Wednesday, May 24, 2006

A drool-licious NK link

Deidre Knight's Blog has the yummiest, spiffiest, coolest tribute to cover model
Nathan Kamp I've yet to see.
If you are a fan of his, you simply have to check this out! The Nathan Show

No interest? If you've missed my TV show rant, check the post below.
(at least I have a good pic there too)


Gangadhar said...

Wow..dat's nice..

Deidre Knight said...

Thanks, you rock, woman!! :) I have some more yummies coming up tomorrow. Thanks for linking!

Michele said...

Hi, Gangadar! It is, isn't it? I love techno wonders. I wish I could figure out how do create cool things like that.

Thanks, Deidre!! I look forward to more "yummies" , never can have enough, *grin*
And you are quite welcome regarding the Link. I love to share the yummies. *VBG*

Judson Knight said...

Hiya, Michele. Thanks for posting the link to D's "beefcake blog". And hey, as promised, I've linked to both yours and hers in my latest post--a parade of my favorite celebrity women, which as I told you was intended as a reply to you and D.

Michele said...

Good Gravy, Judson! Your blog list of cheesecake is HUGH! My computer can't load it all!
I've tried twice so far.

And you are very welcome regarding linking D's blog. I commented on her latest, but I don't think she agreed with me about the surfer dude being a great candidate for the King of Siam. *shrug*
Oh well. I have yet to see someone who is worthy enough to replace Yul in the King and I. Whoever does has to look great without a shirt. I thought the surfer dude did. IMHO.