Sunday, February 25, 2007

Shrek marks the first journey's ending

I erased his name, so I could share the birthday cake with you.
It's vanilla cake with vanilla butter creme frosting.
The lady who baked the cake had never done Shrek before. She did a pretty good job, didn't she?
Seven years. Where does the time go?
For you who are parents ... I have a question.
At what age did you truly feel the loss of your child's 'baby years' and realize that they were "growing up" ?
I realize that for some, that time is marked when they board their first bus to go to Kindergarden. Not I. No, for me it is their entry into second grade that makes me face that pivotal moment. In first grade they are still painting pictures, doing arts and crafts and putting on skits at which us parents take copious pictures for rememberance. It starts to lessen in second grade and they start correcting you with the wisdom they learn in from of their teachers. So this birthday marks the moment of passage. His toddlerhood/preschool persona and dependence on mom ends and the independent young person emerges.
It's a proud moment for a parent.
Bittersweet too.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Strange but True- Bill Takes Swing at Fake Bull Testicles - AOL News

Strange but True- Bill Takes Swing at Fake Bull Testicles - AOL News

OK, I've seen the fake baseball or football attached to the rearwindows of cars and vans.
But this article??



Have you had the honor?

Top News- Some 'Fake' Fur Has Dog Hair, Group Says - AOL News

Top News- Some 'Fake' Fur Has Dog Hair, Group Says - AOL News

Experimenting with the BLOG this tool bar, I have no idea if this will even work.
Has anyone heard about this?
The racoon dogs look so cute, how can they be treated like that!
PETA, although I disagree with a few of their measures or focus, should be in the forefront in this. Only a militant branch of animal rights activists would be able to have an impact here.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Wake up at 6:45 AM and what do you see?

Winter was beautiful so early in the morning.
It's a good thing too that I snuck out in my jammies for these pictures as three hours later, all the snow was off of the power lines and trees.
The winds came ahowling.
some of these pictures will be better appreciated if you clicked on them for the greater detail.
The one thing about having snow this late in the season is that it stays shorter and shorter. But while it is here, we can enjoy Mother Natures Marshmallow Brush. *grin*

Has anyone read any books by Cherry Adair? I'm curently reading her Edge series and they're pretty good. The premise is fun. Oh, the books aren't comical by any means. They are serious thrillers with a side order of romance, hot action and ... hot action. *wink*
May your Saturday Morning be beautiful, the afternoon insightful and your evening delightful.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Book Rave Shout Out

My Motto: A good book is like a good friend, Great to cuddle with, whereever you are.

All these books are recommends. There is nothing boring or substandard about them. There is, however, plenty to be excited about.

Get a Clue by Jill Shalvis

Seeing Red by Jill Shalvis

Blue Flame by Jill Shalvis

(notice the titles are almost the same amount of letters? Did she plan that? Cool. )

The Dream Hunter by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Moon Awakening by Lucy Monroe

Wicked Pleasures by Nina Bangs

All of these I've read in the past week. These reads grabbed me.

The Shalvis books were on the recommendation of Bailey.

Thank you!

I Could not put them down. When I started reading intently, I wanted to stay that way. Of course, I did, that's why I read so many in so little time. LOL! After reading these, I got a sense of Jill's writing and a possible personal quirk that is certainly endearing. Now I need to find more! *wink*

Lucy's new werewolf series is just as I imagined. Heartwarming with good doses of emotion and romance. A Highland werewolf ... What's not to like?

Nina's book, takes us on another journey to the Castle of Dark Dreams. I finally got to see Ganymede in action. Well, Brynn stripping all the time ends up being good action too. *gg*

Sherrilyn's book takes place prior to Nick going "Hunter" so there is a bittersweet moment of the 'way things were'. It's an amazing world she's taking us further into and we get more info on ASH. Just what we've been waiting for. Of course, now we're left with more Questions than Answers. Sneaky lady. *grin*


Now, I'd like to take a back step to the previous post re: the voting for Kim Howe's Romance scene.

Please do. Vote for her, I mean.

I read both of the final two in the contest and I have to say, as a romance reader, that hers is exactly what I'm expecting to see when I read about a romantic interlude between hero and heroine.

Perhaps I'm biased regarding chick lit, but after reading the other entry, I was left feeling negative, and frustrated.

