Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

I hope you have a delightful and fun Halloween evening, whether you hand over the candy or scarf it up.

And may you see some Amazing Costumes!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

More Snickers and Snorts in 60 Seconds

I know, I know. I'm YouTube addicted again. I can't help it!
Look what I found! I loved The Lord of the Rings movies.

And this fast clip was done so well, it left me smiling and giggling. And It's Friday. Don't we deserve some humor?

And Star Wars? What is a Robot Chicken?

Have I done the SpaceBalls song yet? If I did, sorry. I'm addicted to that movie.
Cracks me up no matter how many times I've watched it and I quote things from the movie. But I"m not saying what...this is a PG blog. Tee hee.

Happy Friday everyone. I hope you have many reasons to smile besides it being the end of the week.

I'm laughing, I'm Crying

I can't get over how hard this hit my funny bone!
Have you SEEN THIS?


Oh my gosh, I almost fell out of my chair!

Knee Bouncing

OK, I like the beat, it's snappy and fun.
The costumes are sparkly and interesting.

It is the dancing...specifically the knee bopping that totally makes me giggle.
Somehow it ruins what the sexy outfits tried to convey, from a totally objective viewpoint. I have NO idea what they are saying and I sort of wish I did to understand what the hand movement near the face means.

Do you know? Besides understanding UFO, I'm clueless. Sometimes it rots only knowing one language. But even if I knew more than one, what are the chances I'd know this one?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A new band to follow

I only heard this once on the radio and I loved the beat and what lyrics I could understand.
Thanks to YouTube, I put in Bad Girl Friend and found the song and a rather deliciously naughty video. LOL

I'm a romance reader, if you haven't figured that out by now. And the moment when he sees her, his face frozen in shock, his libido obviously gone super nova...well, I really liked that moment. Sure, he's a wild man,some would say he's a horn-dog, but the look on his face when he catches sight of his 'bad girl friend' is priceless.

I just hope, once behind closed doors, she makes him work for it.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tongues and Middle Fingers

There's a posing trend going on that totally fascinates me.

I just joined OWNED on FaceBook the past few days and I've noticed something quite perplexing.

The preponderance of males who insist that a cool pose sure to garner interest and purchase seems to require that their tongues hang out like over eager puppies. Or it looks like their mouth muscle is caught doing acrobatics towards someone/thing else. Is this a must for a relationship? I mean, auditions for KISS ended decades ago, so why else?

Then there is the middle finger. I don't care if I'm looking at pictures of teens or men over 60 years of age - the lure of the middle finger is timeless. Few do it with a smile. They inevitably add in a scowl or "mean dude face" sure to intimidate the viewer. Or is it they hope to entice a female buyer? Perhaps this is the new male dating phenomena much like the antics of birds or mammals in the wild? The more fierce a male is, the better the date will be?

Personally, I laugh. I think all that posturing is silly, unimaginative and pointless. The fact that so many think of doing the same thing in many of the same ways shows their level of imagination. The only difference is the location of the pose -- exotic locales or in not so quiet suburbia, tongues and middle fingers abound. I'm not quite sure if the females are drawn to these male displays or not but it would be interesting to find out.

As for the females out there, well, they are a bit more...classy. Not too many middle fingers for them but tongues? Yes. And bikinis abound showing abundance. I notice that those that show the most nubile poses are consistently in the 4 million "dollar" range. Not blatant poses, but instead graced with softening touches and props and/or colorful backgrounds that enrich and entice a viewer.

Whereas crass displays of vulgar hand signs are left in the dust, tasteful and artsy poses strike a resonate chord which equals unheard of lunch money in the application of OWNED.

I'm of the opinion that once again it shows the difference between cavemen and sensual sirens. The battle of the sexes continues regardless of venue.

I wonder if those tongue wagging, finger flippin' males will ever notice?

You won't find them in MY portfolio, that's for sure.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Time to change the post

Not a very original title is it?

I always have things to say but that doesn't translate automatically to a blog.
I decided to post pictures.

I mean, why not? A picture is worth a thousand words so this blog ends up being a short story, right? LOL

This first picture is of a place I drive by at least twice a month but I've been doing it for 15 years. Finally I slowed down enough to snap this picture. I wanted to share this with you so you could see the sheer absurdity of posting two different speed postings so close together. I mean, if you go 35MPH, do you get a ticket for breaking the 25MPH limit?
Which one do you choose and since when should we HAVE a choice? LOLOL
I don't think it's too often where numbers make me laugh,but these sure do.
What were they thinking? And why leave it for over a decade?

This next photo is one of three baby snakes my kids found. They put 2 in the hole they dug so they could view nature up close. Of course I had to come out to see what the excitement was about. Personally, I'm not too excited or enthusiastic about things that slither but I have to admit, small things, even snakes, are cute.

