Monday, August 29, 2005

Paper House for REAL!

This past weekend had beautiful weather and interesting things to see. I'm sharing pictures of
this unusual house that , except for the frame and windows, IS made of PAPER - newspapers to be exact. It is located in Pigeon Cove, Massachusetts. The house is cared for by the 3rd generation of family members of the original creator. No admission but donations on the honor system are accepted.-(put them in the mail box no less!)

This is the view from the road. It's a small little place. I don't believe anyone actually lived in it.... no bathroom..ick. Grab a piece of wall for wiping?? *giggle* Maybe someone did. (live there I mean) We were rushed for time, so in depth investigating was not an option.

The curtains were made of paper and as you can see, the brown wall is newspapers, shellacked (is that the correct spelling?) for preservation. It had a grandfather clock made of rolled newpapers too. The piano just had rolled papers glued all over it. Most of the furnishings were themed. Like papers from all capitals of the 50 states to a writing desk made up of the Christian Science Monitor newspapers exclusively. Imagine taking the time to not only roll all these, but to roll it until the phrase, title or special interest print was on top. Blows the mind! Lindbergs time was showcased as well. Even had the original stories when Babe Ruth played for the Red Sox!!!! Talk about captured history.

This is a picture of the house's
creator and his wife. They sure were young! What I can't figure out and my dictionary doesn't give me an understanding at all is....What in the world are "Rotogravure Sections" of a Sunday Newpaper??? I just don't get it.....If YOU do, can you fill me in????

If you can't read the says 1896!

This was a picture of the furniture on the can see the wallpaper is newspaper and the love seat is sectioned rolled up newpapers put together like the old Lincoln Logs I used to play with as a kid.
Imagine how long it must have taken to roll, glaze, design and make the chair and table. There were so many items to look at. I tried to show you the most intriguing examples of a true recycling genius.

I hope you enjoyed seeing these most unusual fruits of an imaginative American visionary. If you are ever on the East Coast , stop by the areas of Rockport, Gloucester, Essex and Pigeon Cove, Massachusetts. They are beautiful!

See the ruins to the right? Aren't they romantic looking? The real story is more tragic. Essex, Mass has so much history! The "river" is actually ocean water. We went through salt marsh water ways towards the ocean and back. It was beautiful! There are so many pictures I want to share with you!!! Posted by Picasa

OK, so this picture isn't so thrilling, BUT, I included it because it has the web site address on the truck. If you are curious about where I went, and what a river cruise is...then take a peek. They've been doing this for 13 years and I've never met a man that could talk for 1 hour and 20 minutes....and be interesting all the way through!! *giggle* The captain was chock full of local lore and info. I was impressed! Posted by Picasa

Friday, August 26, 2005

The first rainbow ever seen from my back yard. I was so thrilled to see it. Not only that, but there was a a faint double one just above the bright one. Isn't it beautiful? Doesn't this mean good luck???? Have you even seen a rainbow in your back yard?  Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

LOL! Almost fell off my chair!

Do you need a laugh today???
Please check out this post by MaryF. I would LOVE to have guys enrolled in most of these topics!!


Hope you find it as amusing as me.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Odds and huh?

Word of the day: Stertorous - Adj: Characterized by a harsh snoring or gasping sound.
(derived from Latin stertere "to snore')

I know someone to use that word on, don't YOU?

Last post, I mentioned that AngieW had a great idea to find the top 100 songs of the year you were born. Check out her site at: Well,HERE
So, I'm going to share the LONG list of my birth songs. I had fun.......
I'm supposed to BOLD my Fav's that I wouldn't change the station for and then Choose my absolute favorite.....That's a TALL order!!! But #1 is my#1, so gee, that was easy after all!

