Saturday, June 24, 2006

Did you ever imagine yourself in a movie?

Blogger erased the first post.... I originally left this sentence , "will post again when my brain recovers from the screech of denial. "

I was using understatement - I was beyond screeching - try howling, ranting and throwing my hands up in disgust only to slap on a "stay tuned" on this blog and walk away for a few HOURS.

Here I am - trying again. (10 PM)
Taking the question above at face value tends to be a cut and dried answer of "yes" or "no", but that's not what my question is all about. My focus is a bit more playful than that.

Seems I'm on a thematic roll - thinking about my past.

This question stems from the same well of inspiration. I didn't get it by myself however. Bailey(click) has a fun post today that had me laughing, acting silly and just enjoying myself. This blog is a direct result of participating in the zany comments ( on an aside - sad to hear about Aaron Spelling - man was pure genius - kind of reminds me of Gene Roddenberry)

So, have you ever imagined yourself in a movie?

NOT acting in, but BEING one of the characters? Something about the cast, setting, theme or clothing catches your imagination and you dream dreams of "If only it were me, I'd do/say this or that."

Have you ever stopped watching for a moment and wondered :
"If I could step into the film, what scene would I chose to experience?"

My personal favorite is musicals. Remember - Paint Your Wagon, The King and I, Oklahoma!, West Side Story, South Pacific, The Sound of Music, Finian's Rainbow and Brigadoon? The sets were grand, the music heartfelt and emotional while the clothing was scrumptious and ultra-feminine - mostly.

I wanted to dance with the King ( The King and ME) , walk amongst the corn that's "as high as an elephant's eye".
You'd find me wanting to " wash that man right INTO my Hair (any man- remember I was a hormonally influenced teenager, LOL)- from South Pacific and visit also the haunting Bali Hai. I wished to have that magical leprechaun from Finian's Rainbow fall in love with ME ( any leprechaun looking like Tommy Steele was a candidate) and I yearned to experience finding a magical and mystical Scottish town that was full of ancient Highlanders a la Brigadoon.
To hear men singing to me of the emotions of their heart with such earnestness and talent it raises the goosebumps on my goosebumps in romantic thrill.
I secretly thrilled to the thought that I'd be a female JET from West Side Story.

Close your eyes and let the music take you places.

You can you know , with those old musicals.
Why do you think that is?
You can understand every word of the lyrics.
You can hum the tunes - even years later.
In fact , at times throughout your life, you'll suddenly become concious that you've been humming your favorite tune, for instance - "A Wand'rin Star" from Paint Your Wagon , and it's stuck in your mind like a burr.

I imagine: that I'm the girl left behind - the wind called Mariah whispers the lament sung by my love so very far away. He'd left to find the means to afford us a better future - and now feels so lost. Alone. His words touch my heart and I cry out my response but Mariah's breezey attention is fickle at best and he'll never know I feel the same.

Isn't imagination a wonderful thing?

Come play!


Bailey Stewart said...

I hate when that happens.

Nicholas Borelli said...

I haven't imagined myself in a movie, but I've imagined the next best thing: one of my books being made into a movie.

Take a look at It's an inexpensive e-Book, a real page turner. And, hey . . . I'm from New England too!

Brandy said...

Blogger erased one of mine the other night too!
And no, I have never imagined myself in or as a movie.

Michele said...

Hey Bailey and Brandy! I got my brain to cooperate and rethink the post. It's not completely the same but I guess it will do.
Misery loves company, thanks for telling me Blogger doesn't target me exclusively! LOL

Nicholas! Welcome! And your first visit sees my post being a dud. Geesh.
I did visit your site. Very cool! Book sounds very intense. Wow.
And a fellow New Englander too - Woot!!!
Had enough rain yet? LOL
I guess a few more is in store for us. Better than last year in N.E., yes? :-)

Mitch said...

hehehe, when I was a kid, I'd act like I was a character in the movie. When Templeton visits the fair in Charlote's Web, I'd run around pretending I was another rat trying to get all the treats before him. In Lady and the Tramp, when the dogs chase down the wagon taking Tramp to the pound, I'd run around and howl like I was helping them.

Can't think of any movies recently that I've imagined myself in, but I do it with books all the time. *If that hero was mine, I'd slap him around for acting like that, then demand passionate, earth shattering sex to make up for treating me so.*


Mitch said...

oh, and P.S. I now have "A Wand'rin Star" stuck in my head. I fully intend on directing all complaints your way when I can't stop singing it in front of my co-workers tomorrow.

