Monday, May 07, 2007

The world of Brockmann

I am SO enmeshed in the books ( read world) of Suzanne Brockmann, it's almost scary.
I've stayed up until 1-2 and 3 in the morning, reading because I just couldn't stop.

This is worlds better than any SOAP opera I've ever had the pleasure of never watching.

Into the Storm

Into the Night



Embraced by Love


Breaking Point

Hawken's Heart

Hot Target

Prince Joe

Forever Blue

The Defiant Hero

I adore Sam despite all his profanity. After reading his HEA story, I figure, well, that's Sam Starrett for you.

I can tell you that I am thrilled that I discovered Suzanne's books long after everyone else.



Because I was such a late bloomer, all the books were written , the suspense didn't have a chance to wig me out. Sam's HEA took four books to get to! Can you imagine how everyone was feeling? Like: waiting on tetherhooks, with baited breath, anticipation like the old Heinze Ketchup commercials; imagining all sorts of scenarios as to HOW Sam and Alyssa were going to get together, if ever.

Max and Gina. Oh my goodness, talk about angst. But it was so sweet. The Max is happy. Finally!

And Jones a/k/a/ Leslie a/k/a a lot of other names and Molly. That took awhile to get to as well. All my favorite people are getting their HEA's one after another because I discovered Suzanne's books long after the initial trumpets sounded, "The next one is here!".

The cutest of the bunch was Ken "Wild Card" Karmody. At first, I didn't get that he was an effective SEAL, because I'd read it out of order. I read his HEA first and I thought, HOW can he be a rough and tuff SEAL? He's so adorable and distractible and like a puppy you wanted to cuddle, pamper and say " Aww, shucks" ... but I tell you, he's a strong character , make no mistake about that. He gets the job done and is the guy you want on your side when the chips are shot down.

I'd been advised to read them in order and I can now understand why. I didn't have the luxury of obtaining them all in order but for the most part, it wasn't that much of a stumbling block.

Of course, even after saying that, I've now joined the queue. Now, I am hoping somehow that Suzanne will write an HEA for Jules. I think it's going to be a challange for her but if anyone can do it, it will be Suzanne.

For those not in the know, Jules Cassidy works for the FBI, is on Max's super team and is gay and proud of it. He has a great sense of humor, is loyal, strong and damned determined even with the odds stacked against him like on the last mission with Max and Gina. He's a great character and a wonderful asset , but it is time for him. He deserves to have his turn. I want Jules to have his HEA!

Sooner or later, it had to happen. Now I'M waiting with anticipation.

Can someone pass the Ketchup?


I have four more books in the early SEAL series that I'll be ordering this week. I simply HAVE TO KNOW about everyone, including Frisco. He was a guy that needed an HEA.

And the coolest part is that this obsession all started the week of school vacation when I stopped by my friend's UBS and she recommended Prince Joe and Forever Blue to start with. No ... No... that wasn't the coolest. The part I refer to is the fact that quite a few of the books I bought from her are SIGNED by

Lady B herself! Yep, Suzanne Brockmann.

What a treat!

Turns out my friend knows and has met Suzanne for real!

Talk about a small world...

Think about what I just wrote. All these books have been read AFTER school vacation in mid April and it's only May 7th.

Have I been a reading fiend or what?


Off Brockmann>>>


I also read a New To Me author

Don of the Dead by Casey Daniels

I just started

The Chick and the Dead , but that's on hiatus until I've read the last of the Brockmann books I 've got.

I also read

Insufficient Mating Material by Rowena Cherry.

I just picked up to add to my TBR pile:

Night Lost by Lynn Viehl

The Last of the Red-Hot Vampires by Katie MacAlister

and last but not least

Beneath the Skin by Savannah Russe

Oh yea, reading is my hobby, my passion and obsession.

Can you hear the dust bunnies cheering?

Back to Brockmann.....

Do you know what else there is to talk about regarding Suzanne?

Her writing style.

I'm not a flashback fan. Not at all.

Suzanne got me.

She wrote a book that was pure genius!

It was a story within a story - using the reading of a published book, the story telling of the heroine's Grandmother during WWII and the role she played against the Nazis - read by the main character's of the story at certain points which tied all the scenes together.

It was friggin brilliant!

Suzanne wrote it so well, I couldn't help but read the flashbacks! She's the only one I've actually read without being tempted to skip and skim over them.

No wonder people sing her praises.

Now I'm one too.

Thanks Suzanne!

Anyone else want to share their favorite Brockmann Character with me?
TAG! Your It!!!


Brandy said...

Her books sound familiar, but I'm not sure I've read one before. I DO remember a big stink when the book with Jules came out. Something about being openly gay and FBI. Then, like all of stupid commentary, it blew away like smoke. Next time I'm at the library, I'll have to look her up, just to see what you're gushing over! *g* Oh, what did you think of Casy Daniels? I really liked Don of the Dead, but had a had time getting into The Chick and the Dead.

Reading IS a passion. I never understood people who don't like to read. (My MIL is one of those.)

Have a great week!

Dru said...

Wow, I'm impressed by your reading fervor. I just picked up Into The Storm from the library today. Without a book by my side, I would go crazy. Have a good week.

Anonymous said...

damn you read a lot. i'm impressed. i once read one to two books a day. no more though. no time now. but i'm also a fan of sb. read many of her books. good stuff.