Friday, July 20, 2007

How convenient is your Post Office?

The strange thing about my blog is its content. I am all over the place and perhaps that is why I labeled it, M's Favorite things - free range.

Look at today's post title. What has it got to do with my favorite topic, books?

I really am curious as to how convenient your Post Office is.

My town PO has three pick-up times a day: 6AM, 12:15PM and 4:15PM,
Saturday, 6AM and 12:noon and nothing on Sunday.

I've sent something out on, let's say a Tuesday, and they've gotten it on Wednesday!

I adore that efficiency. However, I've come to realize that express delivery is not the norm for many Post Offices and that surprised me! Shocked me, actually.

I mailed a bill from the Cape one time. I found out it arrived two days LATE and I had to pay a penalty. What burns me is the knowing that had I mailed it from my home town PO, it would have gotten there a day EARLY.

What's up with that?

Ever mail a post card from vacation and arrive back home the day it arrives to its addressee?

What's up with that?

I absolutely appreciate my local Post Office but I can't be alone in my high regard for them.
Does anyone else get great service?
What's the worst?

You already know my worst - bills not arriving on time to avoid penatlies.
I'm not talking personal service - that's a crap-shoot.
Um, parden the pun?

I'm only referring to access of services and the carrying out of its duties.
I think.


Dru said...

My local post office provides good service so far. The mail carrier knows me so when he sees me on the street, he acknowledges me with a pleasant greeting which I'll return in kind. If he finishes up the mail and see me, he takes it out of my box and gives it to me.

The worst is the long lines with 1 or 2 people during the work lunch hour.

Mailyn said...

We have weird service over here. Sometimes I get stuff from England before I even get mail from this same city! Amazing. LOL.

Brandy said...

My closest post office is awful. They keep whatever hours they want to, not the posted hours and the mail carrier for our area once put Chris' Bachelor's degree diploma next to the mailbox instead of getting out of her vehicle and putting it next to the door. And we were home. AND it fell over into the street and was almost run over. *sigh* So, whenever I have mail or packages to mail, I take it to the post office one town over.
You're lucky to have the PO you have!

eMMa said...

All post shops here are open 9-5 weekdays with one pick up per day at usually around 4.30ish. They have other pickups for courier deliveries, but thats a different service.

The quoted delivery times are 1 working day within NZ for items sent by Fast Post, which costs $1 for a standard sized envelope.

Standard Posts delivery time is 2-3 working days within NZ and 1 working day in the same town. It costs 50c for a standard sized envelope.

Our house hold mail box delivery happens Monday though to Saturday, once a day.

Michele said...

That's Great, Dru! Mine is in a truck that personal touch there.. you are lucky!

Isn't that weird, Mailyn! Wow.
Sounds just like my postcard experience!


Good Grief, Brandy!
That's horrid service! The worst I've heard and yet they get away with it? good gravy, they'd be GREAT fodder for Jeff Foxworthy!

Emma! I LOVE it when you fill me in on things from so far away. Just the fact that you call them post SHOPs and not office is so interesting.
Thank you SO much for visiting and sharing how different yet same things can be.