Saturday, July 22, 2006

Word Verification

Oh *sigh*

I really like the ease and simplicity of just hitting "publish post', but there's aways a snag when something works too well.

Spammers. Comment SPAM. Harrassment.

I guess they figured my blog was an untapped treasure trove. I checked my mail early this morning and I had no activity notification.

I come back home after three hours of making blueberry, cherry and apples pies at my church and Lo!

40 !!
40 friggin, flippin, irritating, obnoxious, unwanted, asinine SPAM.

Obviously an aggressive campaign was launched today to make sure that at least 40 of my old posts were SPAM-tagged.

**insert profanity** Grrrrr!!

I have to relaunch Word Verifcation folks.

Right now, I have that "caught and no way out" feeling. "They" have left me no choice.

When I saw those 40 blasted SPAMs, I bet I looked like this ....



Anonymous said...


Michele said...

:-) Thanks Bonnie!

Betty S said...

LOL. That final photo of you was awesome. I never realized you had whiskers.

Michele said...

*VBG* Betty.
Thanks! and, Yes indeed. Those whiskers really are noticeable when I'm in shock! LOL

Annalee Blysse said...

That's a cute pic.

I reinstated word verification recently for the same reason.

Farm Girl said...

That dog is too funny. The same thing happened to me. I signed on and had 40 new comments, none of which were from real readers. SPAM sucks.

Brandy said...

You know I've been using word verification for a long time. All it took was one SPAM for me.

eMMa said...

It took several spams and one nasty anonamous post from someone too chicken to use HIS own name for me to turn on the registered users and word verification thingys.

Michele said...

Thanks Annalee. I fell in love with that puppy as soon as I found it, never thought I'd use it so soon though. It just seemed to "fit" this post. LOL
Sorry to hear you were plagued with SPAM too.

Les-Yes indeed, SPAM sucks big time! The irritating fact is, that later on in the day I found 40 MORE SPAM until Word Verification kicked in!! And it was from the same person - I think - the message was the same MO, no way would I click on the link. I'm curious, not crazy, right?
*ahem* don't answer that, :-)

Hi Brandy - Oh I used to use it for the longest time. I was one of the early users of WV but I decided to try it without. It IS easier. Bad choice, obviously.

eMMa! Hi! So Glad to See You !!!
You got a "Nasty" one? Yikes!
Thank goodness you have two deterrants. Cool.
Thanks for stopping by.