Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hats off the Ren and Stimpy

Happy Thanksgiving!

There are many wishes out there with very eloquent and sentimental posts that will touch your heart and mind.

I'm not going to be among them. Sure, I want you to eat well, laugh and be with those you love and care for..but I really want you to smile and laugh.


No post is complete without the Happy Happy Joy Joy Song...unfortunately, there wasn't a good copy ...but listening to Ren and Stimpy as chipmunks was its own source of can get through it in seconds flat. LOLOL
Skip the Slo-Mo version....that Drove me NUTS.

And for those with a really Bizzare Turkey Day sense of humor.....

Enjoy your Day!


Annalee said...

Hilarious parody! LOL.

Hope you and family have a great day as well. Happy Thanksgiving.

Brandy said...

Happy Thanksgiving Michele and Family! *G*