Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Insanity - Blog Style

Before I get into my post , I'd like to warmly and humbly thank all those who left such supportive and caring comments regarding my friend, Mary.

Now, Into Insanity:

I was visiting one of my favorite Romance Book Fan Blogs and started to mention Susan Sizemore's newest release, Primal Heat.

Did I like it? Oh YES!!!! Yum Yum Yes...

But that is not what today's post is about. Reviewing it that is. My post is inspired by the two main characters aversion to some of my Favorite Music by QUEEN!

Seems Mathias Bridger and Phillipa Elliot end up together because they didn't care for Fat Bottomed Girls. LOL

Whereas I adore Queen's music. I also believe that their titles lend themselves to being the ultimate Paranormal Groupie Band. Seriously!

Here's why:

This is how I figure it:

Vampires worst theme song,

Another One Bites The Dust.

Another theme song for a Vampire's worst nightmare

Hammer to Fall

Best theme song for the female Vampire Hierarchy

Killer Queen

Blood Lust Theme Song

I Want It All

Theme song for Vampire Love

Who Wants To Live Forever

Revenant Theme Song

I'm Going Slightly Mad

Theme song for a Vamp born in the Regency Period

Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy

Theme song for Vamp Mind Control

One Vision

Carphathian theme song when they find their Life Mate

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Theme Song against a Van Helsing

Don't Stop Me Now

Theme song for sexy Bad Boy Vamps in Leather

We Will Rock You / We Are The Champions
( I figure they DO have big egos,VBG)

See what I mean?
The Queen Titles are quite suggestive of paranormal elements when you think about it.

Have I missed any good ones???
I'd love to hear some of yours.


Brandy said...

You know, sometimes it's scarey how your mind works! *G*

Michele said...

**VBG** Brandy!!! :-)

Farm Girl said...

I just wanted to add the I LOVE Queen. Who doesn't love Queen? Not a vamp song but I love "Dude Looks Like a Lady."

Anonymous said...

LOL, Michele }:)

M.E Ellis said...

UGH! Hate Queen!


Michele said...

Les!! "Dude looks ..." is one of my favorites too, but, know it's not Queen, right? It's Aerosmith. :-)

*Grin* Thanks Bonnie!

M.E.!! Ha! Thanks for sharing the flip side. Hmmm,makes me think you are Prime Vamp then, LOL!

Glad to see you visiting. Thanks!

Farm Girl said...

Michele - once again I prove what an ass I really am. LOL I'll be exiting gracefully now......

Bailey Stewart said...

Another one bites the dust - that was too cute!

I love Queen - my favorite? Bohemian Rhapsody - I used to be able to play that on the piano, and boy did my hands ache afterward.

CaliMarie said...

I'm not a big Queen fan, but I have fancied a few songs of theirs...Bohemian Rhapsody being one of them. I believe "Wayne's World" brought light to that one for me...if I'm thinking of the right song. LOL.

Mailyn said...

love Queen as well!!!! those are some great choices.

OMG Susan Sizemore is in my list of "authors I want to choke for writing such crappy books" LMAO. you should read my review of her vampire trilogy.

Michele said...


Bailey - Bohemian is a favorite of mine too - great rock opera! You play piano? Cool! I have a piano in the house and no one plays.

Cali=- Wayne's World did wonders for that song, brought in a whole new generation of fans for either that song or Queen in general. Amazing how movies sway us,eh?

Mailyn - Thanks! You don't like Susan's work??? ROTFL - I'll have to check it out!