Monday, June 30, 2008

Library update

Still no word on why the ceiling fell.
They are now working from a tiny room in the basement and they can only provide books and movies, etc. that were checked out before the collapse of the ceiling. The inter-library loans via the internet are saving me.

No one has been upstairs since the collapse. I also heard that 121 years of dust and who knows what else, rained down all over the place and the air quality is suspect.

I wonder how long inspections and cleaning will take? Meanwhile, I am reading the books I got.

My kids called me outside today. Guess what? Another snake. A pretty garter snake all coiled up and looking at me when I walked up; its pretty red tongue flicking and sensing if I'm a good thing or a bad thing. My kids know not to bother snakes - we just gather round and admire a wonderful example of nature.
No, I'm not squeamish around snakes. Moms can't be. *grin*

Nothing in my garden has yet to die or be eaten. Knock on wood I didn't just jinx myself. LOL

I"m on Facebook. I"m addicted to some of the games on there. Im addicted to the application Friends For Sale. For the longest time, I'd been owned by one guy and he is pretty cool. Out of the blue this past week I was bought be a stranger. Oh dear! This person even changed my NAME. I used to be **Snort**

Gee, why would I have THAT name? **giggle**
Now I have a new, new owner and I am pretty happy. I even got a present! oooh.
Yeah, I know, lame.
But fun!
And I'm still mad that Moonlight got cancelled. Can't they ever have an ENDING made for that? Sheesh...get us all involved and leave us hanging like the cliff hanger than never ends.
Anyway want a vote? Does Beth hook up with Mick or not?

OK, that's my rambling and nonsensical update.
Sure beats seeing the same-o same-o, right?

Happy week to you!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Diss on Demon Romance

What is it with paranormal books lately?

I didn't mind the influx of vampire and werewolf/shifter romances. I liked most of the themes and the conflicts they presented.

However, lately I've been reading more and more about demons. Demons with heart, demons that buck the systems of hell and demons living and romancing within the rules of hell.

I've read five books/novellas set in this new direction and I'm not loving it.
I'm finding they are trying to write romance within worlds where backstabbing, moral perversion, ethics corruption, hedonistic pursuits with soul stealing strings and torture/mayhem/ and various forms of disrespect are, well, respected. Those negative human traits are sought after and held in high esteem. Heck, even murder is ho-hum.
Echoes of Dexter? What the heck is happening? Desensitizing?

I'm not talking about redeeming them, having them save their souls or the power of true love saves all. There is no saving or changing. They remain as they are, demons. They remain in that world and their loving seems to embrace promiscuity, infidelity, mind/body/soul rape, and a twisted view of what love and the pursuit of romance is all about.

I am not entertained. I am not accepting of this new line of writing and it makes me very uncomfortable in thinking new readers just getting into the racier levels of romance find themselves cavorting with demon lore as though it's normal, acceptable and desirable.

I tolerate a LOT with vampires and werewolves. There's a decent thread among those stories that have much in common with what you'd expect from romance.

I also find the marketing ploy of putting two established authors who write very well and are much loved by me with two newer writers who focus on this new demon line, tacky. Probably profitable, ( which is the bottom line, isn't it?) but I'm not happy. Are they trying to seduce me into reading these? Are they trying to entice me into accepting them by virtue of the other authors?
Not working.

OK, so I read them to give them a fair shake. I have been thinking about this for awhile but after reading these, I think I've read enough to cultivate a personal view.

I give kudos for trying to find an untapped niche. I find some of the writing styles and capabilities are to be admired and acknowledged, but the topic, of making me sympathetic to life and love ( I use that word loosely) in the world of demons, is not creating a fan out of me.

The closest I've come to is reading books with demons are books by Kim Harrison or L.A. Banks. There is a line I won't cross and their books straddle it.

I have no idea what others think about this. I don't know if anyone has noticed this new trend or even if they have an opinion.

I do. And I have shared it here.
No. I do not like this latest fad/trend/story arc.

Anyone have a different opinion?

Monday, June 23, 2008

OK so I almost did it and yet, ...

I almost reclaimed my garden.
Except, I didn't.
I made it somewhere else using something else.

Anyone have any luck planting INSIDE cinder blocks?
I am giving it a whirl. Mostly because every time I dig, even in places
that have been dug before, there are rocks.

It's an unconventional raised garden but at this point, I'm going to try anything.
Ferns, those pretty frothy green things, in conjunction with some strange vigorous perennial green leafy fragrant plant which can grow four feet tall, have taken over my old place of gardening.

So, I bought lots of new MooDoo and humus and soil and other planter's helper type stuff and some time release fertilizer and off I went.

I have petunias and marigolds and cosmos and portulaca.
I have yellow squash and some type of sweet pepper, and six Roma tomatoes and six Big Boy tomatoes and six muskmelon a/k/a cantaloupe, and oregano, and six cucumbers.
I planted seeds of zucchini, dill, fennel and okra and sunflowers.

This ends up being the most gardening I've done in three years. I can't believe it's been that long and once I got my hands in the dirt, I'd realized how much I actually missed it.

