Monday, June 25, 2007

Inspirational Erotica

Sounds impossible doesn't it?

I think this Ebook qualifies. I call it an Erotic Inspirational Vampire Romance.

It's called Can I Keep You by Candy Nicks. (link)

It gets a recommendation from me.

It's labeled as Romance/Dark Fantasy but I think it's so much more.

This is the copy/paste from Fictionwise:

Love Romance's Reviewer's Choice Golden Rose Award Winner eBook

When Kane picks up a runaway on the streets of Victorian England his only thought is to have a few days of amusement and a decent meal. He is a vampire, after all--it's what he does. But Laura has to be the most unconvincing whore he's ever met. She soon finds out that there are ways other than brute force and strength to bring a vampire to his knees. As they fall in love, she becomes the catalyst for his astonishing journey of redemption, bringing back all-too-painful memories of Harry, the gentle man he once was. It's not an easy road. Along the way they encounter forces of evil that have other plans for Laura and Kane. And the question neither of them really wants to answer hovers in the background. Does he turn her into a vampire like himself and risk losing her? Or will a human lifetime together be enough?
eBook Publisher: Alinar Publishing, Published: 2006,
2006 Fictionwise Release Date: November 2006


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Brandy said...

I'm glad you found a book you liked so much! I'll be sure to check out the link.