1. Surfin' U.S.A., Beach Boys 2. Sugar Shack, Jimmy Gilmer and The Fireballs 3. The End Of The World, Skeeter Davis 4. Rhythm Of The Rain, Cascades 5. Hey Paula, Paul and Paula
6. Blue Velvet, Bobby Vinton 7. He's So Fine, Chiffons 8. Fingertips II, Little Stevie Wonder
9 Washington Square, Village Stompers 10. So Much In Love, Tymes
11. Can't Get Used To Losing You, Andy Williams 12. My Boyfriend's Back, Angels
13. Sukiyaki, Kyu Sakamoto 14. She's A Fool, Lesley Gore 15. It's All Right, Impressions
16 Puff (The Magic Dragon), Peter, Paul and Mary 17. Blowin' In The Wind, Peter, Paul and Mary 18. Wipe Out, The Surfaris 19. Deep Purple, Nino Tempo and April Stevens
20. I'm Leaving It Up To You, Dale and Grace 21. I Love You Because, Al Martino
22. Wild Weekend, Rebels 23. You're The Reason I'm Living, Bobby Darin
24. Walk Like A Man, Four Seasons 25. Mockingbird, Inez Foxx 26. I Will Follow Him, Little Peggy March 27. Pipeline, Chantays
28. Surf City, Jan and Dean 29. It's My Party, Lesley Gore 30. Blame It On The Bossa Nova, Eydie Gorme
31. You Can't Sit Down, Flovells 32. Heat Wave, Martha and The Vandellas
33. Denise, Randy and The Rainbows 34. Walk Right In, Rooftop Singers
35. If You Wanna Be Happy, Jimmy Soul 36. Surfer Girl, Beach Boys 37. If I Had A Hammer, Trini Lopez 38. Everybody, Tommy Roe 39. Easier Said Than Done, Essex
40. Ruby Baby, Dion 41. Maria Elena, Los Indios Tabajaras 42. Our Day Will Come, Ruby and The Romantics 43. I Can't Stay Mad At You, Skeeter Davis
44. Hello, Stranger, Barbara Lewis 45. Be My Baby, Ronettes 46. Mean Woman Blues, Roy Orbison 47. South Street, Orlons 48. Days Of Wine And Roses, Henry Mancini
49. The Monkey Time, Major Lance 50. Candy Girl, Four Seasons 51. Still, Bill Anderson
52. Blue On Blue, Bobby Vinton 53. Cry Baby, Garnet Mimms and The Enchanters
54. Two Faces Have I, Lou Christie 55. Busted, Ray Charles 56. Da Doo Ron Ron, Crystals
57. Foolish Little Girl, Shirelles 58. Memphis, Lonnie Mack 59. In Dreams, Roy Orbison
60. More, Kal Winding 61. Fools Rush In, Rick Nelson 62. Losing You, Brenda Lee
63. Our Winter Love, Bill Pursell 64. I Wanna Be Around, Tony Bennett 65. You've Really Got A Hold On Me, Miracles 66. Sally Go 'Round The Roses, Jaynetts
67. Little Red Rooster, Sam Cooke 68. Then He Kissed, w Crystals 69. (You're The) Devil In Disguise, Elvis Presley 70. Those Lazy-hazy-crazy Days On Summer, Nat King Cole
71. Baby Workout, Jackie Wilson 72. Pride And Joy, Marvin Gaye
73. Walking The Dog, Rufus Thomas 74. From A Jack To A King, Ned Miller
75. Up On The Roof, Drifters 76. What Will My Mary Say, Johnny Mathis
77. Mama Didn't Lie, Jan Bradley 78. The Night Has A Thousand Eyes, Bobby Vee
79. Don't Say Nothin' Bad About My Baby, Little Eva 80. Ring Of Fire, Johnny Cash
81. (Down At) Papa Joe's, Dixiebelles With Cornbread and Jerry
82. Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh! (A Letter From Camp), Allan Sherman
83. Judy's Turn To Cry, Lesley Gore 84. Just One Look, Doris Troy
85. Mickey's Monkey, Miracles 86. Donna, The Prima Donna, Dion
87That Sunday, That Summer, Nat King Cole 88. Another Saturday Night, Sam Cooke
89. Painted, Tainted Rose, Al Martino 90. Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport, Roll Harris
91. Go Away Little Girl, Steve Lawrence 92. Take These Chains From My Heart, Ray Charles 93. Talk To Me, Sunny and The Sunglows 94. Come And Get These Memories, Martha and The Vandellas 95. Bossa Nova Baby, Elvis Presley 96. Do The Bird, Dee Dee Sharp
97. Shut Down, Beach Boys 98. One Fine Day, Chiffons
99. Little Town Flirt, Del Shannon
100. 500 Miles Away From Home, Bobby Bare

I never realized 1963 was such a cool year! Of course, what I am saying?.... I was BORN then....
Now I just have to figure out what in the world #85 sounds like...what a title!

