Friday, June 01, 2007

I read a Master

Master of Dragons, that is, by Angela Knight. Just finished it.
By the By - the book cover I found here on the 'net' is NOT the same as what I bought. Same guy with the flowing hair, still hot, BUT the dragon is a shadow and the tattoo ends up in the middle of his chest. AND his belt isn't covered with the word MASTER AND there's a wall behind him, not the pretty clouds like on this one ... amazing how the little changes make a big difference.

I will go on record as saying that I LIKED Master of Dragons! This one was SO much better than the last one. She found her stride again. The last one was so full of sex, I couldn't find the story. This one enjoyed a wonderful balance. I enjoyed the plot and the fact that we finally get to hear Cachamwri speak and the relationship between Kel and Nineva was hot. It was kind of quick, but you know, time was of the essence. *grin*
Kel's HEA comes to us on a few different levels and after what he's been through the last 1500 years, I was so happy for him!

As far as secondary characters go, a few oldies but goodies showed up to help out, which was quite fun.
The wards are in dire jeopardy on both Avalon and Earth in this installment and it looks like the Dark Ones are going to win. In fact they .... ha! thought I'd spill the beans, didn't you?
Lots of nice characters bite the dust though. Sad at points because they would have been good characters, but then again, if they weren't, we wouldn't care if they bit the dust, right?
Did that make any sense?
Anyway - I like a man with long blue hair. And ***SPOILER***Angela even goes so far as to let us know he's a natural blue. *giggle* That was a stoke of genius!

Last is my question for you: WHAT TV THEME SONG DOES THIS SCENE INSPIRE??

Come on ... you know you know.

This was the scene outside our motel window when we stayed in Fairhaven last weekend. Has it been a week since our trip already?

Happy Saturday Everyone!



The picture of the guy on the book cover intimidates me.


"Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale..."

Annalee Blysse said...

I'm looking forwarding to reading this one!

Michele said...

Kevin! Hello! **waves madly**
Oh, heck, don't be intimidated by a photoshopped, airbrushed, computer enhanced form of art. If the artists can do what they did with the backgrounds, they can certainly make someone more than they are.

You can't photoshop a great sense of humor, right?

Speaking of which, YOU'RE RIGHT!!
When I took the picture, I never put two and two together until I downloaded.
THEN, I couldn't get the blasted theme song out of my head.

THanks for stopping by , Kevin.

Michele said...

Hi, Annalee!
I think you'll find this book quite entertaining.
This one I felt was worth the price versus the last one. Yet again, I bought it at Walmart so it was a better deal than B&N.
I just started a new series today and once again, the fate of the entire world and safety of all its inhabitants rests in the capbable (?) hands of a few.
I sense a theme this year.LOL

Happy reading in whatever you're reading, Annalee!

Brandy said...

Michele, I saw this one at WW and didn't pick it up because of the last one, but since you like it, I may have to! Blue hair? Ooh, now I' curious.

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip......


Annalee Blysse said...

I best head up to WalMart and buy it now. I'm behind in the series though. I didn't read the last one yet.

Michele said...

Seriously, Brandy. I really think this book is MUCH better than the last, although the last one had some important elements that helped to forward the plot or overall theme. I always felt that she could have really given us more nitty gritty because there were SO many more juicy and meaty items left unexplored. Guess she liked playing with her food more that trip. (*gg* -playing with her meat? *gg* )

And, You and Kevin Crack Me Up!
You both listed lyrics!
Will anyone say

Michele said...

Good Morning, Annalee!
As you must have gathered from my previous comments, the one before Master of Dragons wasn't the best she'd ever done, but it had some info that plays into this newest adventure, so it is worth reading. Getting it at Walmart is probably the best thing as you won't grit your teeth too hard as if you had had to pay full price.

This one had a darker sense to it ... mostly because innocence gets destroyed at one point..well, that's really old news, but it plays an imporant role in this story.

Let me know your opinion if you do get to read it. I'd be interested
in your views.
Then again, I always am.

Mailyn said...

Gilligan's Island! LOL

Michele said...

Mailyn - **chuckle*
Thanks for Saying the "G" word!!
You made me smile.

Brandy said...

Michele, guess what???? I'm baaaaaaack!! My computer is fixed, no more borrowing!!! (can you tell I'm happy???) *g*
Hope your day is going well!

Kelli McBride said...


Hey baby! Long time no blog, for me. I am in the middle of the last Master book, and I agree. I started it when I bought it weeks ago, and I just couldn't get into it. I was so disappointed, because I was looking forward to this - I love dragons. But I started it again, and it's not so bad. Still, not as compelling as some of the others. I did finish Rachel Vincent's STRAY - what an original book. I could SO feel Faythe's frustration.

It was good hearing from you on my poor abandoned blog. ;-) I hope to do much better this summer. I'm only teaching 3 classes and developing an online class for the fall, so I should have time to blog.


Michele said...

Yeah!!! I"m glad you are back, Brandy. Great news!

And yeah, my day was OK.