Sunday, May 14, 2006

A Pink Toe Google

Oh, I thought I was going to be funny and Google weird things. I'm on a "weird" kick.

Pink Toe = sounds cute, silly and frivolous.

I expected lots of pink things, like animated toes, painted toe nails ... pictures of toes in shoes - feet things. The initial images I posted here are what you'd might expect.

I did.

However, that is NOT what you see when you first Google. The first two pages were absolutely flooded with something I never knew existed. I was in shock. You see before you the original PINK TOE !

Avicularia avicularia, the Pink Toe Tarantula.

And according to what I viewed, plenty of people think they make good pets.

Just not for me.

How about you?


Brandy said...

Oh, good God NO!!!! I call that a snack for the cats. Ugh!!

Anonymous said...

Not for me, but to each their own.

Michele said...

LOL, Brandy and Bonnie. I agree, having ANY type of spider in my house is a no-no . I don't have full blown arachnophobia - but anything with eight legs that is that big would inspire a healthy dose of it.. Ya think? *grin*

Bailey Stewart said...

No, no, no and no. Nononononononono. And did I say no?

I'll take those little house spiders because they build webs that catch the ants, but that's all.

BTW, did I say noooooooooooo?

Michele said...

ROTFL!!! Eve!
Are you SURE you mean, 'no'? *grin*

Brandy said...

Hahahahaa! Eve, I second that!! Michele, you sure have stirred up the commenters.

eMMa said...

Geez...some people are insane. Like the person holding that creature. Yuck!

Btw Happy Mother's Day to you too Michele. I hope you have a great day :)

Michele said...

Gee, Brandy, it's only a spider .. a. big. spider. I think anyone would "stir" if a pink toe danced in front of "their" feet. *snort* I'd just be wantin' to be awearing steel toed boots is all. *gg*

Ooooh, Good word, eMMa!! Insane ... yep, I'd have to be to let one crawl on me. Snakes are one thing. way.

And thanks too for the Mother's day wishes!!

Betty S said...

I had a science teacher with a pet tarantula. She would get it out and let us play with it during class. I only held it once. It gave me chills. Haven't held another since. Don't plan to.

Michele said...

Hi Betty!
You see, it makes loads of sense for a science teacher to be into spiders and such. You were very brave to have let a spider on you even the once. At least you can say, "Been there, done that." And that's cool.

Gangadhar said...

cool pics...

Bailey Stewart said...

Yep, I'm pretty sure the answer is no. Let me think about this for a moment - NOOOOOOOOO!

Michele said...

LOL, Thanks, Gangadhar!

EVE! ROTFL - OK! ok! I hear you.
No tarantulas...*gg*

Annalee Blysse said...

Ixnay on the tarantulas. I wouldn't even want an itsy bitsy spider as a pet.

I've had some people find my website looking for some of the strangest things in search engines. Makes me wonder what it is they are looking for.

M.E Ellis said...


That made me shudder! I hadn't scrolled right down and seeing that nice toe jewellery, well, I thought I'd see something similar...when...

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH a big bugger off spider!

My ears went all funny inside, as they do when I see something I don't like, and I shuddered. Then felt sick.

Umm. I don't feel very well!


Michele said...

LOL, Annalee! I agree - spiders are NOT pets. Garden warriors, but not pets.
I wonder how I'd find out how people -if they even do- find my site - what program do you use, Annalee?

M.E. !
Oh, your response is priceless. Thank you so much for taking a deep calming breath and sending me this comment.

I set the post so that the "boo!" factor would be hidden. *giggle*, I hope you weren't too traumatized, but just imagine doing the "Google" thing and seeing TWO pages of the big hairy buggers. I expected toes, not eight hairy legs, LOL!!!

M.E Ellis said...

Oh I hope you're happy with yourself! I couldn't get my fingers to scroll quickly enough to respond here again and had another view of that creepy shitebag there. Oh even the HAIRS on his legs are minging! I bet I have a MareNight tonight now and wake up sweating like, well, a sweaty thing.

If I do I'll be back tomorrow to tell you off!

Funny little tale here: Night before last I had to look for a Red Maserati Spyder for a book cover. I braced myself to see a page full of biddies with long legs and brown fat bodies and up popped a load of bloody cars.

Think I'd have preferred the spiders!


Well I thought it was funny anyway. It's quite ok. No, you don't have to laugh.


Michele said...

I may not have had to laugh, but I did anyway. Almost spewed my favorite cookie all over my PC screen. *grin*

Oooh, Maserati's are lovely cars. Two pages you say. Yum. and RED? Nice taste.
Wait a minute, you'd take the spiders over the Cars? Surely you jest.
You can't get a ride like that from a spider .. however the sting from excise tax and insurance on cars like those would be more painful than the bite of a Pink Toe ... truly.

And, being a writer of horror -I read that pig story - poor little candle holder - how can you not enjoy the sheer willies that are inspired from our furry anachrid critters? Perfect horror foils.

I mean, look at Indiana Jones - spiders make great villains turn into shivering masses of pectin.

Well, M.E., I certainly hope that you dream wonderful dreams, but if you DO see eight legs, just think, Rockets. And little thongs on the spider with sequins and top hats. And a REALLY big shoe! *wink*

M.E Ellis said...


I don't have spiders in my novels. I think I mentioned spider's legs once in Quits but that was all I could manage!



Michele said...

**VBG**, M.E.

We all have our unfavorite things to deal with. Mine is fangs..which is really silly since I luuurve my vamps.
But in "real life"..that would get me every time.

M.E Ellis said...

Fangs. LOL - fascinating how one thing bothers one person and not another.


Michele said...

Variety. The spice of life.