OK the next is Naughty.....SO if you are faint of heart, easily disgusted or insulted, Or even have a trigger GAG REFLEX DO NOT LOOK AT THIS PICTURE!!!!!! This came in one of my email messages...the picture was a LOT bigger and you could SEE more clearly all that you really don't want to see....remember gagging! Or drooling! *ack!*


Now, aren't you glad you dropped by?

Saturday, August 20, 2005


Word of the day:
Ovoviviparous-adj. producing eggs that develop within the maternal body and hatch within or immediately after leaving the parent.

Why do I like this word? Because if you read Jaid Black's Trek Mi Q'an series. It's the PERFECT word.

Just finished a great read. It's posted on the OOTB so this isn't a surprise. I really did like it. I enjoyed the growth journey of their relationship. A good plot never hurts either.
It has a hint of similarity with Christine Feehan's Shadow Game and Mind Game books....but only a hint.

Have you read these and can you figure out what I'm talking about????

For those of you with Blogger accounts, have you noticed a disturbing trend called Comment Spam?
I was visiting an OOTB author as well as a new blogger who visited me. Both comment sections were hit with Spam. This disturbs me. So much that, thanks to Dee at the site for Shesawriter, I was able to employ a deterrant offered by Blogger.
FYI: Under Settings and Comments, you can choose YES for " Show word verification for comments". Since I HATE SPAM, I thought spreading the word about this tool would be a good thing. Yes , it means a little more work on the person who places a comment but I prefer to hear from people, from YOU , not an advertiser using a computer program.



(I can see this featured on Redneck TV,
can you?)



Heh! *delete* with a smile.........

AngieW has a great idea about finding out the Top 100 songs of the year you were born. It's the second post down labelled:
Music of My Year. Check out her site!!! I had bunches of good stuff. Maybe I'll share my list tomorrow. Today's is getting just a tad longer than I want.
Thanks for stopping by!!!!

Friday, August 19, 2005

Mickee Madden FOUND!!!

I have to Tell you about Mickee!!!!!

WAAY back on July 1st, I posted a plea for help on L J to solve a mystery that has been bugging me since last September 2004. In it, I was asking if ANYONE knew how to contact Mickee Madden so I could get the final HEA in the Baird House Romance Series. I have to say, posting here was the best idea.

THANK YOU CARYLERG!!!!! Your suggestion about posting it to the Romancenovels Community was the best ever!

I've been in communication with Mickee now twice. Let me share some of what I wrote and some of what she wrote:

ME: (Edited version)
"I am hoping that you are the same Mickee Madden who wrote the wonderful Baird House book series"
I've been trying to find the 6th and final book, Dreams Everlastin' "

MICKEE: (Edited version)
"Last September, my husband and I moved into a smaller house. Then I had knee surgery the day before Thanksgiving, so it was well after Christmas before I started getting about. In the meantime, everything went into chaos. The damage I had done to my other knee during the move, got a lot worse, I had to budget my writing time, I delved into trying to finish a fantasy I started two years ago--and because my husband asked (that) I finish this one before finishing Dreams Everlastin'."

ME: (Edited Version)
"it sounds like you are on your way to taking back control of your situation; healing and taking care of yourself -the major component. I'll keep you in my thoughts.(prayers).

I expect that you are busy but I wanted to share something, that now that you've contacted me, I see in an amusing light. While searching for ways to contact you, I found a website that praised your first book in the series, Everlastin' . In it, they surmised that since there were no pictures of you, information about you, that your female persona might be a ruse, that Mickee Madden didn't exist! and the name was a pseudonym for another author who didn't want to be known as writing fantasy romance. How's that for speculation???!!!!
I bet you didn't know how mysterious a person you are!"

MICKEE: (Edited version)
" No, I had no idea I was a mystery. LOL. Go figure. I used to have a personal website, but the gal running it let it lapse without telling me, and I haven't been able to get another one done. .
I would greatly appreciate you telling people I'm not a ruse, and certainly not slacking off--although, Dreams should have been written before I started the fantasy, but I didn't expect to move, or have the knee surgery, or --gads, it all. LOL. "
Well, Michele, need to get away from the desk for a while. It's such a pleasure hearing from you!!
Tak tent,

So that's the scoop. She's real, she's really nice, she's still writing and like you and me, she's got life to deal with and it answers why I couldn't locate her initially. I'm excited to hear about the fantasy story and I can't wait to read more from her. Now that I've gotten my answers, I can patiently wait and believe me, her work is worth waiting for!!!!
And for those sites that didn't believe that she was real, these answers prove that she's a "she", she has a great home life, she is open and honest and glad to be writing in the genre she does. I am pleased to share this good news with all of you!