I get the hint that this is supposed to be sarcastic and snarky. The characters wit is in force, that I'll grant ... but it's not what I would enjoy reading under the term 'romance'. It left a soured hope for any fulfilling HEA. Does chic lit EVER have an HEA?

I believe that my readers who share the same taste in books as myself will agree with my assessment.

Ultimately, it is your choice, your voice and your preference.

Remember, every vote DOES count.


Remember too,


Monday, February 19, 2007

A message from author Kim Howe to my Readers

Before I get to the EXCITING news... let me address some of the hopeful suggestions from my last blog post.
*sigh* No, I don't know how to get in touch with the teacher over the week long school vacation. I will hopefully be able to tell everyone who RSVP's the news. And I'll have adjustment letters made up to be given out the first day back at school. That's the best scenario I can come up with. Thanks for all your suggestions, Everyone.

Now, without further ado, I'm pleased as punch to be able to bring to you this message from Kim:

I'm very excited that ONE SHOT, TWO KILLS made the top two of the American Title III competition! I want to thank all those voters who took time out of their busy lives to support my dream. The kindness of strangers has touched my heart and I'd like to keep that positive cycle alive by giving back.
The final round showcases the all-important love scene. To celebrate my sniper heroine's romance, I thought it would be fun to give away two $100 gift certificates from Victoria's Secret. After all, a girl who wears fatigues all day definitely needs something pretty underneath! Just send an e-mail with Victoria's Secret in the subject line to me via my website and you'll automatically be entered in the draw.
Drop by my blog and read an entertaining interview with author and Special Agent James O. Born. Leave a comment and you may win a signed copy of his new release,

Please help make my dream of publication come true by visiting

Hopefully Kenya and Jack will earn your vote!

You can also vote by sending an e-mail to with ONE SHOT, TWO KILLS in the subject line.

If you could encourage your family/friends/coworkers to participate, I'd deeply appreciate the help! Thanks for all your support!


A note from Michele: Isn't this exciting?? We make a difference! Please check out the links. TTFN!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Embarassing Brain Burp

I put myself up for ridicule by sharing this most nightmarish scenario in which I have to eat humble pie in front of 16 people.

What could be so horrible?

If you are a parent, then you can walk with me on this journey. Of course, you don't have to cross the hypothetical bridge with me. You'll be waving at me merrily from the other side saying,
"Glad it's not me!" and "Oh, you poor dear, good luck!" or maybe you'll just be laughing your butt off.

Whatever, I've earned it.

I was SO proud of myself too.

Yes, Yes .."pride goeth before the fall".

Consider me having gone "Splat".

Sixteen invitations went out to classmates of my youngest. For once I was on the ball and accomplished the task two weeks before I usually drag myself to do the deed.

Maybe I should have waited last minute?

Yesterday, I found out that ... get ready for this:


Of course, that's not the only wrinkle in the fabric.


The bowling place can't switch the days either. I asked.

What to do?

And no, I didn't mail the invitations. I had him give them to his teacher and she put them in their backpacks as per policy. Seems at this grade, unlike Pre-school, kids are more discerning as to who they invite ... i.e., all the boys and if you are lucky, a few girls.

To avoid hurt feelings, the invitations are put in while the kids are at recess.


Always in the back of my mind, this fear that I'd do something like this has plagued me.
No longer is it a hovering spectre.

I face my fear and DANG! it's ugly.


Stop snickering behind your hands for just a moment and wish me luck, OK?

Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Day After

As I sit and contemplate what to write, the wind is literally howling through the seams of my front door, sending shrieks and wailings that would make any haunted house proud.

Cold air swirls about my ankles, turning my toes into popsicle piggies. Going shoeless in the winter is not the best idea I've ever had, but I'm in the house, I should be warm.


Ever sit at a stop light and try to catch a view of people in theirs cars as they zoom by?

Did that today and got a chance to chuckle.

Imagine, seeing minivan after minivan, suv's and trucks zoom on by. Of course you see people on cell phones, picking their noses or chatting to their passenger(s). All part of the driving experience.

What I found unusual was the vision that slammed into my cornea and hit my funny bone.

Car - woman

Van - guy

Truck - guys

salt covered van - woman

ice & salt covered truck - woman

fancy Lincoln - old guy

truck- old guy

van- guy

hot red sedan with a nun driving



Whoa, back up .. Nun?


So out of place.

Car was clean, the color was a nice crisp red and it was being driven by a nun - wearing her casual habit.


That is one sight I do not see a lot of.

