Monday, May 05, 2008

The Hudson Brothers!

Oh WOW! Oh WoW! OH Wow!

Me and my best friend Tammy used to watch The Hudson Brother's Razzle Dazzle Show. We were AVID fans! We had all their albums and loved to re-inact the Chucky Margolis skits. And to think I found these on YouTube. I know you must be sick of me posting links to the place but this is SUCH a blast from my past. Some of my most favoritest memories with Tammy revolved around our silliness over the Hudson Brothers. On top of that, I have two cousins. We are each a year a part and ironically, there was a Hudson Brother for each of us. Brett was MINE, Mark was Joyce's and Bill was Linda's.
I being the youngest and Brett was the youngest, he was mine and Bill for the oldest because he was the oldest. It was perfect.
If you can, check out these links that acted like a time tunnel for me.
OH my Gosh! Oh my GOSH! Can you believe it? SQUEEE!
When I was going to find another link for you for the Hudson Brothers?
I loved DOC! He was the one who made my young heart go Pitty Pat Too!
I guess I lean towards men in charge, even now when I read my romance books. I like those Alpha guys.
But Listen to Doc sing! Guess I wasn't the only one enamored of him! ROTFL!
Back the Hudson Brothers and CHucky Margolis !! HAHAHAHAHAH
LOVED poor CHucky! I never realized what they were talking about with the Green Water..and those pipes. And that was on at night. I just watched an interview with Brett and he said they were the replacement for the cancelled Sonny and Cher show! I never knew! So cool!
I'm having FUN FUN FUN!
Hope you are too!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

This is Brett Hudson... My brothers and I are about to do a documentary feature about our lives and career. We will be doing a "one time only" concert. It will be the first time in 28 years that the three of us have performed together. There will only be 300 tickets available and the audience will be a part of the movie.

Jody said...

When is this happening Brett - or has it already been done?