This is the book that started it all for me. Love at first read.

About this title: In the tradition of Outlander and The Ghost and Mrs. Muir comes a wonderfully imaginative romantic fantasy--a heartwarming and hilarious love story about a 150-year-old Scotsman who was killed on his honeymoon at Baird House and a 30-year-old woman who's just arrived there . . . and doesn't believe in ghosts. .

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

2 Books in 2 Days

Back to my usual motif.


I Love reading! Do You? If so, might I recommend today:

HELLO GORGEOUS! BY MARYJANICE DAVIDSON *****spoiler, maybe **********

If you like MJD, this won't let you down. In fact, I laughed in so many parts. The only drawback?
Well, firstly, I realize this story focuses on Caitlyn James and that's fine. However, the character of the Wolf - he just sounded so yummy that I wish more was known about him. Like how he got his reputation for being a badass. What did he do? How did he get to be as good as The Boss? I'd like to hear his story of "adjustment and discovery" and I'd like to know more about Dr. Balta. I guess I DO like my male heroes to be a little on the "Dark Side" after all. The romance was fun and funny. Some comments from "Jimmy" were so "there". It floored me what she did on her first assignment. I don't think I expected THAT! What a creative way to solve a dilemma...*giggle*..wouldn't see ME doing that...guess that's true romanctic fantasy :-)
I enjoyed Caitlyn's saucy back talk to The Boss and in fact caused me to titter quite a bit...liked her style. You might t00.

Next is an anthology. I like those. That's how I discover new authors to read. There is usually one known to me and the rest tag along. I've found more wonderful reading experiences this way. This last one is ONCE UPON A TIME... WITH CARLA NEGGERS, MARGARET ST. GEORGE AND LEANDRA LOGAN.

The first story, Night Watch by Carla Neggers is about Joe and Rowena. He's a burnt out cop and she's a homebody financial whiz computer geek. She has someone who wants revenge against her but she doesn't think so. Joe knows so and is determined to protect her....but after awhile, who is he REALLY protecting her from? Classic Romance but fun to watch it happen. It's fun when one character thinks they've figured out the other, then WHOOPS!, they get a curveball thrown at them...and the relationships grows....nice.

The second story, A Wish...and a Kiss by Margaret St. George. Oh I LOVE Genie Stories....I enjoyed this story. The players are Chelsey and Alex. HOWEVER, there was a part or two where it seemed to drag or seemed forced to try to make the suspense/ mystery part work within the romance. Some of the vehicles used by the genie were different from other genie stories I've that's good. But I felt the story didn't move forward smoothly. Remember, though...this is only MY opinion....someone else may think this worked perfectly all the way through....and that's great. The bottom line is that we enjoyed most of the romantic jouney. Let's face it....even the best planned vacation trips have detours, bumps and dips in them. Sometimes that's just more scenery to soak up and for others, its a pain in the tuckas.

The third story , The Missing Heir by Leandra Logan. This story deals with Rick-the old flame that never went out and Caron-who still burned as well. Neither knows it. Someone has the secret to solving a mystery. When you think you know how it is going to play changes. First I thought I knew the answer...then a new person was introduced and I thought....'oh"....then all of a sudden..Something else got introduced and I was thinking along a different path. I think it was one page before the revealing where I found myself back to my original theory and BAM! I Was Right! Cool...but like the writer tried to do, I was thrown off of the scent of the true ending, until she was ready. So, I guess it was well written and I know I enjoyed the story. I hope if you read it, you will think so too. I CERTAINLY hope you don't figure it out BEFORE me!!!! *grin*

As with most Harlequin books, the "words of romance" are toned down and sometimes you might hit upon one of those over used phrases of ecstasy...but's the whole picture that needs to deliver...not the tidbits..right?

Enjoy, and if you have any commentary about them, I'd enjoy hearing it!

Happy Reading!!!

Appreciate Your Fellow Romance Reader

I can't stress enough how important it is for me to say the following!

