Thursday, October 11, 2007

Hiatus Time Again

Not much to say because I don't have the time to say it.

I'll be having a bit of a rest for a few days, so don't expect to see this blog change. I know, it will be boring, sorry about that.

I went to my library book sale last night and purchased five Audio Books and 29 print books.
Even Lightening by Dean Koontz, upon vigorous recommendations by Marianne and Judy.

Once I read it , won't be able to say I've never read him because I will have.

I hope you find yourself some good reads whilst I'm away.
I hope that the weather cooperates whereever you are.
I hope that if you win the lottery, you'll remember me monetarily. **GRIN**
Well, I can dream, can't I??

Have a terriff Weekend everyone.


Brandy said...

Aw Man! I never get to talk to you anymore. BUT, I hope you throughly enjoy your break! Have a fantastic time!

Shesawriter said...

See ya when you get back. :-)

Dru said...

Enjoy your hiatus.

Marianne Arkins said...


I still say you clearly didn't review the AABH handbook prior to scheduling this little hiatus.

For shame.

Michele said...

I Yahooo'd you, Brandy, did you get it?
I'm not chatting as much, true. I go to bed MUCH earlier than I used to during the summer. Amazing the changes the school year brings.
And Yep, I had a wonderful time!


Hi, Tanya! I'm Baaack!. Thanks for stopping by. Miss ya!


Hey there, Dru!
Thank you and I did. Sunny weather, great beach walking weather and the kids behaved for the most part. Can't wait to upload a few pics of flora that I took. Toodles!


Gee, Marianne, guess that section is missing from the AABH handbook. I'm grandfathered in then, right? *grin*

Hey, I redeemed myself. I worked on Addison's story, even if I had to close myself in the BATHROOM to do it!!