Thursday, July 13, 2006

Just call me fluffy

When I started my blog a year ago, I really thought I'd be blogging about serious thoughts.
It never materialized. Not really.

As I journey through Blogger by clicking the "Next Blog" button, I've discovered a theme;
to be "Profound".

Some read like news articles spouting for or against topics - well and good for many.
Some are from the youngers in generation - peer politics and pressures - valuable outlet as long as they remain anonymous - safety, you know?
Some reach out to others to give or ask for support.
Some are .... explicit - I zip right past those (peeking out from between my fingers)

Mostly they are one thing - SERIOUS

Do you know what my favorite part of the newspaper is?
I'm sure you can and have.
Yes, the comics.
You realize the reason for them being there , right?
Comedic foils. A breath of fresh air. A lightening of the mood.

Let's face it, the newspaper is full of serious topics. Sometimes the pictures are disturbing. The Comic pages provide balance and are a mental innoculation against the taint left by reading about man's failures to control the ID.

So , when I can, I post fluffy.

Doesn't mean that I'm intellectually fluffy, just that I chose not to be serious.
When I do post "serious" topics, they must mean a lot to me ... for example, the post about the bully. That struck a chord with many readers - and their shared stories were heartbreaking and inspirational all at the same time because they are survivors. Go and check their blogs and look where they are in life now! Successful, confident in who they are - but never losing sight of how they were affected - passing on those lessons of strength and how to "deal" to their own kids.

Doing such posts can provide validation to my efforts, but equally important is the value of a smile, a good feeling , a lightening of heart or an outright chuckle.
Sometimes these "serious bloggers" need a break. My hope and thrill would be that my blog could serve that purpose every once and awhile.

No particular theme - a patchwork of oddities , if you will.
Therefore, just call me 'fluffy'.
Or City Chickie, or Spider Dancer LOL!
( my only two blogger inspired nicknames)

For for bizarre fluff, silly fluff, stupid fluff or lusty fluff, I' m there.

A woman meets a gorgeous man in a bar.
They talk, they connect and they end up leaving together.
They get back to his apartment and she notices that his bedroom is completely packed with sweet cuddly teddy bears.
Hundreds of cute small bears on a shelf all the way along the floor,
cuddly medium-sized ones on a shelf a little higher, and huge enormous bears on the top shelf along the wall.
The woman is surprised that this guy would have a collection of teddy bears,
especially one that's so extensive, but she decides not to mention this to him, and actually is quite impressed by his sensitive side.

She turns to him... they kiss... and then they rip off each other's clothes....
After an intense night of passion with this sensitive guy,
they are lying there together in the afterglow, the woman rolls over and asks,
smiling, "Well, how was it?"....................

The guy says:.............................................................
"Help yourself to any prize from the bottom shelf."

Maybe It’s the Float

A WIFE walked into the house and told her husband, “There’s water in the carburetor.”
“You don’t know the difference between a carburetor and a generator,” he huffed. “Where’s the car?”
She shrugged. “At the bottom of the lake.”

Simmer Down

MAN does not live by bread alone. He has to handle some hot potatoes, know his onions, be worth his salt and try not to reach the boiling point. It’s little wonder that man is constantly in a stew.

Subject: The Milking Machine

A farmer ordered a high-tech milking machine.
Since the equipment arrived when his wife was out of town, he decided to test it on himself first.
So, he inserted his "manhood" into the equipment, turned on the switch and everything else was automatic.
Soon, he realized that the equipment provided him with much more pleasure than his wife did.
When the fun was over, though, he quickly realized that he couldn't remove the
instrument from his 'member'.
He read the manual but didn't find any useful information on how to disengage himself.
He tried e very button on the instrument, but still without success.
Finally, he decided to call the supplier's Customer Service Hot Line with his cell phone
(Thank god for cell phones!).

"Hello, I just bought a milking machine from your company.
It works fantastic, but how do I remove it from the cow's udder?"

"Don't worry," replied the customer service rep,

"The machine will release automatically once it's collected two gallons."

Oh, I bet the last one made you groan, right? *giggle*
Have a great Thursday!


