Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Past Comes to Visit

I'm at work right now.

I simply have to write this down.

A guy came in to do some paperwork that required my signature as witness.

Oh My gosh! It's the guy that used to teach me in CCD when I was in my 11th year in High School.
The same one whom my Mom's best friend, when I graduated said,

When I was leaving the room, Way too mortified, embarassed and/or shocked to say anything, I saw him do a double take when I smiled as I left.

Did he have a Deja Vu? Did he recognize me?

The world will never know. "I" will never know. Too darned chicken. *gg*

BUT, after seeing him and looking back at my DH of over 20 years ... I'm pretty satisfied and content with my life mate.

But , SHEESH, people! It's a SMALL world!!!!!


Marianne Arkins said...

you have a label called "squee"?

Brandy said...

I saw someone I grew up with the other day and as the memories weren't too friendly, I smiled politely and turned away.
I like your de ja vue better!
Are you going to tell your hubs?

Judy Thomas said...

lol.. the world will never know.. unless it turns out he's a blog hopper and he stumbles across your blog ;-)

Michele said...

Of course! Don't you know I like weird TAGS? LOL
Thanks for dropping by, Marianne!

I did tell him, Brandy, LOL.
Of course I told him how happy I was with my life choice.
He showed his appreciation. *gg*

Oh,JUDY! Hide that Thought!
But then, I didn't ID him , so I think I"m safe.
Nice to see you visit!