Friday, July 27, 2007

A Yankee Rib

Am I a Rebel or a Yank?

I am 54% Southern!!! and Barely in Dixie.

I'll say..I"m 100% Northern. .. so where did I get my Southern hankerin'?

Try the quiz and let me know what you are!
For you who kind of know what I"ve been going through, Thanks for your Well Wishes!
Yesterday I was spasming and was a hurtin' puppy. Seems I popped a rib out and let me tell you , that is PAIN!

All these action/adventure romance books that describe the alpha heroes and heroines breathing through the pain, absorbing it, and working beyond it and repressing it to continue on to incredible athletics of daring-do ...

IT'S A LIE!!!!
IT HURTS.. YOU CAN'T TURN IT OFF ....ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch.

But, if they CAN? Well, then they deserve the label, "SuperMan or WonderWoman".

I will stand before them in awe.

And look at them like they have five heads...cuz.... HOW do they do it?

I can't even imagine the "training" they must go through if it's real.


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I'm gonna sic my hit kitty on you!


Brandy said...

HAHAHAHA! Your quiz is demented. It said: 38% Dixie, You are definitley you are a Yankee! Hmm, this could explain why other Southerners ask me where I'm from. *g*

scrimp said...

New Orleans - rebuilding the public libraries (and hope you fell better!)

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Dru said...

0% Dixie. Need help digging out of the snow?

I guess that means I'm a Yankee.

Sorry to hear you were in pain. I hope today is better or at least tolerable. Have a good Saturday.

Betty S said...

Thanks for the post. Yep. I guess it has been a while. The two weeks of vacation were wonderful. DC on Memorial weekend may not have been the best of choices, unless you like humongus lines and large crowds. BUT meeting my goddaughter there and the time spent in Philly were heaven. The idea of not coming home really was hovering somewhere in the recesses of my mind. But, alas, I'm a slave to responsibility and forced myself to return with my family. I would have missed them if I hadn't so it is just as well. Since then we've been working on the house, getting a new, non-housebroken daschund from pet rescue, writing more, playing with my daughter more, and not having the mental energy to really focus on the blog. I'm thinking of starting up again, but not devoting quite as much time to it. It can be a very real, though pleasent, distraction. Hope all is well with you. Sorry to hear about your rib. Those can really hurt.

Bailey Stewart said...

44% Dixie. Barely in Yankeedom.

That's what I get for being raised by Yankees.

jarvarm said...

Michelle dear,
how's you? I'm back to blogging..i really missed you guys..especially your fun stuff..

take care