Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Things that amaze me

Yes, I can be amazed.

Even by simple things.

Back in 2006 or so, I wrote an Ode to Ron Ely. What do I find amazing? After over a year, I not only still get hits on it, but comments too! Where IS the guy anyway? Everyone's tried to find out what is currently going on with him and we've all come up with zip! He's totally gone off of the radar. What a bummer.
Hey, Have you Voted yet at Preditors & Editors TM Readers' Poll ??

My goodness, there's a lot to vote on. When you check it out, I'm SURE you'll be amazed too.

I voted for my favorite Review Site, LASR.

Can you help me out by voting for them too? :-)

Hey, Did you sign up to win any contests lately? I am AMAZED at the sheer volume of authors involved in this endeavor.

I did. I entered one for Jayne Ann Krentz, Lucy Monroe, Angela Knight and Emma Holly.
OH, you need to know WHERE to go? Here. Here!

As I was getting the link for you, I noticed I missed Thea Divine's contest! I'll have to remedy that, LOL.


Another thing that amazes me ... LASR is going to publish my very first short story. It's really short. *grin*
One of the perks of visiting LASR's website is that visiters get to read a short story for FREE!

What do you mean, you've never been there!
How could you miss all the contests that offer FREE books and things from spotlighted authors??

Well, I'll have to help remedy that by providing a link, right?

I have a question for YOU.

HOW did you start blogging. Who can you blame?

Be amazed when I tell you that I Blame author NINA BANGS ( who just happens to have a new book out - One Bite Stand)

I wrote to her, but to do so, I had to JOIN Blogger because she didn't allow anonymous comments.
I think that was...2005?
Then I discovered OOTB -Out of the Blogosphere, a web-ring of paranormal authors.
Once I started visiting, commenting, making my own blog and actually having AUTHORS visit..I was hooked. And I've never looked back.

Now, aren't you amazed?


Oh, and thanks to those of you who took the Three Stooges Poll. I think it's funny that the majority of you can take them only in SMALL doses. Me too!

Until next post!


Dru said...

My friend had been blogging for 5 years and kept after me to blog. When I told her I had nothing to say, she said I would be surprised.

I look at it as a journal and since blogging I've *met* nice people who I came to care about.

Brandy said...

I blame you. *g* I started blogging because I read many authors blogs and kept "running into" YOU! I wanted to comment on your blog and lo and behold, here I am today! Still commenting! Have you read One Bite Stand? It's FANTASTIC! LOVED IT! Now she just needs to update HER journal. *g* Have you noticed that 3 authors that started on OOTB are no longer on there? Angela Knight, MJD, and Lucy Monroe are no longer a part of the OOTB.

Hope things are well with you and yours this week!