I've had the 2 most wonderful experiences with people I've only met here in the blogosphere.
The first happened a few months ago. Her name is Bonnie. For those visiters of the OOTB, they'll remember her great blog site when she was an active blogger. She's off writing a great masterpiece, of which I look forward to someday reading. She and her wonderful, talented sister, Jessie, encouraged me to try to my hand at writing again. Even sent me an awesome book to help. They had that much belief in me. They are an inspiration!

The second event happened as recent as last week. I was on a romance discussion group site and was responding to a new entry requesting recommendations for good books/authors to read. I listed many, one of which, was Dara Joy. I was talking about all the great titles I'd read of hers. There were comments back and forth. Out of the blue, another voice appeared. Seems my enthusiasm for Dara Joy was shared and my comments were being observed. (yeah, this could be something that could turn thrillers I bet it would)
She said that she could tell that I was a true fan of Dara's. She had a duplicate book of one of the titles that I do not own and she'd been looking to give it a good home. I ended up being that home. All I had to do was pay the postage!!! Can you believe it?
A transaction based on similar likes, trust and honesty between 2 unknown people occurred. I picked up the book Friday and took care of my end yesterday.

I tell this story to reinforce the basic notion that people ARE good, good people DO exist and I feel honored for having encountered 3 such people, all within the romance book community.

With strife, war, negative news flooding the newscasts and newpapers everyday and the seemingly excited touting of human nature's baser accounts being plastered everywhere you look, I'm glad to not only experience the "good" balance, but pleased to share it with you.

Our planet has beautiful people on it!!!

We need to celebrate the wonder of random acts of kindness.

We need to celebrate the wonder of total strangers still being willing to reach out to each other.

We need to celebrate that you can still find trust and honor. She Trusted my Honor.

Both times, the only common thread between us was Romance books and the Romance Community. The communities enable us to share what we've read as well as our comments about our dislikes and likes.

I appreciate my fellow Romance Readers.
I appreciate all the Romance Authors. If not for them and the worlds and stories they create for us, Experiences like mine would not have a chance to exist.
Thank you!

Friday, August 12, 2005

Play Head-Twister to see this right.

Guess it can be a little tricky to see.....can you bear to turn your head for this??? Just one last picture of the winner. It was so hard to get most of the vehicle in the picture while still achieving detail. Can you see the little box? That's an antique box of Corvette Crackers! and if you look closely, there is an adorable little Hot Wheels corvette replica on the...what is that..the manifold??? Anyway , it's a cool car and I'm glad it won. OK, that's the scoop for now. Enjoy all the previous pics too!! Posted by Picasa

A Traveling Box -Cute, huh?

I wish I could have taken a picture of inside this car. It was so....tight! It was too dark inside otherwise I would have. It was so compact and a perfect example of minimization. Nothing extra was inside other than what needed to be. I voted for this car (truck?) just for being so unusual. What do YOU think???

This one was so cute, I had to vote for it. Posted by Picasa

The Winner!

Quite a few cars were up for voting. I picked 3 since there was a first, second and third place trophies to be handed out. Out of the 3, the Corvette won first place with the most votes.
Like that's a surprise? Zoom-Zoom!! Posted by Picasa

The Purple Choice

I took pictures of my favorite cars that I voted for at our festival.
Can you believe that this lovely purple steed didn't win?????
Wouldn't you have voted for it tooo?

3 Fancy Cars, 1 Winner Posted by Picasa

Don't these cookies look YUMMY?

Don't they look like REAL HAMBURGERS????

Someone made these for our Country Kitchen booth at the festival. They sold like "hot cakes". The "hamburger" middle was a mint cookie and the "lettuce" was coconut dyed green. Real seseme seeds were sprinkled on top. of the vanilla wafers. Someone really went all out. What a treat! And YES, of course I had one...but I was good, only had the one. My downfall was the chocolate chip cookies......oh my sweet tooth is calling me again..*grin* Posted by Picasa

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Food for Thoughts

Please recollect in a post a bit ago, I mentioned that I was listening to the BeeGees and remarked about the song, New York Mining Disaster 1941, which was their first hit. Have you listened to it? I mean, really listened to the song....the ending? Maybe you have, BUT maybe not how I just did, with earphones on, in the dark, with no distractions, just me and the music. That's when I heard it. The ending. I had goosebumps and chills going up and down my spine. I never noticed how the song ended and what it signified. OMGOSH! It caught me by surprise and brought tears to my eyes. Its not a wonder why the song was so popular. Anything that pulls the heart strings that effectively and touches a responsive chord in the listener is bound to be noticed.

