Friday, April 27, 2007

Herpetorium Freak

I promised a WARNING when I posted such a thing

This was Five Feet from my back door. I grossed out a couple of my blog buddies with this ... and I didn't know I would. I was just so excited to share. Now I know better. I'll warn you guys first.

It is at Least Two feet, perhaps a few inches over. Amazingly pretty, don't you think?


Amended post:
Thanks, Emma, for pointing out I never I.D.'d my guest.

This is a regular, friendly (if you leave him alone) non-poisonous Garter Snake. (Info LINK)

Oh, they'll strike if provoked, and they move like lightning, but they are fun to have around. At the end of last summer, one got into our house and my DH had to corral it and herd it back outside using a broom. LOL
That was fun to watch. *grin*
Oh! And remember to Click on the picture to get the FULL effect of its eyes and scales. This pic is shrunk to about 35% of the original size. Great for wallpaper... but not for me. It's marking ARE pretty, just not soothing or relaxing. You know what I mean?

End of amended post.

I also realize that seeing this exclusivly when you are trying to comment while you can't get away from the thing might give you the heebie jeebies ....

So, allow me to post another safe picture for your commenting relief.

May I please present to you,

SEAWEED the Seagull. So named by my youngest. He stayed still while I snapped his pic on our ocean view porch four feet away from us. Isn't he CUTE? Or she...
can't really tell with a gull ....

See how close we were to the water?

WE LOVED our place.

Oh and guess what? Seagulls like Potato bread. *gg*

We squished them into little bread balls so we could throw them better.

I have a short video I shot with my little camera showing the gulls fighting over the morsels.

Man, are they noisey!!


Marianne Arkins said...

I love snakes... My DD and are are forever grabbing the ones that live in our woods. We're considering a move back out west and I told her -- NO MORE GRABBING SNAKES. There be rattlers out there :-0

Dru said...

oh my!

Snakes are not a problems as long as I'm over here and it's over there.

Michele said...

Hi, Marianne! Thank you for stopping by to admire my wild gardner snake!
YOU GRAB THEM? Whoa...I'm not that courageous. Taking a picture is the closest "grabbing" I'll ever get.
Although, I've watched enough Jeff Corwin or Steve Irwin ... the thing is ... do I feel lucky?
um...nope. *grin*

And you're right about not grabbing rattlers ..that would be an unpleasant lesson.Ouch!

Michele said...

LOL, Dru!!
I'm with you there ... the Zoom feature on a camera is a WONDERFUL invention.

The best thing about that snake is that he was so STILL. Gave me a chance to get brave. *grin*

So glad I didn't make you screem with my post! *gg*

Brandy said...

Okay, I can handle him ith some warning, but you have to admit, you made it seem maybe cute or even a bear, but not a slithering creature!
Be VERY glad you don't live out west. When we lived in CA there were baby rattlers in our yard, near the trash containers. Needless to say, I made Chris take the trash out!

eMMa said...

What kind of snake is that?? We don't get ANY snakes in New Zealand.

Michele said...

You're right Brandy. I am happy to be able to appreciate this snake because I know it's not poisonous like a rattler. And Hey! He IS cute...for a snake. *grin*


Emma! Hey there! Oh good grief! I never realized I didn't ID the critter. I'll amend the post.
Absolutely NO snakes in NZ?
Wow! For the most part I'd say that is a good have a lot of exotic birds that an accidentally introduced snake would wreck havoc!
I think Ireland is another place that hasn't any snakes , unless it's tall tales I've heard.

Thanks for visiting!

eMMa said...

None what so ever. You might want to change your links, it says i'm in Aussie lol.

Michele said...

*Blush*, Good Gravy, Emma! Thank you for catching that. I can't believe I goofed so bad I had you living somewhere else!
BIG difference as Australia has some of THE most poisonous snakes in the world!
I will correct my error quickly.