Monday, January 28, 2008

Mother of a Problem

Hey Folks!
Oh, Many and Multiple HUGS to all of you who've stopped by my blog to give me cyber encouragement during my disconnection woes.

All looks very Woe-like.

Turns out not only my Modem is fried but my MOTHERBOARD is and has been, a ticking Fry-bomb. Seems a major cooling component, looks like a square thingy, was never attached! It was lounging on the bottom of the tower! One of the silver brackets that hooked it onto the Motherboard was snapped!

The tech was amazed my computer didn't fry a long time ago!!! The last tech who replaced a modem... remember , this is modem #3, never said a word! So, did he DO it? or did he just not say anything because , you know, he's a subcontracter who's only job was to repair the modem.
Did I buy a lemon from the Get-go?

I will never know.
Just like I have NO idea when the New Motherboard will be shipped plus they have to check the Power Supply ! THEN they will install the modem.

And get this!
NOW, I can't even use the computer as a word processor! Can you believe this!?!
I can't even read any of the Ebooks I have on my system.
My eldest can't do his homework!

The tech..a cutie named Kelly - but he's a guy .. wouldn't reconnect the wires.... he said NOT to use the computer at all!

So, I"m here, working on a Monday, I just transcribed over 25 phone messages! ARGH and now I'm typing this here blog update so you know I'm still kicking around....

And Bless my co-worker...she just told me she might have an old computer they were going to throw out that I could have to use as a Word Processes for my Son! Isn't that nice of her?

I can be internetless and go farkin' nuts, but at least my eldest can do his homework!

Just think ... if the motherboard does take two weeks to be shipped in like the modem, I'll be offline for a MONTH -- which means I've paid for internet access I've no access to.

How's that for sour apples?

So, Now I have to go back to work. But at least there I have internet access, even if only for 10 minutes.

No Moonlight this past Friday! They had Garth Brooks on instead.
I listened to the DJ's on the radio this AM on the way to work... I was laughing like crazy!

Wanna know why?
Because they said that Garth's going away and coming back again to perform is like his being a Groundhog.....pokes his head up to sing abit and then goes backs and hides. Sooo.....

they changed his name to Puxatawny Garth! ROTFL!!!!!

By the way, I did it! I did it! I baked a Sweet Potato in the Red Hot Embers of my Wood Stove. Just like I promised myself I would.
I have to tell you, wood cooked tater's are awesome!!!!!!!!

So, like, that's my update. Thank you ALL who've commented below. I don't have the internet time here to thank and comment on your comments but I really Reallly appreciate you checking in and talking to me. I miss that!
A whole bunch more than you may realize!
TTFN - until whenever!


Brandy said...

Sorry to hear your Motherboard Fried. I'be had to repalce many of those. It would be very helpful is your co-worker does come through for you. I hope it does. I also hope that the time flies for you! Glad to hear your Sweet Potato experiment went well! *g*

Hugs to you!

Michele said...

Hi Brandy!
It didn't fry yet... the tech was amazed that it hadn't!!
But thanks.
Wow , you are quick, I just posted this! LOL
Now I have to sign off anyway...lunch is over..leftover Beef Stew.

Marianne Arkins said...

Hey... You were here! And I missed you!! ((hugs)) again on the 'puter woes.

We'll be here when you get back.

Dru said...

Sorry about the motherboard now causing you some problems. I hope it gets fixed too.

Hurry back!

Michele said...

I was re-reading my post. Gee, did I use enough exclamation marks or what? LOL

Absolutley no word on the motherboard as of Thursday. This rots big time! Just so you know.

-Rayke said...

I don't know how you can do it. Clearly, you are stronger than I.

Am I the only one who didn't understand the "Puxatawny" thing...?

Is Kelly a surfer? Sounds like a surfer name. If he's a surfer AND a computer gotta lock that down.

Jill Monroe said...

Well, I'm sending you lots and lots of good vibes that all will be restored with your computer soon!

Hey, Garth Brooks grew up just a few miles down the road from us...

Shesawriter said...

I am sooooo empathetic about your 'puter problems. I've been having some issues with my new Mac. It's VERY frustrating. Hope things turn around for you soon.

Kara Alison said...

Hi Michele, I just saw your holiday wishes on my blog. Thanks and same to you! I've been terrible about updating lately, but I've got some topics on file that I want to get to so hopefully you'll see more of me in the near future. Hope your computer is fixed soon! It's so hard to go without!