Monday, May 22, 2006

A Day with the Ladies

OH yeah. Traveling with these ladies allows me to continue to think I'm a really young "chick". 99% were 50 yrs and older - much older.

It wasn't 100% because one lady's grandchildren came along.

On Sunday, we went to Manchester, New Hampshire's Palace Theater. I hadn't been to a live performance in ...oh, about 6 years.

It was the last performance of the run of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

All I knew of it, was that Donny Osmond used to play the title role. I am SO glad I went. The show was fantabulous! The music, the dancing and the hysterical surprises we received from some of the story skits. Although the lead was not played by Donny Osmond, the guy was hunkalicious - Jason Levinson - and his voice was lovely to the ear.

Matt Stokes played the Pharoah. (WOW)

Both of these men appeared courtesy of the Actors' Equity Association.

Have you SEEN this play? My gosh, I don't want to give the skit away but I haven't laughed so much and so long for quite awhile. One of the older ladies, when the "Pharoah" came out on stage with all his finery, SCREAMED with laughter! She was still talking about it on the trip home.

At the end, our bus wasn't there to pick us up. Show let out 45 minutes early. While we were waiting on the sidewalk, the actors started coming out. When we saw "Joseph" ,(Jason Levinson) we started chanting ' Go, Josheph, Go!" And we all started clapping.

What was notable about this scenario? He might have been cool and smooth onstage accepting the applause of the crowd - put him on a public street - clap wildly and loudly in appreciation - and he was humble, pleasantly bashful and sweet. He has a nice smile which he shared with us before his two female "attendents(?)" quickly escorted him to the cafe next door.

Now the Pharoah, he was a taller man with a sigh-inducing build. When we saw him without his adornment, the leader of our entrepid gaggle of gals tentativley asked , "Elvis?"

He grinned and said "Uh-huh."

What do you think we did when he owned up to his role?

"Elvis has left the building!!!" Woohoooo!!!!!"

While we clapped and applauded him on the sidewalk, he grinned and graced us with his reponse:

"Thank you...Thankyou Very much" -a classic and perfect Elvis impersonation. LOL! After he said "Thank you" a few more times, he - who also had two female 'attendents' - left chuckling and in very good humor.

Having a plethora of adoring and silly female fans, even older ones, must have been an ego boost. How could it not be? *giggle*

I am SO glad I went on this trip. I couldn't wait to share it with you.


Brandy said...

It sounds like a wonderful trip! I am so glad you enjoyed it!!!! I bet it was a huge ego boost to those actors when they were appreciated outside of their roles!!

CaliMarie said...

Thanks for sharing, Michele. I'm delighted to see you had a great time.

Take me next time.


Hope you're having a great day.

Catch up with you soon, luv.

M.E Ellis said...

The aftershow antics sounded a scream!

I wanted to be there!


Lyn Cash said...

I have loved Andrew Lloyd Webber's music for years and have yet to hear this album or see the play. You make it sound quite delicious...or was that the actors who are drool-worthy? - lol

Sounds like you had a wonderful time!

Michele said...

Hey there Brandy. Yep, I think it was. We were SO enthusiastic about it too.

*grin*, Hi Cali! If I could take y'all, I would. Sharing good times is the best.

Howdy, M.E.!
Yeah, the antics were hysterical. Never new these "old" ladies had such spunk. I can only hope that when I reach those kind of milestones, I'm a hoot too. Life's more fun that way.

Wow! Lyn! BIG HI (waves madly)
Oh, yes. The guys WERE emminently drool worthy, LOL. You have got to see/hear the music to this play. There is cleverness interwoven throughout and is not to be missed. In fact, I'm thinking of getting it. It was that good.
Thanks so much for dropping by!

Kelli McBride said...

JOSEPH is one of my favotite musicals!! When I watch my DVD, I find myself humming the tunes for days! I'm not sure what my fav song is - I really love the hoedown, but the French cabaret dirge is also fantastic. Of course, CLOSE EVERY DOOR TO ME is stirring - especially when you hear Donny sing it. If you don't have the DVD, get it. Donny as Joseph, Richard Attenborough as Jacob, Robert Torti as Pharoah ({I'll post a pic on my blog), Ian McNeice as Potiphar and Joan Collins as Mrs. Potiphar.

Here's the link on for info:

It is a superb version.