Monday, June 29, 2009

I'm a cricket, Hear Me Chirp

A very quiet Chirp.
You see, I'm going to try to be a better blogger.
Even if I have nothing to say, I'll try to pop in every few days and tell you about nothing just so you have something to see about nothing, so you won't get used to seeing the same nothing every day. So that's something.
So, as you can imagine, I have nothing to say.
I'll make something up.

The sun actually made an appearance today. Yay~
I saw a live bunny.
A dead Opossum.
I almost hit a deer - jumped right in front of my car about 4PM in the afternoon. Man, they bound FAST.
My kids found two snakes while looking for their missing soccer ball. Never found the ball but the snakes were cool.
We had a second person die of Swine Flu in my state this week.
I am sorry Billie Mays died..he was young, but I won't miss his yelling delivery. I got very stressed listening to him. I DO like Oxy-clean however.
I'll miss Michael Jackson. I grew up listening to his music the same time as the Osmonds.
I feel my mortality creeping up.
How much gray hair do you allow before you start coloring it?
And do people really pick their noses when no one is looking?
Betcha they do!

So, that's it. A whole lotta nothin' to fill this blog with something.
Aren't you glad you dropped by?

Sunday, June 28, 2009


Why do kids have to go through things that break a parent's heart?
Why are there things we absolutely cannot protect them from?

My little one? His seizures are still not under control, despite being on the highest dose he can be on the current medication. So, they've added a second.

Last Monday he had 24 hour ambulatroy EEG. It showed 26 seizures in that period. ON medication. Can you imagine how many he must have been having before he was diagnosed? That is why he was failing school. If the seizures can last up to 8 seconds...and he lost whatever instruction was going on directly preceeding the incident, day in and day out throughout the school year, it's amazing he learned anything at all! I mean, I 'd heard Absance Seizures/Petit Mal can occur up to 100 times a day; guess it's true,

This second medicine comes with scary side affects so I'm watching him close.

IN other, better news...

We went to our local farmer's market this past week. The local farm that sells meat products was serving up cooked burgers and it was supper time, so we decided to eat there. This elderly guy walks up with his own half eaten burger and tells me and my kids, "You are going to love your hamburgers. I swear it's the best I ever had! But I don't think I have enough money to buy another one. Let me check"

He proceeds to count out four one dollar bills and folds them in half. "You know?, he says, " I could have sworn I had a bit more money than this."

When he Unfolded the dollar bills, they had all changed to TWENTY Dollar bills!! The guy was a MAGICIAN! How cool was that? VERY. And, the hambergers were pretty darned good. LOL

Later on, after we ate our burgers, one of my kids turned to me and said" No insult, Mom, but their burgers Really Are Better."

Um...gee thanks. :-)


My last post, I had mentioned that I"d post a pic of my son's scorpion project. Here it is. He got an A. I'm proud of him. :-)

Monday, June 01, 2009


First, before I say what I was purring about, I will say in reference to the previous post, no, I don't have pictures yet. The scorpions are still drying. When the clay is sturdy enough to pick up, I'll place them in better lighting. So, stay tuned for that. If you are interested. :-)

As for Meow. I just got a sneak peak at the new New Moon trailer, the next in the Twilight series and I have to say, WOW, Jacob sure got buff! I had heard the actor worked on getting into the role he has to play since he has a bigger part in the second book. But oh my! Meow indeed! And they wanted to replace him? Are they Nuts???
He's perfect as Jacob! IMHO

Also, I feel bad for Susan Doyle. I also think it's understandable. I mean, talk about condensed chaos! When she first came on the scene, she was spunky, enthusiastic and clearly loved what she was doing. She was there to do something she loved and clearly, as we all now know, was good at. Still is.

I cannot imagine anyone, thrust into the media fray as she was, coming away from this unscathed. The scrutiny, the constant barrage of media talking at her or about her and when it turned nasty...nasty sells as we all got to her. This woman, following a dream, was very sheltered from the crap that is paparazzi and Glam. She has no rhinoceros thick skin against the trade, she has no experience with people being two-faced to such a heighten scale. I know I would not. I'd be mentally, emotionally and physically drained too.

I sincerely hope that she gets her second wind, her love for singing just for the sake of it returns and she someday reaches her ultimate dream, to sing before the Queen. Susan deserves it just for being brave enough to start the journey in front of millions in the first place. IMHO.

And she most Certainly, has talent. So there.

I'm in withdrawal. I've not read a book in a week. I have 2 I have to read and 3 I have to review, but for a TBR pile? I have none. Sometimes, I think it is a curse to read so darned fast. And what is the difference between the 2 I have to read when I say I have nothing to read? Doesn't make sense does it? But, it does. To me. You see, I have no PRINT books to read, to hold, to inhale that sweet smell of paper and ink and to sigh over a partially dressed man in close up detail - if he's yummy enough that is. What's a girl to do?

I had red rice the other day at a restaurant. My question: Is red rice Really Red? Or is it dyed?

Ah, Monday. It's almost over. Chaos reigns for the rest of the week. How'd I get so lucky?