Thursday, April 26, 2007

Eye Spy

I took this when we were on the salt marsh nature walk.
This makes a GREAT wallpaper!
BUT, when I loaded it onto my large screen at work, guess what I saw?
Look at the big picture and look at the person with the white shirt.
Tell me what YOU see!!


Dru said...

Oh my! Is he doing what I think he's doing? That is too funny.

Brandy said...

Um, does a guy pee in the woods? HA! I guess so!

Michele said...

You bet,Dru~ I called over my co-worker AND my boss and we all agree.. he's doing what you think he's doing.
Isn't it a riot that I never knew what else was in the picture when I took it? LOLLOLOLOL

*giggle* Oh, yeah, Brandy, the age old question answered!!!
Unequivical proof. LOLOL
Sure was a "nature" walk!

Marianne Arkins said...

Oh man, what are the odds you'd catch that. So... no wallpaper?

Michele said...

Hi Marianne!
What are the odds.. I probably should be playing the lottery right now, LOL!
I never even knew he was there!

As for the wallpaper? ... it's still up at work .. they didn't make me take it down. Unless you look really close, you don't see the action. *gg*

You can borrow the pic for wallpaper if you like it... I mean, it is nice even without the bonus footage. *grin*

Again, nice to see you and thanks for visiting!