Sunday, July 16, 2006

Pictorial Matters

Road Rage at a NY Toll Booth.

One says " I WON"T be late for work!"

The Other says " I'm Gonna get LAID!"

BOTH are doomed to disappointment.

Haste makes waste folks.

Some people forget that.


Unless this "cracks you up"

Have a great Monday all!


Anonymous said...

It's the first pic I loved the most. Wow - that says it all. That sad and somewhat wistful look in the eyes of the SMOKING pregnant lady... concerned about her unborn child. What you don't know, is that her can of beer was just outside of the picture!


Michele said...

Hey there, Anonymous GeekGoddess~!

There was beer there, for real??? Even if there weren't, I'd not be suprised.. unfortuntely ...
It would just complete the irony that is human nature.

Thanks for stopping by.

Farm Girl said...

Those pictures are priceless (even though there were no really hot guys!!!). I'm starting to twitch, could be withdrawals.

Beth said...

This is why we teach our THREE-YEAR-OLDs to SHARE!!! Apparently the lessons didn't take for some

Saying No to Crack here in Colorado, and laughing at Michele's great posts :-)

Brandy said...

I just wonder how they finally ot the cars free? And how they got the people out of them first?

Michele said...

Good Day, Les - Glad to hear I took care of your twitches, LOL
( she knows)

Beth- Share? That flies out the window with Road Rage...we're supposed to 'mature' as we get older,right? LOL

Brandy! I think the people must have gotten out through the windows and as far as the cars? Call them TOTALLED!!