What is the most poignant, touching song you remember?
Do you cry? Sigh? Or do you pause and let it flow around and surround you with it's message?

Music is powerful can put you into a mood or bring you out of one.

What mood am I in? Contemplative is my guess.

Time to switch gears...sombre is OK for a bit..but I'd be remiss if I didn't lighten up the blog here.


This next item is being posted in honor of Undead and Unappreciated by MaryJanice Davidson. I just picked up her new book and I'm SO excited!!! If you know all about Betsy....then you'll understand the following!!!!!

Subj: A Woman And Her Desires (S411) From: JokesUncut - 06 December 2004 At: on 12/6/2004

The woman entered the room, and with a knowing smile teasing her full lips,
she sank into the comfort of the plush chair in the corner. The handsome stranger turned, having sensed her approach. Locking his steely gray eyes on hers, he moved slowly toward her, his experienced gaze measuring her, hypnotizing her with his soft murmurs of assurance. He sank to his knees before her and without a word, smoothly released her from her constraining attire.
With a sigh of surrender, she allowed his foreign hands to unleash her bare flesh. He expertly guided his hands through this tender, often hidden territory, his movements deliberate, confident in his ability to satisfy her every need. Her senses swam.
She was overcome with an aching desire that had gone unfulfilled for so long. And, just as it seemed that ecstasy was within her grasp, he paused, and for one heart-stopping moment, she thought, "It's too big! - it will never fit!"
Then, with a sudden rush, it slid into place as if it had been made only for her! As pleasure and contentment washed over her, she met his steady gaze, tears of gratitude shining in her eyes. And he knew it wouldn't be long before she returned.
Oh, yes, this woman would want more.

She would want to do it again and again and again.

Don't cha just LOVE shopping for SHOES.

And with Betsy....all the good shoes cost over $200.00!!!! For that price, the experience Better be that good!

If you suspect that this blog is coming to a close you'd be right.

What was the clue? Don't worry.. I just finished reading 3 books and I still have to post the pictures from the festival. The CUTEST cookies were made and I took a picture. I'll share them next blog. Until's wishing you good music, food and friends!!!!
Until next blog!

Monday, August 08, 2005

Cool! I've been Tagged! First Time Too.

Oh Goody! My first Tag. I've been Tagged!!!

Thanks AngieW!

Here are the questions:

Total number of films I own:
Whoa...that's a tough one. I believe I'm not supposed to count kids videos, so that's good.
Hmmmm, I'd say a rough estimate would be 250 - 300 Videos/DVD's -just a drop in the bucket

Last film I watched:
If it means actually Going to the Movies.. Then that would be Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with yummy Johnny Depp. If it means last movie from my little collection.. The Good, The Bad and the Ugly....
Five favorite films I either watch frequently or that mean a lot to me:
Dune (first one)
Lord of the Rings-all of them (now does that count as 1 or 3?)
Field of Dreams
Princess Bride
The Mummy -( can I slip in the 2nd too??)
Do you have ANY idea hard hard it was to stay with FIVE??? I had no idea....
Worst film you've ever had to endure:
OK, this is going to tick someone off somewhere.. This is Spinal Tap!! I absolutely HATED the film. I almost made it to the end..but I ended up walking out. I "endured" all I could but it was so..... AARGH!! made Attack of the Killer Tomatoes look like a work of art.
Favorite movie quote:
Again, Only one??!!!
"Have fun storming the castle!!!!"
Favorite movie adapted from a book:
One book I'd like to see made into a movie:
Mind Game by Christine Feehan

Gee, that was fun.....and relatively painless. Now, it' s "tag" time for somone else. Hmmm, who can I choose?
Shesawriter a/k/a Tanya and Annalee.
These two ladies always have such wonderful ideas and opinions.....
AngieW knew a way to "link" the names with the site, that's how I knew I was tagged. When I saw the name that looked like mine, I clicked it out of curiosity and was sent back to my site.
That was So Cool! However, me still being a newbie blogger, I haven't a clue how to do the same. Sooo, I'll have to hope my "tagees" visit this week sometime. If not....I'll visit.
Just in case, to make it's the list in short form to copy and paste:
( I know how to do that, at least.)

