Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Spider Tale

A week ago I came home from work.  Someone was waiting in the door.

A huge black fuzzy spider as big as a quarter.   I'm not fond of spiders.  At. All.

I realize that it was more scared of me  - not that I could tell for sure, based on my own speeding heart rate - but it was jumping and hopping all over the place to get away from me.  The problem was, it kept jumping and hopping into the door.  It needed to go in the opposite direction!

After much corralling with a very long stick, it made it to the side of the door and crawled up under the siding.  As long as it did not come IN my house with me, I was fine.   Crisis averted.

Cue a week later:

 I'm upstairs getting supper ready and my eldest says, "MOOOM, you might want to come see this." I mosey on over, "What?" He says with a gleeful glint in his eye, "What's the big black thing crawling towards your office?"

I go down a few steps and squint. EYES POP. IT'S A SPIDER!!!!!'

Yep, that huge quarter sized, eight legged, freaky spider made it INTO my house and was making a beeline straight into where I work. No. Way. Not just No, but HELL NO!

I run back into the kitchen to find a clear glass and a stiff card and I'm at that sucker. My youngest 'wants to see' and I practically snarl at him. "Do NOT get close to it, do NOT make it run into my office, STAY AWAY! 

I march over stealthily and Woosh, firmly slam that the glass over the huge arachnid and gently slide the very stiff, thick and hard to bite through card to trap it under the glass. Why glass? To make sure that sucker is IN there! I wanted to make sure I could see my nemesis at all times. No surprises, no sireebob. 

Then, I make the kids open the back doors and I march outside with eyes still firmly watching the enemy as it preens and cleans its fangs. I brought that sucker to a wooded area a good fifteen feet away and then let it Fly! I flung that spider into the brush in the hopes that it will find a NEW home that has nothing to do with MY home. 

I walked with pride back into the house, mission accomplished. My eldest did NOT look happy. 

"What's wrong?" I ask. 

"Mom, you're a bummer. I was waiting for you to go all panicky, you know, screaming, and freak out and do girly panic stuff and you just .... I don't know...just handled it. You're no fun!" And he proceeds to walk off in a huff. 

Huh. Go me. 

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Mickee Madden Fans - A History of Contact


It's been eight years since I originally posted a blog entry about Mickee Madden.  I'm pleased that from time to time, people have found my blog to leave comments.  There have been fans, and once, Mickee herself graced my blog with an update.  To say I was thrilled is an understatement.

Today, her son left a comment on the original blog and I'm once again thrilled.  I knew she was in the process of getting her rights back, and that they'd appear on Smashwords, which they did, and are.  So to know she's still plugging along and writing the final chapter of the Everlastin' series is great news.  I've been very patient because I believe the books being re-issued are well worth waiting for.  Just in case you were wondering, and to assist visitors who may not want to search all over the place for all links 'Mickee', I've included them here:

1)  Mickee Madden Found!!!

2) What's Up With Mickee??

3)  Good News That Made Me Faint!!

The latest contact was left as a comment in the first link, and it states:

I stumbled upon this blog, and thought I'd add in some information (assuming the interest is still there). Work on the final book in the series, Dreams Everlastin', is still in process. In fact, Mickee had hoped to have it released at the end of this month. Due to issues beyond her control, she had to push it back a bit, but last I heard, she's hoping to have it released by the end of October.

She'll be e-publishing on Smashwords and Amazon (at least), and she's currently looking into producing the books in print, now that she owns the rights. Speaking of which, she's been talking about putting out special editions of the entire series, with added scenes. We should have a website up before long with more details.

Hope this information helps.

S.L. Madden (her son)
Saturday, September 21, 2013 5:12:00 
I know that MY interest has not waned. I do know that I don't have all of her books, 1-5.  I discovered the Everlastin' series at my local library.  I bought what I could, where I could but to get them ALL would be terrific because I can't find them anymore.  

So if you are a long time fan, don't give up.  If you are just dropping by, I hope I've made you a teeny bit curious. 

It's been a long road for her and I wish her great success in her quest to give fans the final HEA of the Everlastin' series.   I look forward to it.