Michele said...

Mitch! You are cracking me up here.
I adore Charlottes Web. If you want to talk about fav cartoons to immerse oneself in, Oh, I'd have to go back to Race Bannon from Jonny Quest. I'm still stuck on him after all these years. He'd be impressed with my savvy Martial Arts know-how and kick butt arsenal of hidden weapons on my person. Now of course, my "person" comes dressed in almost there sci-fi battle chic. LOL ( Race wouldn't stand a chance *wink* )

LOL! You like Wand'rin Star too? How cool is that? I can hear it now, Mitch - The office is alive with the Sound of Music! LOLOLOL!!!
Thanks for stopping by and playing. Always great to see you.

Bailey Stewart said...

Just thought I would let you know that I came by, but I have to get mom settled for the morning and then I'm off to Wallyworld before it gets too hot. I'll just leave you with the little known fact that I did get to be in one of those musicals you mentioned. *gg*

Bailey Stewart said...

Okay - I want to be Rachel Weis (sp?) character in The Mummy, not to be chased by Mummies, but to be chased by Rick O'Connell.

When I was in the 9th grade (back when that was the last grade in Jr High) our choir put on the musical Brigadoon. This is different from the Gene Kelly movie, a couple of songs were left out of the movie, mostly my characters songs. I played Meg.

raine said...

Michele, Bailey--you knew I had to come here, right?

Actually, I was going to say Brigadoon too (the movie, I mean).
I used to often imagined myself as Fiona, the lead lady. Especially in the scene from "The Heather on the Hill". Sigh................

There's something about that kind of hopeless, wistful love that tugs at something in me. Maybe I knew it in another time, another place...

Michele said...

Bailey - I see you took some time to think about it at Wallyworld, *grin*
I'd like to have Rick chase me too ... but I'd like the other hero tatoo guy - what was his name again? With the proviso that he take a shower first. *giggle* Let's face it, black is not a cool color in the desert and after riding his horse around in the desert all over the place - it's dusty and gritty too. LOL

You were in Brigadoon? Cool! I was never in plays except for the third grade. I was cured.

After all this talk, I'm going to need to pop in my Brigadoon VHS and remember the highlights again.

This has been fun, thanks for playing, Bailey!

Michele said...

Raine! Hi! Welcome fellow Pete Duel fan! *grin*

I hear you about the "wistful love" phrase. I guess that's what gives me the chills with the song, Mariah.
It's romantic to think that you knew those feelings , "in another time, another place", however, I certainly hope you had your own HEA!!!,
Truly "hopeless" is just rotten tomatos. We need that sweet saucey product in the end to make the journey worth the travel... yes??

I didn't even get to touch base on the old ROAD shows with Bing and Bob.
What about the old TAMMY films. When Debbie Reynolds sings the theme song, I just melt in girlish wistful wonder. My friend, who is named Tammy, HATED that song with a vibrant passion. How ironic, LOL.

Thanks for stopping by Raine ! Wonderful to have you visit -

raine said...

I'll be coming back. ;-)

Bailey Stewart said...

I liked Sandra Dee's Tammy too - especially Tammy and the Doctor with a young Peter Fonda. I don't remember his characters name, but the actor is Oded Fehr (sp?) and that's Bebo's love.

In High School I was in the chorus for Bells are Ringing and Camelot

Michele said...

Ah, Bailey, tell Bebo she continues to have excellent taste, first Race and now Oded. *wink*

I liked the Tammy with Leslie Neilson. Hard to reconcile him with his Naken Gun pics, though, LOL!

Oh, Bailey, you Hot Rocket you!

Why did Lancelot leave Guinivere with a smile plastered on his face?
He Camelot!

*ahem* It just popped into my head.

Michele said...

Raine! glad to hear that. Woot!

Dann I. said...

I worked as an extra in Paint Your Wagon[the movie]....think it was '68.
Alot of fun. Most of the film was shot on location in the Eagle Cap Wilderness area of NE Oregon.

Michele said...

Hi and Welcome Dann i.
Oh, you are so fortunate to have those moments as memories in your life's repetoire.
You should see the "stars in my eyes" just thinking about being able to do what you did.
I had no idea it was filmed in Oregon. Beautiful part of our country.

Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing.
A real treat.