Monday, June 12, 2006

Clothing Statement - What are they thinking

Now what could I be talking about today that may or may not have to do with clothing which would inspire your curiosity?

I'll get back to that.

First I want to toot my personal horn.
Me and my club members put on a rather snazy 50th Annivsary of Ordination reception yesterday. More than eighty people showed up to celebrate - many from past parishes that he served. Not only was Father Peter quite pleased and thrilled (he's now wheelchair bound) but our parish priest, Father Adrian was so grateful for our efforts. He thanked us individually - which is a first. He's a man with subdued/reserved emotional displays -hey, he's a guy - so for him to make the rounds to ensure we understood his appreciation - that was saying it loud and proud.
Gratifying day.

Now, as for clothing - during my Google jaunts, I come across uniquely expressed clothing statements. Figuring out what are they trying to say is a challenging puzzle.
Maybe you can help?

Desert Wizard

Gold Standard Excitement

Its' Super Duct-Man!!

Oooh, Leopard Toe Fetish
Time to Purr for Toes

Hair decorations just don't feel like co-operating.

So, are these clothing choices the wave of the future??


Bailey Stewart said...

Duct tape man is going to hurt a lot. And look, Hugh as Peter Allen - since it won him a Tony I guess he can dress any way he wants to. LOL

Farm Girl said...

I guess I have to wonder what some people are thinking.

Brandy said...

Some High School somwhere had a couple who made their outfits for the Prom out of Duct Tape! But, have to say, the snake in the hair is gross!

Mitch said...

Oh, it's a snake? I thought it was a looks like more than one snake.

Duct Tape Man, I swear I read about him! Post 9-11 when the terror of biological warfare started, this man listed to the advice the government was handing out. He sealed his windows, air vents, chimney, probably welded steel shutters on.
He decided, since he would be one of the few survivors of the biological warfare, he would be responsible for repopulating the world, and needed to protect his reproductive tools.
The man covered his grion in duct tape so while the rest of him was dying from anthrax, his jewels would be fine. Sticky, albeit, but alive.
Well, not too long passes and the man has to urinate. He didn't forsee the need for a catheter, so he ripped the duct tape off the way you pull a band-aid fast so it hurts less.
About 30% of his skin came off with it. He had to go to the hospital.
He later filed a lawsuit against the ER staff because he heard them laughing over his duress.

Thank god he's not the one populating the world. Infact, I doub't he's fit to populate much of anything now.

Michele said...

Eve! That was HUGH?? Whoa. Who is Peter Alan? And Yep, unless Mr. Duct tape had on BVD's on first, he is going to be one sorry man.

Les - oh yeah - what they 'd be thinking would make great books or at least great fodder for Howard Stern and his ilk.

Brandy - I've heard of pocketbooks make out of duct tape, but dresses? Too stiff for my taste. And yeah, snakes in the hair, unless one is Medusa, just is plain ol' silly.

Mitch! - Oh My Goodness! What a riot of a story! I'm laughing here!
Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing that piece of humor. LOVED IT!
BTW-you are so right - thank goodness he's NOT populating the world, we'd all end up as (per Jeff Foxworthy) Rednecks! or is that "raw?"

LOL re: the squid.

So glad y'all dropped by.

M.E Ellis said...

LOL @ super duct man!

What a dick!

Sorry I haven't been blogging lately, been finishing up QUITS ready for sale. My blogging antics should be back to normal now, unless the muse comes back (she's having a little holiday, bitch!) and I get to finish my current WIP.


Rayke said...

If "Super Duct Man" isn't copywrited, I am totally starting a new comic book series tomorrow.

Gold Guy looks like Jim Carey. Just an observation...

Annalee Blysse said...

Man that duct-taped guy is bound! Got a fancy dinner you need to go to? Can't fit into last years dress? Get out the duct tape.

M.E Ellis said...

LOL @ annalee!



Beth said...

Michele, so sweet of you to throw an ordination anniversary party for your priest!

Crazy pictures and stories!! :-)

Michele said...

M.E. - Congrats on finishing QUITS!! Awesome news!

I'm glad you found a laugh or two today. (well, when you stopped by, I'm a tad late in getting replies out, LOL )

Rayke! *giggle* If you DO do a comic - I want a copy! Bet it'll be a riot.
Glad to see you here, Rayke :-)

Annalee - you're silly *snicker/giggle* You sound like a commercial for MacGyver (wink)

Beth-Thanks for the compliment and glad you enjoyed the "picture show"