This next shot is of an unusual bug that up until I moved to the country, I thought were exotic and had only seen them on TV. What an amazing surprise to find this five incher...possible six, in our yard after a rather humdinger of a thunderstorm. It's an amazing critter and you know what? I think they bite. Won't catch me testing that theory out though. ::shudder::

I love this picture. It's of a friends frisky dog and I was able to snap the pic because the little darling needed a rest after racing pell mell all over the neighborhood when we took her for a 'walk'.
She's such an adorable and loving puppy. Though I think she'll be a year old fairly soon. Where does the time go?

This last picture is of my SIL's dog. Another cutie who luurves his mommy. My SIL was out on the porch talking to my DH and the dog was inside. As you can see, inside is NOT where he wanted to be. Isn't the paw up in the air endearing? Soon after this picture was taken we took pity and let him out so he could jump joyously around my SIL. I'm personally not a dog person but being in these two dogs' company for awhile, I can see the appeal.

Well, there you have it. Words do come from pictures and I now have my blog post.
Have a wonderful week everyone!

Sunday, October 05, 2008

It was my Birthday today

Yes, I was sick and I stayed in my jammies all day. But, Dh got me a scrumptious cake filled with my favorite Bavarian Creme filling.

So, I have been online, basking in the glow of MySpace and Facebook with all the wonderful well wishes coming in. I'm flattered that so many of my favorite people chimed in and in fact a few surprises came my way too.

So, in the vein of fun that is a birthday, allow me to expose how old I am. You see, I remember this show and loving it.

Tee hee

If that isn't enough to show my age, what about this blast from my past,

Does anyone know what character and much loved series Wild Boy ended up starring in later?

And one of my favorite shows was this:

I used to have the blue prints to one of the EAGLES courtesy of STARLOG magazine, a publication that I adored for many years. Amazing how I've gone from hard core science fiction to pure romance.


Who knew?

Well, my special day is almost over. So, thanks for dropping by and viewing some of my fav's from my 'younger' days.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Prologue Pet Peeves

I have clarified to myself a pet peeve in books.

The prologue. Perhaps not all prologues should go on my bathwater list but this type does.

I read a prologue that was about six pages long. It sets up this dramatic scene of mistrust, possible betrayal and who will the heroine actually leave with and is it the right person?

Then the book starts way before the heroine meets these people and builds. The thing is, the part where the prologue started is actually a verbatim scene 3/4 of the book in. Heck, I didn't bother reading any of the book. I found the scene, read through to the end and just from the last five chapters, I got the whole gist without all that rigamarole of dragging my butt through what was going to happen. It read like a cliche and I hated it!

For me, a prologue should NOT be about a point in the future of the book that we have to read up until. It didn't grab me enough to get me to CARE. I certianly didn't give a fig if she went with this guy or that, trust that guy or this. Big deal.

I prefer a prologue to set up the story. Perhaps a scene that shows a catalyst for a series of events that we will now read about. A history to make us understand why we are about to read what we are. Like...a crime that remained unsolved because the villain thought they were untouchable and they left the scene thinking no one would ever stumble upon it. The story will then pick up because someone DID.

Or a setup, perhaps an old woman looks into a flaming blaze and sees her granddaughter having to face an old foe of the family at a critical time in her future life and the old woman sets up safe guards that will find and aid the young woman when the time is right.

Those, to me, are prologues that set up a story and allow me to read from cover to cover.

The initial prologue pet peeve example does absolutely nothing for me, except inspire me to put it back on the shelf, throw it against the wall or write passionate drivel on a blog such as this to vent my spleen.

Gee! I feel better. What do you know?

Friday, October 03, 2008

Car Attitude

See this here car?
I was driving behind it the other day and simply HAD to snap a picture.

If you click the pic, it should load larger so you can see the wonderful descriptive graffiti on the bumper.

I love people's sense of humor about their cars, don't you?

Thursday, October 02, 2008

A Cute Kitty Video

I found this on the great DDD's post. It's really cute and since I'm a cat lover, well, it's a natural addition to this blog. It's a favorite thing. :-)

And a joke for you:

A woman was helping her husband set up his new computer and, at the appropriate time in the process, told him he would now need to enter a password - something he would use to log-on.
Her husband was in a rather devilish mood and thought he would try for the shock effect to bring this to his wife's attention. So, when the computer asked him to enter his password, he made it plainly obvious to his wife that he was keying in:

P .......

E .......

N .......

I .......

S .......

His wife fell out of her chair laughing when the computer


I love this kind of silly humor, don't you?

ON the personal front. Not much happening. Discovered a new author I really like,
Patricia Briggs. Quite a nifty piece of world building she's done.
Her heroine, Mercedes Thompson...she's spunky and unique. I like this series so far. The interesting thing is this author doesn't zero in on only one person...there are offshoots which helps a reader look at different aspects of the same world.
I think that is what is keeping me hooked.