Monday, July 17, 2006

M.E., Ever Hear of Spider Hair? Take a look ...

M.E.! This is dedicated to you.
Yes folks. She is determined to overcome her inner cringe. Eight legged critters.
M.E. is being so brave, she even posted an anachrid on her site. How cool is that?

In honor of her heroic efforts, I feel my spidey sense wanting to help out.

Deep Breath, M.E.!!

I first bring you the coolest in men's hair fashion and accessories....

Spider Hair! Isn't it wild ???

This next pic is beautiful Spider Hair Jewelery - clips I believe.

I acutally love enlarging these because the detail is divine!

Next we have regular spider hair:

Not too sure if it is spray paint or Goth Grafitti (sp)

Spiders can be sexy too - can't leave them out of that aspect:

My favorite thing to embrace the inner spider is the Maserati Spider... Vroom!!

I figure, you need a fast, agressive, powerful car to get you where you want to go....

Which is probably another blog -LOL

Ha! Thought I'd be BAD, didn't you.

Actually, Blogger took pity and Slammed on the brakes when I tried to upload the Piece de resistance ... Creme de le Creme....

I think blogger likes M.E. **VBG**

Well, for that matter, so do I.



Brandy said...

Oooh, sparklies! Now those are my kind of arachnids.

Kristen Painter said...

Spider hair skeeves me out. lol

Beth said...

Heebie jeebies from all but the pretty jewelry :-)

Michele said...

Brandy, did you enlarge them? They are even more impressive when you do. I'd wear them!

Kristen - LOL., I thought it was pretty cool, nose ring and all...*giggle*

Beth- heebie Jeebies? Haven't seen the other post yet,hmmm? LOL
There was actually quit a bit of nice and sparkly jewelery out there, had to pick just one and that was the hardest of all.

Thanks for stopping by all!

M.E Ellis said...


The spider hair-do of the grey haired guy was just HORRIBLE!

But, I was at least able to look at these without screaming! This is a good sign, eh?


Michele said...

M.E., horrible in taste or view?

LOL, glad you didn't scream, I think you did that already at the previous post, *wink*

Bet you liked the car though>
That produces a different kind of screaming if you were to win one... I would!