Saturday, October 20, 2007

Picture Perfect Weekend

I decided to knuckle down and write this weekend. I received my last batch of edits over two and a half weeks ago and for one reason or another, namely life issues, I never got around to doing them.

The past few days I found tackling them to be therapeutic in a way. I have so much going around me that I can't control, delving into Addi-baby's world is one that I can.

I was up until 1AM writing. There was no reason to attempt to go to bed earlier as my youngest caught a virus that has a history of producing fevers of 103.9 and higher - much higher. I'm glad he topped out at 104.1 but still, the fever induced nightmares were not a joy to deal with last night.

So, I wrote. A short story that from beginning to end stopped at 2,300 words has now morphed into a longer 6300 word short story.
I read about other author's spitting out eight to ten pages of story every day and wonder how they do it? What is their hourly total when all eight to ten pages is written? It blows my mind.
I see how much time it's taken away from house, kids and general living and I'm only talking about 2, 000 words. I can't fathom how it impacts other's lives when they produce so much more.

Will the words come fast the more I write? Is it because I'm a slow typer? Too much of a perfectionist when I should be only writing? Why does it seem time escapes so quickly when I'm immersed in trying to get words out of my brain and onto paper or keyboard?
All, I know is that I finally did the second batch of edits and am pretty pleased on not only the suggestions and guidance I've recieved, but how it is shaping the story.

What wonderful people I have helping me!!

And yes, I DID catch Moonlight this time. I absolutely appreciated the fact that they did NOT use the "bite that immediately heals" technique. It was more real to see her still bleeding, that it hurt and yet was willing to do what needed to be done to save him. I'm thinking these people who wrote this series must have read Christine Feehan, Laurell K. Hamilton and even Charlaine Harris to get the feel that this series seems to have.

If so, and with research like that, maybe this series won't tank after the first season.Keeping my fingers crossed!

Oh, and the pictures? Also from that Salt Marsh Walk I went on when I vacationed on the Cape. I like sharing pictures, don't you?


Brandy said...

As I am not a writer, I don't know how to answer your questions. But, as a friend, I can say that you have a gift with words and no matter how fast you type or slow you edit, you have a gift that should not be ignored.

And your pictures are gorgeous!

Dru said...

I keep saying it, but I love pictures of nature.

WTG on all the writing that you have accomplished. I don't think it matters how fast or slow you write, but that you continue to write so that your stories are read.

I hope you have a good Sunday.