Friday, July 17, 2009

What's up?

Not much except clouds and bees.

What do you see when YOU look up?

Anyway...I love my library. Yeah, I know, I've said that before. But I borrowed some books on general laptop info and I discovered the Fn key! What a handy little button!

I've been able to get a few green beans from my garden, lettuce and peas. I'm sharing my chard with the mustard colored slugs. Guess what? They are compact little critters and they fly really far when you throw them. I can't kill them...ewwwww! So...I give them permission to sprout wings and if they can fly back to my chard, they can have it.
I'm fair.

I just remembered something ...

I saw this guy in a pick-up truck drift over to the rumble strip on the highway the other day... I estimate he was going about 60 MPH. Do you know why he drifted? Nope, he was not drunk. He was on a cell phone. As much as I don't like another law being passed to tell us what to do for our own benefit...texting and talking on the cell has become an epidemic of ridiculous proportions.
I would have thought that taking your eyes off of the road longer than it takes to sneeze would be avoided, as in common sense. As in, realizing that a driver has the responsibility to maintain control of his/her vehicle at all times and be aware of their surroundings and react accordingly.

Their first thought should be that they are in a mobile weapon, capable of maiming, destroying or seriously injuring people, property or animals and drive with respect to that.
Their LAST thought should be who is calling, must answer the call or " OOH, look at that accident, I simply HAVE to text/call (insert unlucky name) and tell them all about it!"

Because people have increasingly put their phone first and safety last, now laws have to be written to correct people's inherent stupidity and arrogance - It can't happen to me, I can do three things at once, I'm always in control, you can't tell me what to do, it's my phone, my car, my decision.

No, it's not. Not when it affects too many other drivers and pedestrians who innocently believe you are alert, in control and and are paying attention beyond the thing held in your hand or attached to your ear. Driving is a skill.
You can't hunt bear while on a cell phone, that kind of inattention will get you eaten.
You can't jog a marathon while talking on a cell phone, you'll lose; not enough regulated breathing to moderate your pace.
A painter/artist cannot paint/sculpt or create the next masterpiece while talking on a cell phone.
It will look like one of those paint by numbers jobs by a four year old.

Why then, why do people think they are doing a great job of DRIVING when they are talking/texting on a cell phone?

Can you tell me??


Dru said...

or the person who thinks they can text while walking down the street, not even looking up to see that they do not have the light to cross and a speeding taxi will hit them. When you interrupt them for their safely, they give you the look that says "can't you see I'm texting" and I give them the look that says "you can't text if you're dead"

Michele said...

I forgot about those too.
Excellent Add!

The sad thing about your last quoted comeback?
They don't believe you.
It's that arrogant, "you don't know what you're talking about" thing.

And you've brought up another and their PSP's or Nintendo DSs or Game Boys..they are also so engrossed, they too do not look up, even to go through a door..the emphasis is on "through" because they never see it coming.

I, as a parent, have taken them to task numerous times...and they need to reminded time and time again.
At this point, I'm thinking of taking the blasted things away until we get IN the building or in the car. So what if I make them lose their place/life/power gem or level?
They'll live to play it again, right?

Just think, they ARE the future drivers..we gotta train them right, right NOW.

Thanks for the prod, Dru!

Brandy said...

I admit, I have Daughter answer my phone or text for me when I'm driving. Our state wants to pass a law against talking on the cell phone and driving. I'm all for it. I see so many people driving too slow or swerving because they're texting.

I hope you have a fabulous weekend!

Marianne Arkins said...

Our neighbor's DD totalled her car because she was texting and rear-ended another car. She wasn't going 25 mph and still destroyed her car and caused $1000s of damage to the other.

And you know what? She still does it.

So... what IS the Fn key???? HUH???

Michele said...

Hey Brandy, it's FINE to have someone else do it for you.
It's the ones who don't that cause the issues.
And thanks for the weekend well far, so good.
Ditto back!

Michele said...

Good Gravy, M~!, That's ridiculous...why aren't her parents saying something? Anything?

She's a threat to the driving community.

And the Fn key is the blue lettered Fn key = function key.
When you press IT and another key with matching blue, that funtion supercedes the initial function of the key.
I found the CUTEST little light on mine... like a mini-spot light.
Now I have to figure out WHY it's even there.