Would you find it funny or unusual too?

What's the most unusual thing you've ever seen?

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Visions for Valentines

Happy Valentine's Day Morning!

Doesn't this get you in the Valentine's Mood?

THis is my present from Mother Nature - Snow & Sleet

I love Valentine's Candy and flowers,
don't you?

For a balanced Valentine's wish.
Just in case I have any guy lurkers.
Yeah, right.

Smooch! Hope your day is special!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Oh this is weird!

I'm not going to do the valentine's post I was going to. Why?
Because the New Blasted Blogger is playing head games with me.

In my Posting area it has ANOTHER post creation screen INSIDE the first one.
So which one posts the post?
The inside picture or the outside? But the outside can't erase the inside and I can't write around the inside.

Does this even make sense?

I knew something would happen when I was FORCED to convert to the new blasted Blogger.

This is like looking in a mirror with a mirror.

Well, let's hit publish outside before the inside and see what happens. Or should I hit publish on the inside frame first?

Maybe this is a new diabolical game called Blogger Boggle?
If so, the creater is a putz.

Monday, February 12, 2007

MY Turn at the Screw

No later than last night did I ask the question of M.E., "How did they force you to switch to the New Blogger?"

I asked too soon, or I jinxed myself because as you can see, I have it.

I WAS forced.

I went to update my post and there it was in all its commanding glory,

"Change to New Blogger."

They offer this little reprieve on the top right of the page stating "You can only use this option once."

Which means, you want to blog on Blogger, change. Resistance is futile.

I swear, it sounds like the Borg is winning. Are winning? What is the proper grammer?

Now I have to explore a bit.

I also have questions. Why would I want to sign in to my "old" Blogger unless it was to access my old blogs?

Some of you know, OK - Four know, that I have another blog.

You know how you have it set up that comment notification gets sent to you via email?

I have them each going to their own mail. Now what do I do? I need them separate and if I do it through Google, will it let me?

Of the four who know of my other blog, they can well imagine why I need it sent to a different addy.

What a tailspin!

On an UP note, I saw this sign on the back of a commerical van:

The Surgeon General states that smoking is hazardous to your health.

He said NOTHING about smoking the competition!

LOL, sense a little professional aggression? *grin*

The weatherman is predicting snow Tuesday night into Wednesday.

BUT, they can't tell us how much.

How do I plan with that?

Do I go to work today? Wait and make it up on Friday?

What to do?

I planned on getting my DH his cake today. Tomorrow is his B-day.

I planned on transferring my club notes to the new president.

I planned on laundry - heck, laundry has plans for me every day!

I planned on writing - I ended up reading about Motiviting your Writing.

I planned on getting an early start - and here I sit updating my post and switching to New Blogger.

Why do I bother to plan?

Because sometimes, things actually get done.

I hope all of your planned plans pan out for you!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

No Phone? Got books

Both the phone and computer were a no show yesterday and most of today.

Withdrawal, thy name is Verizon.

They had 2 1/2 hours to go before they reached their "fix-it" deadline. Nice to see they're working hard on the weekend.

So, what did I do instead of communing with Blogger and Email?


What else?


a love story by Christopher Moore.

This is NOT like any love story I've ever read before.

I laughed out loud in too many spots to pinpoint the best. It had horror, more of the mind than any overt violence, and the romance? Well, that was plain wierd. So much so that I find myself recalling certain scenes with fondness.
The ending?
The last line of the book floored me with it's weight.
Humor and Horror all wrapped up in one tight sentence.
Christophor Moore is a genius.

The second book I'll speak of, I only finished reading about thirty minutes ago.
You must have heard about this book. Didn't they make a movie about it?

For the record, my BOSS recommended this book to me. On my own, I don't think I'd ever have given it a second glance on the bookshelves.
Good thing I listen to voices of wisdom.

The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd

Very heartwarming. A young girls journey of discovery about her dead mother, herself and the world at large as it was going through the birth pangs from the fruits of the Civil Rights act. It was about 300 pages yet I still read it in one day.
The emotions, humor and truth grabbed me and wouldn't let go. I HAD to find out what was coming next. There were so many people that you come to care about in the book. I cried in a few spots, grinned in good cheer in others. Mostly I was in awe at the author's insight into human emotion.

Not a book I'd actively seek to read, but one I'm better off for having read.

It's not a wonder this book caused such a .... buzz. *grin*

Other than that, not much is happening.
I have two birthdays to plan.
Learned that Getting your Tires aligned is NOT the same as having them balanced.

