Monday, May 05, 2008

YouTube Addiction & Females Rock N' Rolled the 80's!

I like Depeche Mode

I think the message in this song is timeless. As relavant today, 200 years ago or in the future.

This is my favorite political protest song. The driving beat, the message and the lyrics always got to me. Makes me want the ending promise to be kept.

This is a band called Finger 11 Every time I was able to hear a radio station play it, I never got to hear the band's name. It was a mystery that was driving me nuts! Then I got high speed and on a lark, I put in the word I hear frequently mentioned during the song. Eureka! I will say, the video is ... well the dancing is rather strange. I have NO idea what they are trying to convey. But the music is good whether I watch the moves or not.

OK, I'm dating myself, but the one of the funniest songs on the radio growing up was THE STREAK!
You mean you've never heard the song? ROTFL! Well take a look, listen and be prepared to smile. THE STREAK "he was a dribbler"? ROTFL.. love it!

OH my Gosh! I just found this on YouTube!
I remember this song! Or Mock-Interview.
I remember the boat show at the marina near my old home. That song came on over the loud speakers and the whole crowd went silent! Those that had seen the movie were bent over double laughing once it was done.
I also remember my old boss who said he'd gone to Hawaii the year JAWS came out. He said he had the water almost to himself. Seemed that movie touched upon the inner shark paranoia that up until that movie, society had no clue it had in abundance. Amazing!

And the Go-Go's provided the best advice for High School Angst. How nice to know that my Mom's advice was seconded by the best female rock band for the time. Of course, there will be those that will argue that point with me with a vote for the Bangles . The real hard rockers might even go further and say they were fluff and I should respect Pat Benetar. Well sure, I liked Ms. Benetar's music, I still do. Let's face it, these women are timeless.
But for the paranormal romance lover in me, I have to vote for Patty Smyth.
It has Such a sensual look to it.

What do you think?
What are your Favorite 80's Music videos? And do you think female rockers made it better than it otherwise would have been?
I'd say YES!


Chris M. said...

Hey, weren't we just having this conversation? LOL

You didn't mention Finger 11... love them!

Brandy said...

You are obviously having a BLAST with the high speed. Keep on having fun!

Annalee Blysse said...

I enjoyed the Duran Duran videos best. Hard to pick a favorite but it is probably Save a Prayer. I wish I could go visit. Several of their videos were filmed in exotic locations that I wish I could visit.

lauran said...

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Michele said...

Thanks Lauran!

Hi, Annalee!
Hi, Chris!

Glad you had fun!