Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Modem Fried

Bare with me folks.
I'm sneaking in at work.
My Modum FRIED early last Friday morning.
No good news in sight.

It IS under warranty though. They have it on order with NO idea when it'll arrive and of course THEN I have to make appoitment for them to come and fix it!!

So, I'm around, but internetless and it's killin' me!

I miss you all!
I miss so MUCH!!!



-Rayke said...

I went without internet during the ice storm, and I almost went insane. I dunno how you can do it...

Bailey Stewart said...

Wow, that bites! Wondered where you were. Hope you'll be back soon.

Brandy said...

We miss you too! Hoping for a fast fix!

Michele said...

Rayke, Who says I'm NOT insane??? I'm at the LIBRARY typing this. I was desparate. As of tomorrow, it will be a full week since I've had any contact with any of my cyber pals. This is killin' me!!!!!!
So glad you stopped by .... Glad to see you, Really!

Bailey, now you know. I'm totally lost! and I only gt 30 minutes of up time. NOT ENOUGH!!! ARGH, but I am So glad you are checking to make sure I"m around. Thanks!

Brandy! I miss chatting/IM'ing with you! How are the kids? How are the cats? I can't believe how long this is going on. The company called me last night to ask "how satisfied I was about their service".. HA! I'm NOT, NOT NOT!.. Boy did I let them have it! If I hadnt' taken the bull by the horns and called myself to find out WHY no one has called me, I never would have known that they Don't even have the Modem! It's on order with NO idea when it will come in , NEVER mind when they'll come to my house to fix it! ARGH!!!!

I'm saying that a lot. lately.

HUGS Brandy!!!