The most interesting thing I observed yesterday is this:

Just because you are a man, doesn't mean you know all things automotive.
Because you are a man, you'll never admit it.

Ain't saying how I know this either.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

E Books Squeal !!

I am SO bad about buying E Books.

I like them.

Think about it, shopping from my computer for ebooks I save gas, shipping and handling and tax too , I think. I'm pretty sure.

Buying from Fictionwise is amazing too. For some books, it's like they are PAYING me for buying from them. Seriously.

They have these cute Micropay Rebates that basically puts funds back into this little account that eventually builds up enough to get books for free!

What's not to like?

Maybe the fact that after awhile you can't feel your butt?

OK, I'll give you that.

Two days ago I bought Bite Me If You Can by Lynsay Sands AND Protector of the Flight by Robin D. Owens.

I Read Bite me in One Day and Protector in three.
I'm usually a fast reader, but you can't bring a PC into the ... um ... well, anywhere really. So it takes me a bit longer. Interuptions, you know? *wink*

Anyway ....
I RECOMMEND THESE TWO BOOKS no matter how you get them. They are worth it.
Oh yes!

Last Month I also ordered : Jaguar Moon: Scent of a Mate by Teri Adkins. I liked this one too.

I gave all these "GREAT! I LOVED IT!" rates at Fictionwise.
ON a more personal nature:

Today was the Day of the DOGS.

What do I mean? Not sure, but it MUST mean something right?

I do know that it weirded me out.

On my way home, about 15 minutes from safety I beheld an ancient Beagle in the middle of the road. He took his sweet short legged time getting to the other side.

10 minutes from home a big black .... old with silvered muzzle.... unknown breed of dog looked at me with doggie amusement as I crept by all while I worried that I might hit him. He also stood in the middle of the road, refusing to move off to the side, again, watching me.

5 minutes from home, a black squirrel raced across my car's path seconds before the wheels hit the same spot he'd been.

3 minutes from home ANOTHER black dog, also of unknown breed stood this time to the side of the road and watched me pass by.


Two Black Dogs and a Black Squirrel?

Is there connection?

Two dogs and a squirrel in one town and one dog in the town next to me.
Um, yes, the towns are THAT close together. I can go through three different towns in 15 minutes.

But what about the dogs?
Got any insights?
Conspiracy theories?

Such is my day.

Have a Doggone good day!

Monday, February 05, 2007

Pictures - like I promised

Here is a picture of the beautiful bouquet of tulips and my Beany Baby bear that was given to me in appreciation of my four years.

Isn't that sweet?

I couldn't add this to the post below like I wanted but it seems I can do a NEW post today.

Blogger boggles my mind.

I also wanted to show that the snow is STILL around. True, this was taken the morning after the snow, but the ground is still covered and it remains as cold as the weather station says.

That's why nothing has melted yet.

Right now at 4:30 AM - I have NO flippin' idea why I am up at this unnatural hour - it is a lovely 5 degrees, same with the wind chill.

It took us until FEBRUARY, but New England is finally looking and feeling like winter.

I decided to post another shot of snow for those of my visiters who never get the white stuff. At least you get to see the beauty without having to put on the gear, LOL - gloves, boots, hats, scarves, coats....long johns... does anyone WEAR long johns anymore? *giggle*

Have a wonderful Monday everyone!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

The final Chapter

Ah!, you say. She's writing.

Unfortunately, that's not what I am referring to. I'm talking about a chapter in my life.
The end.

After four years of being the president of my church's Women's Club, today was my final function, The After The Holidays party. Today I said goodbye and relinquished control.

I was gratified to see that although 10 RSVP'd, 15 in total came to say goodbye. As far as they knew, not only was I stepping down along with my other officers but there was no one to take over. The end.

At the last minute, as of last week a potential victim *ahem/cough* candidate expressed interest. As late as YESTERDAY I got the word that she is serious. She doesn't have any officers truly picked but she has a pool of 8 women she knows she can talk to.

Heck that is MORE than I ever had, so I have high hopes. I was thrilled to be able to share this information with those present. They thought they were not only saying goodbye to me, but to the club as a whole. The news was met with a collective sigh.

They may yet say goodbye as I have a strong feeling that the Club is about to go in a new direction with a new focus. What they knew is gone. Women have changed in the last forty years.

