Tuesday, August 21, 2007

**Win!** LASR CONTEST **Enter** **Win!**

**Contest Sticky***Contest Notice***Win Contest!***Contest Sticky***Contest Enter***Win*

Gee, Could there be a contest going on? *grin*
Yes, the fun and wonderful review site that I'm a part of, Long And Short Reviews, is having a kickoff Contest to celebrate their new website.

"Tiny Blurb: Our reviewers (That's ME!) have posted sticky notes about the contest. (That's THIS) Just leave a comment on the sticky post on one (or more) of their blogs. ( That's YOU!) Please comment only once on any particular blog. Multiple entries on one blog will be deleted. "

What can you win? Check the links, check us out!
Pssst! Make sure you leave your contact info just in case the winner is YOU! :-)


BethRe said...

I love the pictures on your blog, please count me in for the tote bag full of books Thanks

Michele said...

Thank you for stopping by and entering, Bethre! :-)
And I'm glad you liked my pics. I adore my digital camera.
If you have a chance, post a comment on the other reviewer's stickeys to better your chances of winning. Best of luck to you!

robynl said...

enter to win a tote bag stuffed full with books, all in celebration of the grand debut of The Long and the Short of It romance review site. I'd love to win.
Love the brilliant colors in your photos.

Anonymous said...

Hi, This is Lisa. Enter me into the contest.

Amanda said...

I can't wait to start reading everyone's blogs and the great reviews. YAY! Please enter me in the contest!

A Patchwork of Books

Becky said...

Please enter me in the contest



Booklogged said...

Love your pictures! I think this give away package is an awesome idea. It's working, too. I'm enjoying visiting all you reviewer's blogs.

Michele said...

Thanks for the pic compliment, Robynl! Thanks too for entering the contest. Good Luck!


**gg** Consider yourself entered, Lisa!!


Hi, Amanda! You're entered! This IS fun, isn't it? Thanks for entering on my sticky post!


Hello and thanks for entering, Becky!


Hello, Booklogged!
Awesome! It sounds like you've visited all us reviewers. :-)
Thanks, for the compliment on my pictures AND for entering the contest! Good Luck


Candace Salima (LDS Nora Roberts) said...

What a wonderful idea? What genre or genres or kind of books will you be reviewing? I can't wait to see the website upon the launch.

Karlene said...

I love to read & I love free books. :) Posted a sticky on my blog.

Michele said...

Welcome Candace!
We already have books reviewed on the Blogger LASR site ...the flashing pink icon of the Long and Short Reviews to the left will take you there. The Big Website will have much more pizzazz and opportunities for fun.
We review most genres of romance ... excepterotica.
Historicals, comtemporary, inspirationals, paranormals, Sci-Fi Fantasy, mysteries, humor and action/adventure romances, both full length and short stories (hence the long and short of it *grin*) are on our reading and reviewing radar.

Thanks for stopping by and asking such a great question!


Happy to "meet" a fellow reader!
Thanks for mentioning us on your site! I checked out your profile, to find it and good Gravy! You are BUSY! So really, I thank you for taking the time to say HI and check out LASR!
Good Luck!

Doreen said...

Sounds great!! I'm glad I came across the Book Reviews site!! :) I'm entering at all the Reviewers blogs and I have an entry posted on my bloggy. :)

Michele said...

Doreen! You are a lucky Ducky aren't you! I just saw the notice today. CONGRATS!