Friday, June 30, 2006

A skewed view

The romanticized Scottish Higlander hero.
Their stories make us readers swoon, sigh and inspire us to dream and wish that we'd find our own . Actually, he'd sweep us off our feet before we knew what grabbed us.

Usually, these take place a couple of centuries ago.

Times and men change, don't they?

Flash forward to the present.

Ah, the civilized modern Highlander.

He still enjoys the wild and rustic outdoors along with all the amenities of the 21st century.

It's not a wonder that we read romance, eh?


Farm Girl said...

Oh gosh, AND he's a redhead? Who could ask for much more than that. LOL.

Kara Alison said...

Ahhh...Dare I say, chivalry is dead? (At least I can only imagine it is with this one.)

Gangadhar said...

Times and men change, don't they?...yup u r right,Michele...
But for the two pics u posted..i vote for the first one..He's definitely romantic..

Michele said...

Hi Les! Yes indeed, I couldn't believe my good luck when I found a red headed man. It was meant for this post, LOL.

Hey there, Kara!
*giggle* I guess you could interpret that from the picture ...Maybe he'd share his box of goodies with you?? :-)

Howdy Gangadar!
Thanks for your vote. For the record, I agree with you 100%

M.E Ellis said...

HAHAAHAHAHAHAHA really loudly!

Just look at his wet shoes!

Rib achingly hilarious! So funny I even showed hubby.


Michele said...

Wow! Thanks for the major compliment, M.E.!
You made my day. :-)

Brandy said...

Well, the first one is romantic, and I hate to bash anyone, but the 2nd guy looks depressed! (Oh, BTW my Son has red hair!)

Beth said...

Too funny! Well, chivalry is not dead, in fact in my milieu it's very much alive. But one does wish for the more swashbuckling costumes of days gone by . . . Still, jeans are great - it's all about attitude and men who pull their shoulders back and jaw forward to a cold hard world :-)

Michele said...

Brandy, *grin*, maybe his cookies were stale?
Your little guy has red hair? Cool! Don't see too many guys with red hair. One of my first High School crushes was on a guy with red hair, and he was bonafide Irish. *sigh*

Beth! ah, yes, you are right. Shoulders back, impressive chest muscles out and jaw firmly held in a determined angle to conquor the world if not our hearts ...
Jeans with a leather jacket work too...yum.
Thanks for stopping by, Beth!

Bailey Stewart said...

Well of course I vote for the first guy - I did say I still had two brain cells. LOL

Michele said...

You crack me up, Bailey!!!

Daisy Dexter Dobbs said...

Oh dear God, I didn’t expect this! LOL I was doing my nightly blog-hop before bed, all comfortably sleepy and bellowing a yawn, and then I popped over here and now I’m not only wide awake, but I can’t stop laughing!

This reminds me of all the everyday-ordinary type men, like my husband’s coworkers, who are convinced that the heroes in my stories are based on them. Yeesh. Imagination (for both writers and readers) is a wonderful thing. ;-)

Thanks for the laugh, and for stopping by my blog earlier, Michele.

Annalee Blysse said...

Great comparison photos. LOL.

Betty S said...

This is hysterical.

Shesawriter said...

OMG! Why did you have to ruin the fantasy!!! LOL!

Michele said...

Wow,Daisy! Thanks for the compliment. So glad that I "woke you up" with laughter,LOL!
And your welcome, your blog is wonderful.

Thanks, Annalee!

And Thank you too, Betty!

**giggle** Tanya! I didn't ruin the fantasy, I reinforced its validity. Fantasies are yummy, healthy, and I want one! *wink*
Don't you?

Thanks everyone for stopping by!!
The response is better than I ever dreamed!