Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Mortality has slapped me in the face

My 25th Class Reunion is coming up this year.

I've never gone and I have no desire to do so.

Why would I when the only "fond memories" were of beng bullied? I hated school. Why would I go to "have fun" and reminisce with people who taunted me?

I ran into an old classmate recently. She said she's gone every year and that I should go too. $60.00 to face the past? Alone?

She wasn't one of the taunters, she kept to herself and wasn't in the sphere or focus as I was.

Not that I ever sought that shit out, it followed me like static cling for six years.

Anyway, she never made it a point to say Hi to me and make nice, she was like a satellite - around , visible but untouchable. She now lives in the same town as I do, but rarely do we connect. This run-in was a unique event.

She informed me that one of our mutual classmates, Ann- whom I vaguely remember, had a stroke which affected one whole side of her body.

A STROKE? at 43??? Shocking! Scary.

This morning I received an email from a good friend I had made in 8th grade. She moved to Louisianna during 9th grade or so ( memory isn't what it used to be either ) but we've never lost touch. She has just informed me that theres a strong chance that she has CANCER!!!
The type and severity won't be known until July 31st. But we're the same age! This isn't supposed to happen, we're still YOUNG!

With these two revelations of people in my age bracket facing serious medical issues that I've always associated with "older" folk - think beyond retired - I'm faced with my own mortality.
I don't like it.
It means that I'm about to start down a road in life that is inevitable - getting old. Being labeled as OLD. Treated with less acceptance and discriminated against because I'm OLD.

Shit, when did this happen???

Regarding my dear friend, for her I ask for prayers.

She still has beautiful children at home, now is a single mom and she has not had the smoothest of lives. But, she is a survivor, a wonderul tough cookie that is now being dealt a cruel blow. Just when things in her life were looking up and filled with exciting possibilities, she gets hammered with this.

I know life isn't fair, but does that have to pertain to me and the people I love???

Please just take 30 seconds to zip a prayer for my friend, Mary.

I really would appreciate it. Thanks


Anonymous said...

(((Michele))) My thoughts go out to your friend.

Mailyn said...

oh man, I hope all goes well with your friend. that sucks. my mom's friend was also diagnosed with cancer and she isn't even old. but remember this has nothing to do with age. you have children stuck in hospitals since they were born because of some fatal disease. we are the lucky ones that get to live a while before we have to face a disease.

Farm Girl said...

I will be thinking of your friend. Getting older is grand, isn't it?

Brandy said...

I'l pray for Mary and as far as the HS reunion, I never want to go to any of mine either. WHy would I waste time with people who didn't know I was alive unless it was to make fun of me some how? I have better things to do with my time than to try and love in the past, especially one where I wasn't happy.

Michele said...

Thanks , Bonnie. I really appreciate that. :-)

Good points, Mailyn. It really bothers me when kids have such harshness early in their lives. You are SO right.
And Thanks for your kind thoughts about my friend.

Les - Getting older COSTs grands!!
not IS grand, LOL
Thanks for keeping Mary in your thoughts. I appreciate that.

Brandy! You understand! Thanks for that. Sometimes I wonder if I should go, but really, it doesn't make or break the measure of me.

and I DO have better things to do with my time ... and going somewhere to spend $60 alone isn't one of them...unless it was a pampering spa and I was queen for a day... THEN, I can see it..*wink*

Thanks for keeping Mary in your prayers.

Bailey Stewart said...

An acquaintance of mine - we weren't exactly friends, nor were we enemies, we talked and hung around a little - passed away this year. We had gone through elementary, Jr High and High School together and she lived across the alley and down from us. That's when it really hit me.

I don't mind going to the reunions - ours usually has a free activity at some point in the weekend - but I wouldn't go if I had to pay. I wasn't really bullied, but I was pretty much ignored - too quiet and shy to really stand out, spent practically every weekend at home (unless spending the night with one of my few girlfriends - never invited to "the" parties). Didn't even get invited to the prom. So yeah, wouldn't pay to see them - but there were a few people who were on the outskirts like myself - and it was at the 10 year reunion that Suzie and I hooked back up again.

King Solomon said...

I had no idea just how quickly it goes by. I have been out of HS 15 yrs now, and still feel I should still be there.
I have lost 2 friends since graduation, my thoughts and prayerd go out to you and your friend.

Nancy said...

I am so sorry about your friend, I always hated that part about life not being fair--it seems that some people carry an unproportionally heavy burden. One of the books I read a few years ago, "Embraced by the Light" talks about that a bit.

In regards to High School Reunions, I never went to one until my 30th. I honestly couldn't relate to a lot of folks at the reunion. They looked and acted "old", and I didn't then and still don't see myself in that vein at all. So many of them never left the town we grew up in.

M.E Ellis said...

I'm faced with my own mortality.
I don't like it.

Scary, huh?

Enjoy your life. Each day I'm glad I woke up. I love life now.


Annalee Blysse said...

My best for your friend.

Michele said...

Wow, Bailey. How sad. You have freebies during a part of your reunion? Cool. Unheard of around here. One year they charged 75$ - not worth it. At least you had someone to hook up with - that makes a big difference.

King Solomon - Hey there and Hello!!
Thank you for your prayers for my friend Mary. You've lost two friends already? Oh goodness - I'm sorry for your loss. ((HUGS))

Nancy - Thank you for your kind words. Like they say, you are as young as you feel. If you have your health, that means alot!
Hmmm, maybe I'll consider the 30th ...:-)

M.E. - yep, scary is an understatement.
I like your philosophy, M.E. !

Annalee == Thanks!!!!