Farm Girl said...

I'm sorry, I couldn't read all the words because there were no pictures of hot men.

Anonymous said...

Hehehehe, Michele . . . I mean Fluffy ;)

Bailey Stewart said...

City Chickie - I read the entire paper (well, not the business, and the sports only during football season). I like the opinions,hard-news stories, the sweet stuff, but I always save the funnies for last. That's how I like my blogging. It's always nice to read something that will give you a giggle every day. Thanks for providing that. Oh, and even the funnies will sometimes have a serious theme.

Mailyn said...

just call you fluffy? lol that sounds too cute. like a big fur ball or something.

me, I hate the newspaper. so damn depressing. and it's the same thing every day: rape, murder, robbery, death, kidnappings, war, famine, etc.

yeah, I much rather just read other blogs lol

Michele said...

Les! I TRIED!!!! Blogger wouldn't let me post any pictures!! Nada, zip! That's why I included the Milk Machine joke. LOL

Bonnie ... I had to read your commment a couple of times before I realized what I did to myself.
**bangs head on keyboard**

My title was obviously not as well thought out as I believed. I opened myself up for some doozeys, didn't I? LOL.

Bailey - Glad this City Chickie is good for a chuckle. My world and my goal seems complete .... *grin*

Mailyn - Furball? Reminds of of Star Wars' Han Solo talking to Chewbacca , "Laugh it up, Fuzzball!"
I loved me Han Solo!
*ahem* sorry, off topic. ...
So glad,Mailyn, that you like visiting my blog so far ...(*VBG*)

I can't believe I fluffed myself though.
I meant the title to refer to labeling my blog content, not as an actual nickname....although I LIKE to think I'm cute - that's my own self-delusion talking

Just don't make a sandwhich out of me!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Michele . . . I couldn't help myself }:)

Michele said...

*ROTFL* Bonnie! Don't apologize for being clever ... it was too good to pass up. **still chuckling**

Mailyn said...

oh man I am totaly loving your blog! I like your cheery attitude. which is odd since most of the time I can't stand the Mary Sunshines of the world. you are one of the rare exceptions. I think you are hella cools. :-)

Nancy said...

Thanks, I needed that

Michele said...

Mailyn - like - major compliment!
My hair just went "fluffy"... [read big head>]
Thank you also for not lumping me with a Mary Sunshine Moniker *shudder* Those people remind me of High Fructose Corn Syrup versus honey au naturale.
My Dad has an apiary, I can say things like that.... :-)

P.S. No Polly Anna either - no matter how cute Haley Mills was in the movie ...and blonde ...

Nancy! Your Welcome!
Curious "fluffy" kitty wants to know..which one was your favorite?

I might as well milk all the fluff I can from this post,right?

Brandy said...

GROAN! Bad pun there Michele. Love the jokes.

M.E Ellis said...

Agree with you. I prefer the zanier blogs, but then again I like the ones on writing that you can learn from too.


Michele said...

Thanks, Brandy!

M. E. Oh Now I agree back at you.
I adore the blogs that authors write that provide insight, encouragement and tips for us wannabees - and sometimes hints into our favorite characters that don't appear in the books we evenutually buy. I'm all for it..but sometimes even "they" need a break. Right?

Annalee Blysse said...

Tomorrow is a year anniversary for Never A Sunset too. Glad I've met you Michele. Have a nice weekend.

Beth said...

OK, here's my LATE comment which I finally took the time to come back and post.

Michele, I am in serious need of learning how to destress - so I consider your blog to be part of my School of Fun, something I need to get SERIOUS about learning how to have, and you are a great TEACHER :-)

I shared your "sensitive teddy bear" joke with my husband at an appropriate moment and then asked him what prize I get :-) He said my prize is HIM!! Which works for me :-)

Mel Francis said...

You know I'm all about the fluff. LOL

Michele said...

A year already?? Wow! And I still LOVE that story! I'm so glad I've "met" you too! *hugs*

Beth! I'm a teacher about fun for you? Wow! Thanks! I hope I can live up to it. :-)

Mel - *VBG* And we love it!