemployed for long. 
Our state's unemployment requirements are clear. Even if you are not collecting yet, you have to have already started looking for work and you have to prove you've sent out three resumes or contacts a week. 
I knew that. 
I immediately started looking and lo! I found a shipping clerk position.  It even paid more than the last job I had. 
It was on Craigslist, of all things. 
Monday, I sent my resume and cover letter. 
Tuesday, in the morning, I received an email acknowledging they got it. 
In the afternoon, there was another waiting, saying that there was something about my resume that had them interested and could I come in for an interview. 
Thursday I had my interview.
Friday they called my place of work, the little 8 hour one, and I answered the phone.  How ironic. 
The chat with my boss was brief. 
Monday, I was called, did I want the job. 
Tuesday, I started.  
And a month after that? My old boss from the insurance place died from complications from surgery. 
It was a shock!
It was bizarre to attend his wake and see my old co-workers.  There were hugs and tears all around. He was a good man and will be missed. 

Now, I've been at the shipping job for 2 months and it's flown. It's a small company and very innovative.

I work with tech geeks who wear shorts and flip flops.  I think I'm the oldest person there. Yikes!
I work with a transplanted Louisiana man who shared his bacon flavored grits with me. WAY too salty. EW
My computer got the black screen of death and the LA guy fixes computers.  At his leisure. Long leisure. It's been three weeks and it's still not fixed.  Thank goodness I bought a new one, all spiffy with Windows 7. Woot!

LA man says, I can fix it quick, I just need to remember to bring it home with me.  To that end, he put his keys inside the carrying pouch with my laptop.  Can't leave the office without keys, right? 
Um.  Well. 
He takes the bus. 
No need for car keys. 
I got an email today.  

Guess what? Remember where I put my keys so I'd remember to bring your laptop home? 
I forgot. 
Had to climb through a window to get into my house. 
I'll bring it home tonight. 

I couldn't help it.  It was a rainy, windy, miserable night last night, and here's this poor guy having to find a way into his home because he left his keys were he couldn't POSSIBLY forget them. 
I laughed when I read his email. And I giggled some more. 
I'm still chuckling. 
Guys make life interesting, don't they? 


Brandy said...

Just like a computer geek. I think they live in their own little worlds. I know mine does!
Glad you have a spiffy new computer!

Michele said...

LOL- I am too, Brandy! And it has a camera! I look horrid though - for some reason, it picks up every zit on my face and enhances the red. I don't think I'll be using that program too much. **vbg**