Thursday, July 13, 2006

Can you tell the weekend is coming up?

I've heard of restless sleepers but this is ludicrous!

Speaking of sleeping,

what's your favorite comfy mode?

I'm a side sleeper with two pillows. If I don't have two pillows, I have to bunch something up to mimic it.
I've no idea why.

Two pillows are tools. When the light comes in too early in the AM and the birds are singing so loud, you want the neighborhood cat to pay a visit, one of the pillows can go over your head to block the light and muffle the sound. Isn't that great?

I think so.

BTW - This guy is going to have an "ice-breaker" of a tan, isn't he??


Brandy said...

I am a stomache sleeper, at least to FALL asleep. Although not sleeping well right now.

M.E Ellis said...

Same as you, side sleeper, two pillows.


Michele said...

I understand,Brandy.. still keeping your family and Squeakie in my thoughts.

M.E. - Really? I'm not the only one??
I'm SO happy to hear that!

Robin Caroll said...

LOL....However WILL he explain that tan? LOL

Tempest Knight said...

Sleeping position... Hmm... No pillows. Sleep on my tummy. At least to fall asleep anyway. *g*

Michele said...

Hi Robin! Long time no see! Hope all is well?
Oh yeah, that's a tanline worth talking about, LOL

Tempest - NO PILLOWS?? How do you DO that??? Blows my mind trying to imagine sleeping flat.

Bailey Stewart said...

Two pillows, but not for bunching - just elevation of head. Either side, sometimes back - but rarely stomach. And I don't move around in my sleep.

Bondage tan, huh?

Michele said...

Bondage Tan??
Oh,That's Perfect. LOL!
Love it!