Thursday, June 14, 2007

View from the Daze

I can't believe I totally forgot to share this almost embarassing happening.

This past weekend I took a trip to a male haven. An entertainment center chock full of
Go-Karts, batting cages, basketball, hockey and miniature golf.

I was doing the adult thing by monitoring two of the minors in tow as they went and did their thing. In going back into the ticket building to get more tokens for another Go-Kart ride and since the attendant wasn't onsite, the two thirsty enthusiasts headed for the water fountain down the hall.

Innocuous, yes?

Five feet before the fountain was a door wide open to the room inside. I didn't get a good glimpse of the room because a buff 20 something year old walked in front of me and strolled inside. No big deal, my attention was focused on the two water hoggers, worried that they might commence a water spitting contest or something.

So there I was, leaning against the wall, viewing the rascals from a short distance, watching yet kind of zoning out to my surroundings at the same time.
A blink and a gasp, I quickly stood up ram rod straight, eyes bouncing wide in shock before aiming away at mach one speed.

Seems I was watching the back of the brawny young guy guy without it registering on my fogged brain that I was watching him USE A URINAL!!!

Oh NO! Good Grief!

Why O Why did they leave the door to the mens room wide open? Why didn't anyone care? Why did the guy not close it? I mean, the urinal was right there in line with my point of view .. no fancy head craning necessary.

I am NOT a voyeur.
I never meant to see that ... pose, stance, whatever.
But I also can't believe how LONG it took for me to realize what I was watching!
I was in a daze.
And I got more of a view from that than had I plotted such a thing.

Thank goodness I escaped notice.
Thank goodness he never turned around.
Then I think ... did he know?
If he did,
naughty, naughty boy.

And since when did I make the shift of calling 20+ men , boys?



Brandy said...

Heeee! I know what you mean about calling them boys. I call them Boy Scouts! And it's not like I'm THAT much older than them!
I'm sure that he didn't notice, but I think if he did, it would be his own fault. As for being in daze, cut yourself some slack! You were with 2 young boys, that's energy draining enough! *G*

Mailyn said...

LMFAO!!! That was priceless.

Dru said...


Michele said...

*grin* Thanks Brandy.
And Boy Scouts? Only if they're on the make for us "mature women" .. you know..scouting...boy scouts??? LOL
And "Fault" is in the eye of the beholder ...*giggle*

*grin*, Thanks Mailyn! I did find it funny after my cheeks cooled down enough ...*wink*


**chuckle** Glad to see my post had you smiling , Dru!