Tuesday, June 27, 2006


What is one person's definition of crazy is another person's genius.
How do we see ourselves?
Do we see ourselves as other's see us when they see us as ourselves?
Does anyone truly see the real self that is us even if we let them?



Bailey Stewart said...

I know that I've been told many times that my view of myself is quite different than others. Guess it's that old low self-esteem thing.

Michele said...

Which we all have to various degrees, Bailey.

Brandy said...

I think we see in ourselves what we want to see. What others see is sometimes the true us, stripped of the quirks we ourselves have when viewing ourselves. (Ha! That 3rd sentence of yours was a bit confusing!)

Michele said...

*giggle* Yep, That was my diabolical plan. The goal? To render you into fits of "HUH??"

Betty S said...

If we are crazy, no one sees us as we see ourselves. If we are genius, others never see themselves as we see them.

As a relativist, I think maddness and truth are both in the eyes of the beholder.

Michele said...

Wow Betty. Your answer totally surprises me. It makes a wild kind of sense. Thanks for commenting!