I'm OK with that. I was a bridge from the old into the new. We tried many new things while trying to keep a handle on some of the old.

When we took on the job four years ago, we were left with under $100.00 to accomplish printings, mailings, entertainment and functions. Not much is it?

I am gratified that we are leaving our next in line with just under $1,000.00.
That's AFTER presenting our parish with four grand and setting aside monies earmarked for our scholarship program.

Major difference, wouldn't you say?

We learned to make edible and delicious pies from scratch.
We had book swaps.
Clothing sales.
Helped out needy families during Christmas.
We had a Living Rosary.
We went out to eat to celebrate in communion as Women in May - the month of Mary.
We had pie/bake sales.
We sponsored six children in Haiti.
We represented our parish and provided receptions after confirmations which usually included a Bishop or Monsiegnor
We have provided our families with a free Halloween party. Last year's party had most of the kids AND many adults dressed in costume. It was a blast.

Quite a few of these endeavors no one had done before.
There is much to be proud of.

The Best?

Community. Being able to walk into church and say 'Hi!", because these people are no longer strangers and nameless. They matter.

Ten years ago I was an outsider. I don't even live in the same town.
But now? Now I call many friends.
I'm a better person for knowing them.
My life has been greatly enriched with these new friendships and that is the biggest blessing of all.

The chapter closes with an epilogue of friends.
How grand.

I wanted to show you the beautful tulips and beany baby bear they gave me but dratted blogger isn't uploading pictures, AGAIN! Stay tuned. I will show them - when I can ...


Friday, February 02, 2007

Snow!! We have SNOW!! Like Measureable!!!

Taken from my back door 10:14PM OVER 12 hours past the forecasted event. For a change, we have snow. We called our kids down from their beds. They Whooped and Hollared. They're going sledding tomorrow!!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

You think your kids have trouble?

Before I update my post, I'd like to once again thank author Kim Howe for giving me the chance to interview her. I had a lot of fun with the process.

Please readers, consider voting at the American Title III contest website. Every vote counts and after reading the entries, I really DO believe Kim's entry is stellar. *ahem* At least,that's my opinion. *grin*

Now for a new post:

All of the parenting How-To books talk about the trials and tribulations of our children trying to make friends while simaltaneously learning the social lessons to accomplish that feat. Many times they can only learn by doing.

Excuse me but, what about the PARENTS? I think we need lessons too.

What is the edicate for two adults meeting blindly over the phone because their two kids decided they wanted a play date?

Such was my case last Thursday.
My son called her son.
Within seconds, the phone is thrust in my face,

"Here Mom. You gotta talk."

"Talk? Talk about what? To who?"

"His Mom."

Totally bemused and confused I make small talk while rapidly scrambling to rearrange my mental schedule to make this playdate workable.

It was decided that the playdate would happen that Saturday afternoon. Morning was out because of a family obligation. (See my post about Reflection)

So, Saturday afternoon creeps towards us, my kids alternately bouncing from window to window, determined to be the first to spot the arriving guest.

Except the guest never shows.
No calls.

Being the good Mom, I call and I get this man who says, "She's not here".
"Well, she was supposed to bring her son to play with mine for 1:30. I thought if she needed directions or ..."

"Can't help you, she's not here, don't know where she is."
Hang up.

Well! That was a surprise and a major disappointment for my kids.

A few hours later I call again and ask for her. This time I get a younger male.

"She's not here."

'OH! Well, no problem. Is it alright if I leave a message for her?"

"Sure!" was the enthusiastic response AND THEN HE HANGS UP ON ME!!

Shocked again.

When my son goes back to school, I asked him if he saw the boy. He said "yes."
Of course I asked him why they never showed up.

He was told that "they were sick." "They" being mother and younger sister.

But that doesn't make sense does it? Why was I told both times I called that "she wasn't there"? What's wrong with telling me they were sick? I mean, it's a perfectly normal and legitimate reason for not coming on a playdate, right?

Guess what?
Today, a week later, my son comes and tells me the "REAL" reason why they didn't come over.

During the conversation, I mentioned RELIGION!!!!

That's all.

I guess that is enough to not only prevent her son from playing with my son, but to have the discourtesy of not bothering to call to tell me and my son that the play date was cancelled.

A whole Saturday afternoon was wasted when we could have done something as a family.

So, my question for you.

If someone mentions religion, is that enough to boycott a playdate?
And is lying to children and other adults justified because of it?