Total number of films I own:
Last film I watched:
Five favorite films I either watch frequently or that mean a lot to me:
Worst film you've ever had to endure:
Favorite movie quote:
Favorite movie adapted from a book:
One book I'd like to see made into a movie

Ah! Speaking of BOOKS...thought you'd get away without seeing my latest read??? *giggle*
I present:

I've read Susan's Blaze books and an anthology she did about a naughty little bottle that was cursed by a gypsy. They were good.
This one, The quite the story. I loved the strong female character (Tessa), the equally strong male hero (Kahn) and the fact that they overcome so many blasted obstacles in their journey to falling in love.
I enjoyed the aliens....the good, the bad and the squishy.
Using my term, "Relationship action" , I can say I was quite satisfied in its use. I even liked the ending. I don't believe
I've ever read a solution to a problem solved in such a way.
Tessa sure has gumption.

The best part.....the fun is not over. Her next book THE DARE,
should be out now. I'm on the hunt. It picks up where Tessa and Kahn left off and someone's story is just itching to be read. What fun!!!!! When you read it...drop me a post and let me know if YOU liked it too!!

And Last but not least, Have you seen this one yet????

At least Somebody didn't have bunny ears!!!

Friday, August 05, 2005

Another good read

It's the Summer, and what would a "summer read" be without a book with a title like this one.

Beach Blanket Bad Boys!!!

Lucy Monroe is one of the ladies from Out of the Blogosphere.
Her contribution to this romantic anthology is:
Seducing Tabby.

Although all the stories had merit... I'd be remiss not to mention that the spiciest and funniest "moment" (When she fessed up as to who her friend Bob was..*chuckle*) was Linda Lael Miller's
Batteries Not Required.

Seducing Tabby was one I could relate to. Not that the hero in my life was as exotic as Calder Maxwell. The story is of a lady who felt like life was passing her by, until the love of her life zeroes in, sweeps her off her feet and focuses all his passion and love on her. That is always a beautiful story, but Lucy tells it in such a way, that I could see myself in her character, Tabby. As I used to be. Before the love of MY life enriched me in ways I never dreamed. I love romance stories. I love them even more when they seem like real people. People like you, me and maybe our own friends. It gives us hope. And it gives testimony that our hope is justified. Love CAN happen. It's an exquisite moment; when you are not searching for it... it surprises you, grabs and wraps you up in its wonder and joy.
That's what "I" got out of Lucy's story.
How can you not read it??? *sigh*

On the Other Front. Life is not a bed of roses, is it? Think I was too rosey?
Maybe...that is why I'm in the middle of reading a different book.
Way off the beaten path of romance. Totally not my usual venue.
What is it?

A history of a most interesting person. One that I hadn't thought would be
interesting. He's an unsung actor. He's famous for only one body of work.
But he was a man of so much more than we ever dreamed.

Bela Lugosi

He was an amazing man. I've got so much more to read...this is not a small volume of work. The author wrote with a passion and dedication to as much accuracy as he could, and it shows.
This is not boring reading by any means. If you are looking for something totally different.
Try reading about Mr. Lugosi. You will be amazed at his life - he was More than just Dracula.

Summer reading is slow...?

The humidity is predicted to break this evening and it comes at a wonderful time.
I'm going to be spending my Sunday in a booth hawking baked goods to fellow church festival
goers. Tell me I won't be tempted to sample all the pies, brownies, cookies, fudge and muffins
that will surround me....chocolate and fresh baked goodies... YUM! Oh, did I forget Cake? Can't forget that.... Did you know that some people drop items off still hot from the oven...
How can I resist???

Come Monday, There'll be more of me...*sigh*

This past week I've had my nose in a book, hiding from the humidity with my handy-dandy air conditioner. What a GREAT invention.

"What book?" you might ask.....or not. But I want to share, it's a "favorite thing".

I like HOT and I like Suspense.

Reading these 2 covered the bases.

This was Fun!

Did I say "A" Book??? *grin*
I like reading all kinds of books.
Not historical per se. Or
Westerns, but depending on plot,
I'll bite!
Edge of the Moon was intense!

Sometimes, you just want to kick back and enjoy a romp of pure romantic fun!
I'll end today's post with some phrases of wisdom:

Always keep your words soft and sweet,just in case you have to eat them

When everything's coming your way,you're in the wrong lane.

Birthdays are good for you; the more you have, the longer you live.

If your Birthday is in August,
I Wish you a Great one!!!