Another thing I recently miss is my library.
They are closed until further notice.
Seems Friday afternoon, the ceiling in the main lobby gave way and crashed.
No one was hurt and here's the kicker, or the oddity.
In years past, until this year, they've adopted their summer hours the first full week after schools let out. This year, they opted to change their hours the SAME day the schools closed for the summer.

Here is the wierd part. If they had not done that, if they remained on winter hours, they would have been open until 6 PM. On Friday nights they were always busy and usually had people inside all the way up until closing. There would have been injuries. But for some reason, unknown to me, they changed this year.
And that change, that decision saved patrons from injury; and for the children in the kids section so close to the main lobby, saved them from a frightful sight.

They have no idea why the ceiling 'failed' as they termed it. They now have to check the whole building for structural integrity.

The thing that gets me about our little 127 yr old library, give or take a year, is that we've been struggling to save, generate and raise funds for an expansion for years. The library has been applying for grants and have gone before the town asking for the town's support. For all the valuable services this little building provides to all of us...why is it SO hard to support them when they support US so unfailingly?

And yet, the process has been dragged out so much and so long, this almost tragedy has come to pass. It remains a tragedy because the library is so much a part of my life in the summer. It enriches my family in books, videos and music. Now there is nothing. The other libraries in our local vacinity either have dragons for librarians or are even smaller than us with hours shorter than a blink.

What can I do? What will happen to our little town library that no one seems to want to give money to, to support and yet demands so much from?

It just doens't seem right.
I love my library,
I miss it,
and I want it reopened.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Thanks Bailey for letting me know!

In the middle of the article about Danielle Steele, there is a poll ... do we read romance books?

OK, so they labeled them 'bodice rippers'..but the thing is...the NO's! are winning!

Romance books ARE literary art! They DO count. They DO matter!

If you have 30 seconds... click for romance books!!!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Male Double Standard of Youth

I was reading Daisy's blog post and although I think it has many extremely funny elements, I was prompted to share this:
First read her Male Bashing post.

Then, this is what I wrote in response:

I can't believe they would SAY That!
And yet, you know, I do.
Here's something in the recent news. I'm going from memory here from this week.

A mother allowed her teenage son to invite some buddies over for a sleep over.

She had another mother, a friend of hers, come over help out I guess.

According to the radio station I listened to...the 15 - 16 yr olds were treated to two very horny mothers who got it on with ALL of the teenagers at the sleepover as soon as they walked in the door. Five I think.

The ONLY reason anyone found out is after the debauchery was over, one young man 'felt guilty' and confessed to his dad or parent.

The thing is, the DJ invited comments on air. A 23 yr old male said
WOW, that rocks!
I'd have never left!
I'd have thought that was GREAT.

The DJ're too young to understand about being a parent, but think about yourself in 20 years ... how would you react if YOUR son came and told you?

The 23yr old said:
I'd give him a Hi Five!
I'd get the woman's number.
I'd Celebrate and tell him he was so lucky.

That caller was totally accepting of the situation and indeed endorsed it.

Then the DJ asked ..well, what if it were your DAUGHTER and she had sex with the father at the party.

"Oh, well, I'd shoot him.


And then the DJ said...."But think about this...If the mothers in question looked like... (don't remember who was used as example.) Angelina Jolie or Cindy Crawford, you probably feel good BUT if the woman looked like Rosanne or Rosie, I'm guessing you wouldn't be so happy about it."

I don't remember the guy answering one way or the other on that one....

The thing is, Me, as a mom... WOULD be upset.

First, They were..helloooo! MINORS.
Hellooo! Don't you think it's gross that the SON of one of the women was there for all of this? Who got it on with HIM? The mother's Best FRIEND???
What did it do to this young man's psyche seeing his MOM have sex with his buddies?
And women who abuse their position of trust - especially the position of MOM, are totally trash.
And if they get off on young boys... what is the age cut off for pedophiles ...and why do they have to be only MEN? ((and how come female teachers who have sex with young students aren't ever labeled Pedophiles????)

Some of Daisy's male commenters sounded like that 23 yr old. Not having lived enough, not having the benefit of a mature understanding of LOVE, which is NOT the same as lust, they have grandiose illusions of their place in the world and a woman's place in it.

Life, the ultimate teacher, will give them a smack down one of these days.

Yes, Daisy's blog post was funny. I also think it's funny that someday, they are going to eat crow, humble pie and will jump through hoops to appease their woman.

At that point, they won't be seeing with their eyes, but with their heart.

So when their woman is hefty because of a debilitating disease, side effects from meds, thyroid problems or whatever, the LAST thing they'll be thinking of is weight. The men who wrote in to Daisy? Have NO clue! We can laugh, but I pity them too.

Just my two cents.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Frogs and Fodder

So, how are things?
Survive the heat?
A lot of towns closed all their schools this past Tuesday because of the intense heat. That caused a lot of parents a dilemma because it was a scramble to find child care.
Me? I have to work different days and arrive at 8AM instead of 9AM. Have to make up the hours since I have to leave work early on Friday. I really dislike having my plans thwarted.
So, did you visit LASR? Have you entered Daisy's contest? I still hope you do so was can talk about her book. It rocks!
BTW - a thought came into my head.

