Sunday, October 28, 2007

Halloween Inspiration

We did it! Carved our pumpkins. Last year we ran out of time. The year before that, we forgot.

This year ALMOST didn't happen.

Seems this year's weather is the pumpkin's enemy.

Most of them are on the ground, rotting. My DH bought three good sized ones on Wednesday

so we could have them for today. By Friday, they were rotting out from the bottom and sinking into themselves.

Yes, he checked them before he bought them, but you can't see what is going on INSIDE the fruit.

And they were not cheap! So, yesterday in the pouring rain, we went back to the farm and asked to exchange the rotting pumpkins in the back of our car for solid ones.

The lady who answered the door was snippy to my DH and told him, "Just do what you have to do." {{HUH?}} She turned around and went back into the house. She didn't want the rotting pumpkins back.

So, he roamed around and around, picking up the pumpkins and trying to make the best decision. So we now have three imploding pumpkins probably only good for seeds and three carving gems.

I will tell you, it's not fun to carve outside with frigid winds ablowing through your coat as if you were in your shirtsleeves.


We did it, though. Want to see? Two were templates we got off of the computer and one is from a design my eldest drew himself. Isn't that cool? Can you guess which pumpkin design is my eldest's???


Kristen Painter said...

Wow, they're all good! I'm guessing the top one. Looks angsty.

Michele said...

Thanks Kristen!
You're right, you got it on the first try.
He's so very proud of it too -it's the first time he's every tried to do his own template.
I'm proud of him.

Brandy said...

They all look fabulous, y'all did a great job. Sorry to hear the pumpkins were rotting. You've made me want to go check mine, we're carving ours tonight.

Have a relaxing evening!

Marianne Arkins said...

But, did the seeds turn out?

Dru said...

I like the stair-step effect of the pumpkin display.

Best to you on this cool Monday.

Michele said...

Hi Brandy!
I just hope mine survived the frost we had this AM. It's 29 degrees out now Brrrrr.
Hope yours are OK

Marianne, Believe it or not, they're STILL soaking in salt. No time yesterday and as you know, I have to run out the door really early in the AM. I'll do the roasting when I get back. I hope the seeds won't be Too salty, but that couldn't be helped. It was fun playing in all innards. NOT
Dru! Thank you!
And yes, it IS cool. Freezing actually. **shiver**
Keep warm today!

Jill Monroe said...

These are awesome! With dance on Monday and girl scouts on Tuesday, we won't be able to carve our pumpkins until Wednesday - cutting it pretty close!

Michele said...

"Cutting it pretty close", cutting is right!

I hope you do have fun!
I made pumpkins seeds for the first time ever! I talked to my mom yesterday and she told me that growing up, we NEVER roasted pumpkin seeds before. So this year was my FIRST time.
And HOW old am I? **gg**

I let my coworker try them and she said that they were a little bit "toasted", but I thought that's how they were supposed to be?
Guess there's degrees in toasting...hmmm, gonna have to try it again. YUM