Thursday, May 17, 2007

Bite my tongue

I was told today to "Bite my tongue".

I have to mention some background first.

Back at work there was some excitement and not the good kind. Seems the law offices were targeted for theft. Premeditated by a brash, ballsy and arrogent thief.

He was seen by a witness so she has to give testimony, description and all that. The scariest part of it was that she was all alone and you know it could have been a lot worse for her than it ended up being. We are VERY grateful for the fact that although the criminal was ingeneous in his planning of pulling off the heist, he was inept in his people skills. He was positively frazzled when he was confronted by another person when he thought the place empty. He froze. And he had no weapon. Again, thank goodness!

The police, of course, were called. The detective came and this is when it happened.
He was dusting for finger prints - so cool -
and the fist thing I said, with a big grin, "Wow, just like on CSI!"
He turned and looked at me ( yep he was a blonde-haired cutie - -with a teenaged daughter, LOL!)
and said,
"Bite your tongue."
I got all wide eyed and of course asked, "why?"

I was then told how FAKE most of what happens on CSI is and for those in the business, it grates on their nerves. His kid LOVES CSI but he just shakes his head and walks away, he won't watch it.
Seems the very first episode he ever watched had our CSI detective heroes finding two halves of a print and just by laying them side to side, amazingly, they got a perfect match!

To a real detective, that was a "groaner" and the clincher - no more bothering with THAT show.

I offerred up the possibility to him that the half prints on the show could have come from the criminal's two different thumbs and he said "Exactly" because every finger on our two hands are all different,
No way could that have worked in real life.

How I wish I could have stayed to ask more questions, to watch and learn from a REAL detective, but alas, work and duty called.

Oh, only an expensive radio was taken. She disrupted him before the rest of his plans could have been acted out. There are other clever details of the thief's casing job, but I won't go into it here.
Suffice to say that no one was hurt, only a replaceable item was stolen and we know that this nemisis has hit law offices before.

Real life - amazing isn't it?


Brandy said...

I, too, have heard that most of CSI is fake, but that doesn't stop me from suspending belief and enjoying the show.
The thief sounds a bit on the "odd" side, but like you said, loss of property was small and the thief wasn't violent when confronted.
Have a great evening!

Jill Monroe said...

How scary for your co-worker. Glad it wasn't too bad.

And I'm plugging my fingers into my ears and singing la la la at the CSI stuff. : )

Mailyn said...

Far as I know most tv shows take PLENTY of liberties when it comes to real life. Lawyers, court cases, cop shows, math geniuses [NUMB3RS] etc, etc etc simply because they have to make it interesting for the rest of us. Ergo it's mostly all bullcrap in the end. Real work is tedious. Can you imagine trying out a show about real life work? LOL.