If a Pirate says, "Blow me down!"
Who says, "Blow me up?"

Are you doing anything to celebrate Father's Day for the dad-men in your life?
Mine is going deep sea fishing. Only his second time and I hope THIS time, we get some fish! LOL
As it is, I'm glad he's going to do manly fun things instead of mowing the lawn or cleaning the gutters.
OH, this groaner just in:
What do Skunks use to make telephone calls?
A Smell-phone.

Have you even seen a bridge with such Odd Guardians? Thought I'd share them with you. I forget the city but it is in Connecticut. Enjoy the oddity!

Monday, June 09, 2008

Win this book so we can GAB

You have GOT to win Daisy Dexter Dobbs' latest book, Samantha and Her Genie!

WHO is Daisy? Check her out, HERE

Why? Why should you try to get her latest book?

You should if you like to laugh and roll on the floor from seriously funny antics by the hero. You should if you enjoy some really hot erotic moments as the Hero and Heroine explore the growth of their love. ( Yep there is a great HEA)

You should if you would enjoy seeing a novel twist when the villain of of the piece gets her just desserts. Revenge is sweet and this one has a suprise ending that tricked me. Just when you think you know what is going to happen, because it starts out sounding like a stereotypical situation, WHAM! a whole new and unique scene had me appreciating Daisy's talent all over again. I adore an author who keeps me on my toes. Don't you?

Actually, by entering her contest, you could win ANY of her books, even Finding Cupid. I love them all and if I hadn't bought them already I'd be jumping at the opportunity to get a free book.

WHERE is this contest?

Oh, have I got news for you.
My baby review site is being incorporated into the official LASR website today! Today is the big day! I am so excited and nervous and thrilled and astounded and amazed.

Want the link to check out Whipped Cream's new home?
But if you want to zip right in to where the contest is?
Click HERE

Please, make me happy. Go, enter and WIN her book so we can gab about it later!
There's so much fun going on in the book, I can't pick just one scene!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

More about the Birds

Back to the Robins.

I hope this last time might BE the last time. The nest was half way built when I drove off.
And they've not re-built in the past two days. Think they FINALLY got the hint?
I hope so.

I also have a little journal on OKCupid and I posted a plea there about my birds.
What a great place!
I got responses.

The first were two young men who made me chuckle. Their advice? gasoline and bb guns.
Totally impractical. **grin**

However, there were two MEN, one from New Jersey and one from England. They actually conversed via my journal there, about the birds and my actual
It was SO cool!

Seems the Brits have their own robin. He's a cute little fellow and just as dumb if not worse. Theirs is NOT afraid of humans and has been known to be right next to a gardener tilling the soil with their shovel, or as they refer to it, a spade. Their robin will dart to and fro to get the bugs the 'spade' will turn up and they have a feast.
American robins give us a WIDE berth and want nothing to do with us.
British robins will nest in a house { if they get in there without your notice}, have nested in a WWII fighter plane and in coat pockets (while unworn).

So I guess the British robin has loads of anecdotal evidence of nesting in inappropriate and strange places. It's in the genes and I guess our American bird shares that same odd gene. Strange building sites are not uncommon, but our birds show a bit more "stiff upper beak" then their cousins. And I find that hilarious.

I guess my robins have a bit more British in them than normal.
Aren't I lucky?

Thursday, June 05, 2008

I needed to find out if I could beat the birds, so I took this test...

Obviously, from these results, the Robins are going to beat me. I didn't even rate a BETA???
Good Gravy!

Your Score: Omega male/female

You scored

You're not an alpha (yes it's a good thing), congratulations! You're well liked, and your friends can count on you for almost anything... usually. Every once and awhile you have to step up and take control, but most of the time you go with the flow and don't mind doing what other people say. Sometimes that makes you mad, but hey, they need you! It's a shame nice guys/gals finish last - and hey, isn't this froggy cute?

Link: The Are You an Alpha Male/Female Test written by nepath on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test
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I'm BORING!!!! Guess so, since hardly anyone visits I'll just post these things just for my own fun...

Your Score: Crop Circles

You scored 73% boring, 24% enigmatic, 62% skill and 16% eerie!

Link: The Mystery Test written by standardchuck on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test
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Your Score: PERFECTION!!!!!!!!!

You scored 74 looks, 84 personality, 85 politics, and 72 sex drive!

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Don't Forget to Take My Other 2 Tests,

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The One Question Test

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For the last half of April and first half of May, stupid birds insisted on making nests on mine AND my DH's car TIRES.
Then, for the last half of May and up until yesterday, they stopped. We thought we were SAFE. That the nest buiding season was done and over with. **WHEW!**

Play the JAWS music theme here.

This morning, when my kids went to catch the school bus?

HOW do you STOP the stupid things?
I drive off with all the hay and twigs and stuff every day, and every next morning, they rebuild! Day after day after day after day...
Stupid! Stupid!
How. Do. I. Get.Them.To.Stop????????????

Does anyone Know? Can anyone HELP??