Sunday, June 25, 2006

Bubble Gum

What mental picture comes to mind with the word Bubble Gum?

Kind of reminds me of Bazooka. Remember all those inane jokes that were wrapped around the candy? How many did you save for you to be able to send away for that magical item? You know, that very cool and hi-tech Person to Person spy phone that was attached by a really long string? The only metal component was the cheap tin cup that resembled the ear piece of your parent's phone.

At least the gum blew some decent bubbles.

If I don't mean the candy, what DO I refer to?

LOL! Music, of course.

Did you know that there is music labeled "Bubblegum Rock"? - ( btw- the link states the Bubblegum rock is rejected by people over the age of 15 - Guess I'm 15 permanently folks, because I LOVE these songs!! [39 & holding, LOL] )

I bet you'd like some examples, right?

I'm happy to share a few.

" Yummy Yummy Yummy, I got love in my tummy and I feel like loving you. "

"Tracy, when I'm with you, something you do, bounces me off the ceiling. Tracy ,Day after day,
when you're this way, I get a lovin' feeling ..."

"I thought love was only true in fairy tales, then for someone else but not for me
... ah love was out to get me, that's the way it seemed.
Disappointment haunted all my dreams, then I saw her face,
now I'm a believer,
Not a trace of doubt in my mind... I'm in love ...."

" Hey girl whatcha you doin' down there,
dancin' alone every night while I live right above you,
I can hear your music playing,
I can feel your body swaying,
One floor below me, you don't even know me, I love you.
On my darlin', Knock three times on the ceiling if you want me,
twice on the pipe, if the answer is no ...."

" Children behave!
That's what they say when we're together.
And watch how you play,
They don't understand,
and so we're running just as fast as we can,
holding onto one anothers hand,
trying to get away into the night
and then you put your arms around me as we tumble to the ground and then you say,
I think we're alone now, there doesn't seem to be anyone around ...."

" My baby love,
my baby loves love,
and she's got what it takes and she knows how to use it ...(twice)
I was lonely once in this great big world ..."

" Sugar.
Ah, Honey honey,
You are my candy girl,
and you got me wanting you.

Ah, sugar, sugar,
you are my candy girl.
and you got me wanting you.

I just can't believe the loveliness of loving you ( I just can't believe it's true) "

Do you recognize any of these lyrics?
Can you sing some of the melodies?
If you can - then you understand the appeal of pure bubblegum music.
These tunes stay in your head.
You find yourself bopping to a mental doowop.
Your hips shimmy and shuffle to the rhythym in your mind.

Bubblegum - whether candy or music, both are sweet and are a joy to savor.

I had some cool pics but Blogger is being uppity again. Hence the links. Hope you had fun visiting today!


Bailey Stewart said...

Ah sh*t, I just got all of this stuff out of my head and here you go inserting it again. Gee thanks City Chickie. LOL

Yes, I know them. Yes I've loved all of them. Now I'm going off to sing for a while.

Michele said...

Bailey, you made my night!
So glad you came by for a surprise musical infusion. *clapping in glee*

Bailey Stewart said...

I'll get you my pretty, and your little dog too. Bwaaaahhaaaa!

Michele said...

OK, not trying to be a kicker here, but you have to go after my fish ... no dogs, *Achoo!*

Will a Dog Fish do?

Mitch said...

Stop talking about songs!!!

I actually work in a stable, and sang to the horses all day while everyone else was up at the Fun Show. Red, Buck, and Doc seemed to like it, so did the new pony. Guiness, on the other hand, bit me. On the BOOB!!! He's not even a year old yet, so I forgive him, but damn it hurts!

Michele said...

Mitch!! OUCH!!

You boogied with the stallions, huh? *giggle*

I've heard that Guiness has bite to it... guess it's true even from a namesake. *wink*

Mitch, do you know some of these songs too? Wow, Red, Buck, and Doc are in for another treat, eh?
How does a horse say " WOOT!!" ??

Mitch, glad to see you!
Hope you have a safer day tomorrow.

Mitch said...

Yeah, all but two of these songs.

Horses don't seem to have any short words in their vocabulary, I think it would be more like, "WOOOOOooooooooooooot*snort*"

Brandy said...

Ooooh, I rememeber some of these. Got one for you, "does your chewing gum lose it's flavor on the bedpost overnight.......". My Mom and Dad used to sing these to me when I was little! Along with the one I sent you last night! But, I love all thse types of songs. You forgot, "Sherry Baby".

Bailey Stewart said...

Shererry, Sherry Baby, shererry, Sherry Baby, (were there any other words?) LOL

And I know the chewing gum one too. In fact, I will sometimes use that line just for a joke.

Brandy said...

Hey! Someone knows both!! I sometimes joke I grew up in the wrong generation because I love all those old songs, and others such as "Sitting on the Dock of the Bay, Time (the byrds), If (loaf), and that other song by the Beatles which is the only one of them I really like. I also liked Teen Angel, oooh, and Peggly Lee singing Fever!! I swear I was bon too late.

M.E Ellis said...

I've got a CD with most of those songs on. I listen to it while doing the ironing!



Bailey Stewart said...

Brandy? The Beatles were during my time. Um, Thanks. I'll just go get my cane now. LOL

Brandy said...

Bailey, I would never say you were old! I just missed the Beatles generation by about 10 years. I'll be 32 this year. I think. Um, (mental math) yup, 32 in August.

Shesawriter said...

Wow... do many, many memories. This one especially:

" My baby love,
my baby loves love,
and she's got what it takes and she knows how to use it ...(twice)
I was lonely once in this great big world ..."

Gangadhar said...

ROTFL..You come with such a nice posts always....
btw you're one of my family members..just go and visit my blog for details..

Michele said...

Mitch! LOL! I expected a "horse snort" at the end somewhere in that word... *giggle*

Yes, Brandy, I DO know that song, "Mom say's "don't chew it" and you swallow it in spite, and it catches on your tonsils and you heave it left and right,
Does you chewing gum loose its flavor on the bedpost over night...." LOL

Good Singing, Bailey, The next words are " Sheeery, won't you come out tonight..."

Brandy, are you sure If wasn't by Bread? *wink*

Ooh, M.E.! Where'd you get it???

Beatles? They live forever young, just like us!!

Brandy, you are a young chick!

Tanya! Glad to see you. Happy to hear you like this walk down memory lane too. :-)

Gangadhar! Thank you for the nice compliment. And your mentioning me on your blog. That was really sweet!!

Annalee Blysse said...

Yep, recognize them.

Remember Big Buddy bubble gum? I miss it. Sigh.